Unleash The Phones’ Nokia 808 PureView Review

| June 29, 2012 | 16 Replies

Hello MNB Readers!

Our friend Clinton Jeff (CJ) over at Unleash The Phones has posted his excellent Nokia 808 PureView review aptly titled “Ye Giant Nokia 808 Pureview Review”. He covers the software and hardware ins and outs of the 808 PureView, a host of UI screenshots and provides picture and video samples from the groundbreaking, make you spit out your coffee, blink twice and check the EXIF data in disbelief, 41MP Sensor on the 808 PureView.  The video samples are excellent, especially demonstrating zoom, low light and Rich Recording in various environments.


The review weighs in at 7800 words and is a worthy read with CJ starting off by saying:

Symbian’s last stand. And the mobile OS is going down fighting. So in the spirit of one of my, Ye Giant Reviews, here’s what I thought, of the last homegrown Nokia.

and goes on to say…

No doubt the camera is the most talked-about feature of the 808, it flat out beats anything on the market, and in good lighting even matches some entry level DSLRs, nevermind point-and-shoots. That zoom alone is worth the price tag. Then there’s the Xenon Flash and that level of detail. Gah.

I don’t want to spoil the review for you so head right over, just know that no amount of throwing money at the screen or sliding your credit card between the keys on the keyboard will make the 808 appear next to you! 🙂

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  • muerte

    Oh my, I’m so happy that I got my 808 yesterday!

    • Deaconclgi


      Any comments on your favorite and least favorite things about it? Any unexpected surprises? How about UI smoothness? Opinions? Suggestions? What color did you get?

      Yeah, I am THAT excited!

      • Muerte


        Sorry for the late reply, I’ve been a bit busy with my new (white) phone 😉

        I had N8 previously, and the quality of the new Nokia Belle is just amazing. FP1 seems to be leaps ahead in usability, and smoothness! There are many small things that makes it better, you just have to try it and use it to see the difference.

        And not to mention the camera. In every aspect, it just keeps amazing me all the time, even though I’ve seen pretty much every demo video / pictures in the internet 😀 I can’t but recommend this device to everybody. And I think that people who are dissing the FP1 Belle are a) never tried it b) biased. Yes, Belle FP1 on 808 is on the par with quite new Androids (I’ve used several, GSII for example).

        The annoying things: It seems that I’ve got some kind of problem with the WiFi – It keeps dropping and I get some “limited connection” status. Only tried in one access point though. But nevertheless, my N8 sticks to that similar one with no problems. This needs a bit of investigation. Also, the lack of apps is a bit pity (there Android etc. are way ahead, but the quality of the OS itself is very well, in my opinion)

        Final statement: With devices like this, how the HELL is Nokia almost in bancrupcy? To me, every other device feels like a toy!

        • swain

          The WiFi issue may be specific to the unit you received. My 808 connects easily and stays connected until I disconnect. Have a visit to Nokia care to fix this issue.

          They are not interested to sell what people want to buy(first N9, now 808 pureview). They are pushing those devices which most of us not interested to buy. I guess this is one reason for Bankruptcy.

    • JD!

      LOL Elop hates you !

  • Paul Grenfell

    The 808 is a beast.. Had mine for near 2 weeks, but not just for the Camera.. The 808 is well feature packed and Belle Carla is nothing to be sneezed at.

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Where did you get it Paul?

      • Paul Grenfell

        SGBest Singapore..$630 to Australia

  • Tomas

    I’ve got my 808 yesterday here in Lithuania. I’m so happy after so long waiting 🙂

  • swain

    After using it for 2 weeks, I can say the 808 is the perfect flagship symbian needed. Belle FP1 is perfectly on par with other operating systems. Even it’s better in some areas. Indeed the screen resolution is nHD but it hardly matters given the excellent sunlight legibility and superb color rendering. Few good apps, little love from Nokia and it’s not a hard task for symbian to make a comeback.

  • I just hate spammers, this post had absolutely nothing to do with the 808…

    • swain

      These are small SEO tricks people do to increase the popularity of their websites. This kind of posts must be prohibited/deleted.

      • Deaconclgi

        Thanks for pointing it out as well. I marked it as spam and the rest is history.

        I appreciate how you all look out for MNB.

    • Deaconclgi

      Thanks for pointing it out.

  • torcida

    Also got my 808 two weeks ago!!!
    And I had very nice two weeks with it… And did over 1200pictures! 😉

    Amazing device – amazing smartphone, amazing camera!!!

  • Stephen Banton

    I have had my 808 device for almost 2 weeks now and have a N8 also and in addition have a HTC one X as I am alway in search for the one device that does all and the 808 comes closest to this BUT it has issues two of which really wind me up, 1 can not delete multiple images at the same time, 2 Can not view image details, freezes at least once or twice EVERYDAY and if im honest when looking at images taken with N8 compared to 808 that has 34 availible mega pic at 16:9 I for one with the current firmware am not impressed with all that said it’s alway in my pocket and im always gonna be a Nokia fan for several reasons one device that has a great media player with outstanding headphones, the BEST maps on any device PERIOD, good phone with a great camera that can only get better, its not perfect and it needs work and i think its worth the £500 if you fancy a new toy to keep you busy.