Update: OpenMobile “dilligently working” to bring ACL to N9

| June 17, 2012 | 71 Replies

So one of the first posts I put out after being an author on MNB, was that the N9 would have access to Android apps, through Myriad’s Alien Dalvik. Well, that went belly up, rumoured to be due to Nokia refusing to financially support their effort. And let’s face it, why would Nokia pay for someone to bring an ecosystem to their device, that they won’t profit from. (Except of course that maybe the device will have sold more).

Then, we heard that OpenMobile was bringing their own version known as ACL (App Compatibility Layer). News on that front went silent, except that it was being pushed for Tizen. At the beginning of the month, I tweeted to them about what was going on. They replied with a blog post. All the blog post simply said was that they were working on ACL for MeeGo and posted up the video below. Of course, MeeGo and MeeGo-Harmattan are two different platforms. Raising the question, will it work on the N9?

Moments ago, I was having a look again, and noticed they have replied to user comments regarding the N9, earlier in the week.

Thank you all for your comments and kind words! Our engineering team at OpenMobile is diligently working on multiple platforms, including ACL for the Nokia N9 MeeGo Smartphone. Thank you for your interest in ACLâ„¢. Keep checking back to the blog for further updates and information as we are able to release it!

The OpenMobile Team

From this at least we have some new hope that ACL will be making it to the N9 some time soon.

Source: OpenMobile


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