First Impressions: A MeeGo fan’s take on the Lumia 900

| July 31, 2012 | 33 Replies

Thought I’d be a bit different and take a B&W shot

Earlier today, Nokia Australia sent me a trial Nokia Lumia 900. We all know how big of a fan of the N9 and MeeGo I am. I have been using a Lumia 800 since February, but it still hasn’t fully replaced my N9. Admittedly, nothing ever will as Swipe UX and the hackability of the N9 are something unbeatable (unless there is a successor).

Anyway, here are my quick thoughts after a few hours:

  • Amazing screen, both size and the screen itself (such an improvement from Pentile)
  • Although physically, quite a lot larger, not uncomfortable
  • Bezel takes some getting use to
  • Ease of having exposed USB port; Although not as sleek and elegant
  • Sim tray requiring Sim Pin can be annoying, especially when travelling without the pin
  • Buttons are too compressed (although that may just be my trial device, not sure)
  • Love the white charging cable to match the Stormtrooper
  • Prefer curved screen, although understand that there were integrity issues
  • FFC that is actually useful from launch

So far, I am pretty happy with the Lumia 900. Of course, I will give my review later on, along with some comparative shots of images from the N9, Lumia 800 and Stormtrooper (I love using the nickname, good stuff Ali). If there is anything you want to know specifically, let me know.



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