Video & Gallery: 808 PureView Unboxing (KSA Variant)

| July 10, 2012 | 31 Replies

As I pointed out in my N9 Article I recently picked up an 808 of my own while I was in Saudi Arabia (random quick trip to renew my visa there) from “Jarir” for 2,000 SAR or 530 USD, definitely not a bad price considering that some online retailers have it for 700 USD and climbing (I’m looking at you Amazon). Anyways here’s a nice unboxing video with some comparison shots against the N8,N9 and iPhone 4; first off I’d like to point out that the phone isn’t bulky, well it is but it hides its size well, the real issue is the weight this guy has some serious weight issues (even without the battery!) but that’s to be expected with such a large sensor.

Unfortunately my 808 didn’t come with one of those awesome Tripods, but I did get that Retro wrist strap they used to come with the older Nokia phones, also worth noting is that they finally switched out the crappy stock headphones you got with the L900, L800 and N9 to something that looks a bit more decent (in ear buds) they’re not the Purities but they’ll do; also excuse the painful views of the n8 she’s been through alot.


808 PureView Unboxing

808 PureView Unboxing

808 PureView Unboxing

808 PureView Unboxing

808 PureView Unboxing

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Hey, my name's Ali- Currently a fifth (and final) year Dental Student from Chicago; studying in Jordan. I love all sorts of gadgets almost as much as I love my cookies! Be sure to follow my Twitter handle @AliQudsi and Subcribe to my Youtube for the latest videos - no pressure. Thanks.

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  1. Thomas Flowerchild says:

    Poor N8 :’(

    • jeroenhuismast says:

      Yep cause he hates symbian i bet his flopia looks spankin new

      • BarryB20 says:

        Why the negative off topic comment? He has used the phone obviously and the N8 is not a new device, the situation is what it is, you need to move on.

        Anyway back On topic, great comparison photos as I have had the N8 and N9 and was a bit concerned about size on the 808.

        Thanks for posting :)

      • Aliqudsi says:

        I’m not sure how well off you are, but I usually don’t go around spending hundreds of dollars on things I hate then damage them on purpose to post scandalous photos online; if you’re capable of doing that by all means lend me some of the dough you’re rolling in.

        And like @BarryB20 said the phone is well over a year old, almost two; and I used it for the better part of those years so yeah…

    • deep space bar says:

      that shit happned to my N8 i just wishe the two caps where pure aluminium >.> with the plastic cover for the microHDMI port only

  2. nabkawe says:

    Hey Ali you and I are lost twins we keep having the same experiences , for example I actually own a green N8 , a black 64GB N9 and when I went in to Jarir last month I noticed the low price tag and immediately got one !!! I even did an unboxing but couldn’t get around to uploading it …
    here’s my Nokia Collection so far …

    • Aliqudsi says:

      Wow! I also had a N73 & 5800 but I really wanted the white one; unfortunately they were completely out of stock :/

      • nabkawe says:

        although very cool to look at it’s hard to keep it clean … and by the way a heads up man the gorilla glass covers the lens not that black thing surrounding it so be careful and wait for Accessories to come by (looked all over Riyadh no shop had them …)

      • Jay Montano says:

        Eerie coincidences! I think we have found your stalker, AliFan :p (joke)

        Quite a nice collection there nabkawe, liking what you did with the reflection. Got a green N8 too now (after the black/dark-grey one died)

        Black N9/800 design looks unbelievably gorgeous. It’s just screaming out style.

  3. someone says:

    The 808 really isn’t as fat and bulky as tech-sites make it out to be. I have it myself and find the size very nice. Not too thin, not too thick.

    That’s my opinion of course.

  4. amoshydra says:

    Hey! The plastic at the top part of my N8 is partially gone too!

  5. Epsoo says:

    Great post Aliqudsi and what a great bargain there @533 US$. Though I haven’t watched video part, just from the shots, it seems the camera hump/island is black/darker (like in White 808PV) compared to most other global variants that have it silver/nickel Steel.

    Can you confirm it?

  6. PabloW says:

    530 us dollars? I want one for that price now! 700 is too much for me

  7. stylinred says:

    I dont have the tips&tricks packet from -_-

    Side note I’ve found 2 problems with my 808 still too early to say if it will persist but

    1) sometimes the screen will be blank that is the viewfinder I can see the cameras UI I can still take pictures though it will save what im trying to shoot but the screen will be blank

    2) i’ve taken a few photos where the images end up as blank/black jpeg files even though the viewfinder shows the image and the focusing green square; once the file is saved it is simply blank


    • Deaconclgi says:

      Steve at AAS mentioned the same 2 issues with his 808. Hopefully it will be fixed in a future firmware update.

      • Epsoo says:

        There’s a new firmware (v112.20.311) with some huge files (largest being 1.87Gb, 157.57Mb, 137Mb, 47Mb and rest of the specks & minions)

        • stylinred says:

          all firmware package files are huge but what actually gets installed on the phone pales in comparison

      • stylinred says:

        ah thanks for the info at least i know im not alone hopefully a firmware update will fix it

  8. Faisal Baset says:

    Ali bro, could you please tell me what’s the current price of Nokia 808 Pureview in UAE and what extra accessories they’re giving with the handset? There was a post earlier in MNB showing the unboxing of 808PV (UAE variant) where there was a tripod mount and a gorillapod. Do they still give those stuffs along with the handset? I’m from Bangladesh and planning to buy 808PV from UAE as it’s not available in our country yet.
    Please do reply. Thanks in advance.

  9. confuse says:

    is that unit not affected by the purple tint?

    • stylinred says:

      purple tint is only at the highest brightness setting 1 notch down and its fine and basically just as bright

  10. RVM says:

    Chile and South Africa were added to 808 availability map.

  11. nadzz says:

    hahaha i too have a nokia 808 pureview in white…i was toooo stubborn to get this phone as my dad completely refused to get me this as he says symbian is going down but what to do em just in love with the cam and my previous phone was a nokia n8 ;) hard to forget it and sad to say even i dint get a tripod i too got it from jarir – riyadh :(((( em searchin everywhere for the gorilla tripod but tuffff luck

    • confuse says:

      is your phone not affected by purple tint? because i am planning to buy this phone also in jarir bookstore. but i have second thought because of the purple tint defect.

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