Nokia Counters App for WP Available at Beta Labs

| July 30, 2012 | 22 Replies

The final app from those promised by Nokia at the WP summit has just been released at the beta labs, Counters app tracks your Data, Messaging and phone consumption and alerts you once you’ve gone over the limit. As the app is still a beta it doesn’t support fractional data limits (1.5 GB) or pinning a specific counter the start screen; none the less it’s a pretty useful app so go get it guys.

Get it over here:


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  1. smeet cornello says:

    happy to see it…..:)
    will try it soon …..!!

  2. Patata says:

    What’s the use of such an app, since every modern os already has such a feature included by default?!?

    • Vikas Patidar says:

      Yes every OS has such feature but ultimately you have to go in List or Grid menu and theny have to select that app. And this is the same with Windows Phone. Don’t know why it’s useless for you.

    • JGrove303 says:

      ….that you have to go digging for and is between different folders. This is all in one spot and is a swipe an a tap away. Purely convenience. Good

    • Just Visiting says:

      Lol! @ Patata – Well, on my N8, what is ‘included by default’ doesn’t offer nearly as much detail, not to mention that it is not useful(for my needs); The Counters app for Windows Phone is clearly more comprehensive.

      Perhaps you should click on the link to beta labs and look at all of the screen shots to see what this app has to offer – you question and comment will be soundly answered.

  3. torcida says:

    it should be by default like in symbian!

  4. migo says:

    You could do 1.5GB by putting in 1536MB

    • Vikas Patidar says:

      While you have selected MB you can’t set it more than 999.

      Nokia is very smart my friend.

      • migo says:

        damn. I could set much higher for minutes and sms. never bothered to test as I have unlimited data that gets throttled (sometimes) after 5GB.

  5. migo says:

    It’s good for data, but what about people who have unlimited incoming calls, but limited outgoing? Or free calling at certain times? Keeping track of LD charges would also be useful. Of course it’s best to just go with a phone plan that doesn’t have such ridiculous limitations, but sometimes that’s all you can do.

  6. JGrove303 says:

    that’s getting into a “Who Needs What” loop. My fiance and I are on a older Family plan with AT&T. Her iPhone 4S with 2GB data/month my N8-00 with unlimited data for “feature phones” Unlimited I/O texting, 700 shared minutes with 1500 Rollover minutes banked up, which is the limit. If I don’t buy any apps on Nokia Store, our bill is $134/month. HSDPA & HSUPA speeds are a fairly consistent 4.30Mbps and 1.1Mbps respectively. I would use this app to help give me a warning when i’m near 3GB, where AT&T drops my datarate to 288kbps, 2G speeds.

    How does everyone else do around the world? We exceed 1000+ text messages a month each and obviously don’t make calls to non AT&T members much.

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