Weekend Read: Leak: Nokia Phi, Nokia Dogphone, Lumia 908, Juggernaut Alpha?

| July 28, 2012 | 19 Replies

We haven’t covered these new fangled Nokia names before but we thought you might as well hear about them in case you’ve missed it. These have appeared in a few benchmark apps and now on occasional gamer where a phone’s identity appears in their stats.

First up:

>>The Juggernaut Alpha, second time this device is spotted randomly, first it was in the benchmarks of WPBench.On this occasion it got spotted on Occasional Gamer’s stats.Their is no confirmation that this device is from Nokia.


>>Nokia Dogphone, again this device was in the stats of occasional gamer and it was tested eight times.Name “Dogphone” does not make any sense in what kind of the device is tested whether commercial or developer.



Nokia Lumia 908, there is no previous background rumor details about this device except in the occasional gamer’s stats.Looks like this device is in initial phase of the testing as count is only ‘1’ in the stats.


Nokia Phi, It’s second time this device’s reference has emerged previouly in benchmarks test of WPBench.

Definitely there would be some questions about ‘Nokia P4301’, the model number doesn’t indicates that this one is really a Nokia it seems to be a LG device named wrongly, for ex: other phones are also there in stats which are named wrongly like ‘NOKIA LG E-900’.“So no confusion, great combination”.

Source: Occasional gamer

cheers everyone for the tip.

Edit – Jay


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  • Janne

    September/October can’t come quickly enough…

    Neither can the Dogphone. Epic. Who wants a Searay when they could have a Dogphone.

    • Svedu

      Maybe this is a modified strategy about the next billon? They cant reach another billion people so they are now trying with the first billion dogs? It comes included with a groundbreaking software that translates different languages in real-time, also dog-language.

      • Janne


        That was a good one. 🙂

      • jiipee

        It has also a sensor, which recognizes, when the dog has pood and marks it on the map. The owner can then pick it up easier.

        The user can also use the bricks on the home screen to build up a dog house.

        There will also be Snoop doggy dogg’s song as ring tone.

        maybe that is enough 😉

        • Svedu

          You are sure being innovative. Now lets hope that they have a dog coming to stage at Nokia World presenting this product. I would actually prefer that, instead of that screaming guy who presented the 800 last time.

          • jiipee

            Agree. That presentation was just sad. Btw. are you sure those were my innovations? Nokia filed record level new patent applications last year 😉

            They could lend the insulting dog from Conan OBrien?

      • ashok pai

        “eat your own dogfood” probably a challenge internally, and that led to naming their phone!

    • jiipee

      its a phone collar a dog carries. It is part of the Where strategy to locate lost dogs.

      • Janne


        Like I said: Location, location, location…

      • Grendell

        Or mapping to the nearest fire hydrant?

  • masood.alkhter

    Stupid names!!!! I want the XPHONE!!! simple.

  • Project Butter

    Nokia Dogphone is named after Elop after destroying Nokia’s market share.

    • Jil


    • ashok pai

      now they can truly say gone to the dogs!

  • manu

    jaggernaut alpha can be a samsung device considering nokia’s tradation of launching phones with outdated specs

  • nish
  • JGrove303

    Juggernaut Alpha seems to fit the Lumia 1001, if it’s real. The first Windows Phone 8 with a big ass PureView enabled sensor, maybe even a screen size up with the GSIII but RGB CBD. 4.5″ still seems massive to me, but then I’m typing on a N8-00, so what do I know? That I would like a larger display, that’s what!

    Dogphone? Like Devil Dog, Maybe a rugged MIL Spec WP8?get it dirty and wet, works fine. Beat it’s ass and it comes back tail wagging?

  • Bloob

    Hopefully, at least one of those replaces the 710 with better design and fleshed out hardware (NFC etc).


    What a weird name?The end of Nokia,hahahahahahaha