Vidoes: Collection of Lumia videos posted by Nokia Australia

| June 5, 2012 | 2 Replies

In a similar way to Nokia Australia showcasing the N9, with a few videos on getting started etc., they have now uploaded several videos with regards to the Lumia range. The videos are presented by Steven Baxter, the product manager of Lumia at NokAus. (He’s actually the one who got the ball rolling for me getting an N950 😀 )

First up is a video showing off the current “Lumia Family”

Next, a video briefly showing off WP7

Although I don’t know why, there is a “how-to” of Unboxing the device

Quick video on the Nokia Exclusive apps on WP

Here we have a getting started video, showing you how to set up the device. (I like that they use a C7 and that BT comes up with an N9. At least its not all WP)

Finally, a “tips & tricks” video, which is more a showcasing of local content

Two others have also been uploaded. The first is a re-upload of an ad for the Lumia 610

An ad for the Lumia 900

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