Video: Nokia Counter & Contact Share Demoed on Lumia 900

| July 30, 2012 | 19 Replies

Now that Nokia have pushed out all the official apps promised at the developers summit last month (Camera extras, Contact share, Counters, Play To); here’s a video demoing the latest of these releases (Contact share & Counter):

Unfortunately Contact share doesn’t support sending the Vcard over Bluetooth as of yet, hopefully that’ll come soon; and since the counter is still in the beta phase there are some features missing, officially they are:

  • there are no notifications when set limit is achieved (will come later)
  • conference calls are not counted properly
  • not possible to set data limit counter with a fractional part (i.e. not possible to set 1.5GB limit)

anyways here’re the respective QR codes, get downloading.

*Note: It would appear that Tango (for the Lumia 800 & 710) as well as the post-Tango (for the 900 & 610- the update that brought “Flip-to-silence) are required for these apps to run.



Contact Transfer:

QR: Contacts Share



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