#N9Hacks: Unrestricted System Ui + Status Menu Extensions

| August 6, 2012 | 26 Replies

I’ve been meaning to bring this to you guys for a while, especially since there has been lots of developments with both these tweaks, including my modding aim to have battery percent in the status bar. (Note: I didn’t do it, couldn’t learn QT quick enough).

So, first up is Unrestricted System UI. What this does is, once installed, replaces the default Status Bar, and Status Menu, and allows third party plugins. As you overwrite a system package, Inception is required for install (or Open Mode). Personally, I think it is worth it, but I am bias as it is the only way I can have my beloved Battery Percentage in the toolbar. Currently there are several plugins, such as MT-Toggles (Toggles for BT, Flashlight, Flight Mode, Power Saver etc.) and PresenceX (Availability menu swapped for Squircles of IM Accounts icons), Hacky Brightness (Volume-like bar to adjust Brightness on your device), Music Controls (Adds controls for the Music Player to your Status menu. It is also now hidden when not in use), Quick Status Updater (Update Facebook and Twitter straight from status menu, similar to iOS) and the potential to add more continues.


I have deleted the Native Bluetooth applet as I found there is no point in having it, and the toggle. The rest of the applets I mentioned above I have installed.

The other hack altering the Status Menu, is Status Menu Extensions. This hack can be installed on any device, without the need for inception or Open Mode, as it works in a very different way. It is less customisable and doesn’t allow for third party plugins to be created. It currently features the same style Brightness slider (as the dev of that created this hack), many toggles (BT, Orientation Lock, PSM, Manual Sync, Flashlight, Brightness [preset intervals], 3G/2G/Dual toggle, and the list goes on). It also includes PresenceX as, yep, you guessed it, the same developer.


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Hi! My name is Michael. Like the others, I'm also a Student, living here in Sydney. I have a real passion for the latest technology and I'm a real Nokia buff! My aim is to keep those of you, like myself, updated with the latest in what's going on in the Nokia World. Currently sporting N9 & Lumia 820, with other Nokia devices in my posession. Get in touch on Twitter via @MFaroTusino, Google Plus or even simply drop me an email at mike.mnb[at] or tips[at]
  • jiipee

    This is great. Exactly what Im hoping since the first times using N9.

    I wish that Jolla will have similar open and customizable approach throughout the UI.

    • ashok pai

      “I wish that Jolla will have similar open and customizable approach throughout the UI.”

  • ggg

    music player looks the best among them

  • sammy

    i downloaded inception, but still, cant install unrestricted ui!

    • I have the same problem..
      Can someone show it in a video? I have try to use the wiki but i can not understand it..

      • Nathan

        Keep doing your homework you’ll get it eventually…
        It takes patience/perseverance & a bit of intelligence.

  • stylinred

    looks great

  • jeroenhuismast

    by the way the is an update for Fring

  • M

    Randomly saw this one app called Quick Voice Input Keyboard in the Nokia store for the N9 but can’t get it to work. Anybody else with any luck using this app?

    • Shane

      I’d like to know that too, I bought it ages ago but the app’s never worked!
      Admittedly I haven’t spent much time making sure I’m using it properly. But a good commercial app should be straight forward…

  • albo

    That’s not big deal, that’s just menu collection in title bar menu!

    This guys should rather try to fix the problems with copy and paste cros platform and java apps question, video call on msnmsg and fring, and a good irc app!

    • Luisito

      Maybe he don’t have the knowledge to do that… Maybe that are not one of his interest… Why don’t you try to fix those bugs???… instead of being attacking him

    • Shane

      Last I checked copy/paste was more wide-ranging than “some” platforms.
      Of course, it could still do with some improvements, certainly.
      Re Java apps, follow the PhoneME thread at TMO…
      Re Fring, see this post in THIS thread….
      Vidcall on MSNmsg? No thanks, there’s way better options than that.
      Skype vidchat missing is more of a concern than vidchat for MSNmsg.
      Don’t expect it to come, there was lots of info. suggesting it was almost done.
      But with Nokia’s close tie-up with MS, I’d say it’s been reserved for WP.
      There’s 1-2 great IRC apps already, make an effort to search carefully.

      • Shane

        That poster may be talking about an update for Fring on Symbian.
        I can’t see a mention Fring for N9 anywhere after doing a “quick” search.
        Couldn’t care less personally with all the built-in chat functionality (inc. vidchat with GTalk), & the extra services it’s possible to add with the “extraplugins” app.

  • Put this in s40 asha touch platform…………

  • Shane

    Apparently something coderus has done here has really upset MAG.
    I haven’t read up much on all of it, but apparently what he’s done is somewhat counter to the ideals of the community.
    I think it has in turn prompted MAG to close much of his work.
    Not sure what the latest news is though, haven’t been following.

    • Shane

      Coderus is the author of Status Menu Extensions.

    • Spatulas

      Apparently coderus started using mags code and woulnt release the new code.

      That or there is a girl involved.

    • Conor

      Wouldn’t contribute upstream, and wanted MAG to do the work for him. If that’s causing MAG to delete his work though, then they’re both acting like children.

  • flopjoke

    Both hacks are awesome!

    I prefer not installing unrestricted system UI, so I’ll stick with extensions. I wish the toggles were like they are in the settings of the main camera app.. they become blue when selected. Then it would look cooler šŸ˜€

    • Nathan

      I’m sticking with unrestricted system-ui, how coderus has behaved in relation to his app isn’t cool.
      (I could see it coming though, given his track record)
      “Longer-term” it can only be a negative thing for the overall health of the community.

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