Poll: Is Your 808 Dropping WiFi Connection Randomly?

| August 4, 2012 | 83 Replies

So the 808 is a great Camera-phone; it’s also not too bad of a looker, and UI wise Belle Fp-1 has cleaned it up quite well, but there’s still the occasional issue; I noticed this one within day one of purchasing my 808 (bought it abroad so wasn’t worth going through the hassle of replacing it), the issue I’ve noticed with my 808 is that it’ll randomly drop internet connectivity over WiFi (Note: It doesn’t necessarily disconnect from the WiFi, but the internet via WiFi just dies..). At first I didn’t bother posting about this as it seemed to be an individual issue (not wide-spread); but it turns out there are a couple more like me, so what about you? Have you faced any WiFi issues on your 808?

*Note: it seems as if I get the dropped internet more when using the store & trying to upload to FB than anywhere else, browser doesn’t seem to be as affected.

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  1. Kryak says:

    Deactivate power saving in wi-fi options and enable “WMM” in router options – no more wi-fi “drops”. Also i have no problems with public hot-spots.

  2. Oxlis says:

    All Ok with WiFi, with or without power save.

  3. Mapantz says:

    No problems here either. WiFi connects and holds better than my N8.
    Just to add, i get far better signal on my 808 too, i live in a sleepy town that doesn’t get 3G and signal is sometimes poor, but it’s definitely better. :D

  4. Galaxy SIII says:

    Noooo!!!Because my phone is Galaxy SIII!!Hahahay,That PuerViewe Phone is a complete mess,it will flop harder than Lumpia 8000 and 9000 imo,just wait

    • Troller SIII says:

      F@ck off troll! Learn to write, clueless! Troller galaxy in ur ass! What is this 8000 9000 or puerviewe?! What are you retarderd? Nokia 808 is nice!

  5. Carbontubby says:

    Looking at all the previous comments, I wonder if it’s the same bug that affects the earlier Symbian3 phones. On the N8 and E7, Wi-fi either drops completely or becomes very slow if you have Wi-fi Powersaving enabled.

    With it on, the phone powers down the Wi-fi radio immediately after each packet is sent, and sometimes it doesn’t wake up properly. This only seems to happen with some routers on certain settings. On my E7, I haven’t been able to isolate which router settings and network protocols (802.11b/g/n) cause this issue.

    The alternative is turning off Wi-fi Powersaving but that can quickly drain the battery because the radio uses around 100 mA constantly. A hardware or a software bug?

    Another bug in Belle is the switching between mobile data and Wi-fi. If the Wi-fi signal is weak, the phone tries to switch to mobile data, even though the Wi-fi signal has a higher priority in Connectivity settings and you can still connect to it manually. It should only switch to mobile data when the Wi-fi access point cannot be seen at all.

  6. milan says:

    i have wifi problems. Over a certain mb loading itdrops it. Some rooters are better but sooner or later it drops. I hope they will fix it.

  7. NicKel says:

    Yeah, I bought my 808 yesterday and experienced lots of wifi drops on a D-Link DI-524 router, especially when I wanted to download updates from Store, betalabs etc.
    When using iPhone as a hotspot – no wifi dropping at all!!!
    I guess it’s a Belle FP1 glitch w/ some features/settings of some routers, I’ll dig some more.

  8. RJB says:

    In our house the 1st phone to drop a wi fi connection is the missis’ 4s which needs to be 1 room or 10 m closer to the router to get a signal than either my E7 or 808

  9. Abhishek says:

    nokia 808 is a gr8 phn but has some bugs … Specifically for symbian it should be made double boot and processort overclocked to 2.5 ghz Lolz

  10. Milla says:

    Gee I didn’t notice that wifi was dropping every time (using this phone for the first month after Iphone) and will have pretty high bill this month for data usage. Kept on sending images and videos at home thinking i was on wifi! Now disabled power saving in wifi settings and hope it will solve the problem (wifi stays on for now!) Very grateful to people above for feedback otherwise would need to sell my phone or disable internet altogether

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