N9 users get put on the map

| May 28, 2012 | 56 Replies

I’ve pushed this back to Monday as there’s a fair few things going on this weekend.

MeeGo Experts posted a tweet last week, linking to their article on “Positioning N9 users around the world”.

The concept is quite simple actually. Using Google Maps, N9 (and N950) owners post their location on this custom map, with the title of the “landmark” being their device (eg. Nokia N9 Unicorn 64GB). Apparently the idea came from a member of TMO. Here is what the described the idea as.

Here is a map where you can place your N9s.
Let’s see how many people checks-in. Let’s try to be accurate and use some tag to identify your device.…1f019b930e8621

To add your location, click on edit on the left panel and add a placemark where you are. then click save and your position should be there.

Leave a comment in this post too saying from where you posted it.

So all you N9 users out there, get involved!

Source: MeeGo Experts


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