Family of MeeGo-Harmattan protoype devices?

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I posted this over at MobilePhoneInnovation, so I figured I should post it here as well, since it is something a few readers may be interested in taking a look at.

I’ve been doing some digging and have come across an interesting quote by somebody that was a part of getting MeeGo-Harmattan to where it is today. I am not going to identify who they are, solely as I don’t want people to harass them. The information though is public, so people can find it if they look. When discussing an app feature modding the System, they said their “patch restores functionality that was originally intended to be in devices that have the hardware keyboard.” Since the “consumer devices with a hardware keyboard were canceled” the SW in the N950 was left locked to accomodate for the only consumer device, N9

Doing some more digging and using my own knowledge, there are approximately 7 devices designed (and apparently prototyped), incl. N9 & N950, made for MeeGo-Harmattan. I have only 2 images, one of a device, one of the concept drawings, but here is a list of different devices:

  • N9: This obviously made it to market and for good reason. It is gorgeous. No need to explain this further
  • N950: Again, this is a known device. Regulated to a dev-only device for various reasons
  • N9, but with a camera shutter, and improved camera
  • There is the silver N950 we have seen a few times, and that was featured on Transformers 3. It had an earlier version of MH (earlier than what came with N950s). It had support for its 12MP camera, but with lower internal specs, and was shelved rather quickly.
  • This was a device that looked very similar to the N8. It follows the rumours of there being a MeeGo succesor to the ex-CameraPhone King
  • Apparently this prototype matched the design of the Nokia One exactly.
  • Another QWERTY device with MH on board. No more info has been shared with me, but I assume it would have been the successor to N950

Here are the images I have of the initial N950, and design of N9 w/ physical camera. Trying to source more. Will update if they come to my attention.

    Showing blueprint for N9 w/ camera button

I am pretty annoyed personally. We could’ve had a family of MeeGo-Harmattan devices, and even a better N9 than what currently exists (even though many argue it can’t happen). What are your thoughts?


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