Poll: Battle of The PureViews- Lumia 920 Vs. 808 PureView; Which Do You Prefer?

| September 6, 2012 | 163 Replies

Now with PureView Phase-2 unveiled; which focuses on acquiring amazing night-time shots by using a mix of springs and floating lenses, a conflict has risen.  Some prefer the good ol’ ginormous 41MP sensor, others appreciate the great low light optics. So which one do you prefer?

*Note this poll is more focused towards the Pureview Phases: Oversampling/Lossless Zoom Vs. Optical Image Stabilization/Great night shots more than it is a Symbian vs. WP issue, so try to stay on topic- If it helps pretend they both run Symbian or WP (your choice!) :)

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  1. nabkawe says:

    well seeing how I own an 808 I’d say it needs a tripod to take great pictures. So 920 for me.

    • Tak says:


      “seeing how I own an 808″ Lol.

      I OWN a 808, and its almost three times bigger sensor absolutely doesn’t need a tripod to take far better photos, than these minisensor phone cameras getting all the Marketing Bonanza(cheating btw)…at least, if you don’t have any addictions…or even then. The stabilizer doesn’t magically make a camera with 1/3″ sensor good, not to mention any way near the league, that you could even talk about it in same sentence with 808.

      You can like the WP8 better, but 808′s camera is several leagues ahead.

      Of course, with tripod you can take EVEN better pictures.

      • Janne says:

        I also own an 808 and while I don’t disagree with you that 808 is the better camera when you can steady it, I think the 920 seems to offer a far more compelling solution to those tough low-light spots that mobile photos are often taken in and seems to far superior for video stability.

        Of course judgment will have to wait real devices.

        • Tak says:

          Yes, the stabilizer definitely helps, but 808′s sensor has no problems of taking really good pictures in typical low light conditions.

        • nabkawe says:

          AKA almost everyone … (those who need low light photography)

          • Tak says:

            …usually benefit more from the (far)bigger sensor, than stabilizer.

            • noki says:

              And setting a good stage and good lights and sometimes multiple exposures….
              I’m still not convinced the stabilizer will produce stuning results for Joe user, better results sure, but better camera was to be expected, and that should not be compared to what the 808 is proven capable of doing..

    • boavista2000 says:

      -10 !!! you dont say wath talk man… my phones lumia 800 and 808 pureview…808 needs a tripod ???? lol 808 is the best f**k the rest!!!!

  2. Mohammad Zahid says:

    both the phases should mash up, lossless zoom with ois low light performance

  3. xandu says:

    Give me both…I will test them for a day or two…and then keep the one I like and return the other one to you for free ;)

  4. Amanuel says:

    I go for 920!

  5. dss says:

    If they were that proud of the 920 camera, they would show us full resolution original images from the phone, just like they did with the N8, and 808.. before they shipped the device..

    • Janne says:

      Well, I’m pretty sure we’ll see full-resolution pictures once they have finished their tweaking – before the phone ships. Clearly the work on the OIS system is still a bit incomplete reading Damian’s comments, they’ll use the remaining month or so to finalize it.

      • Pawlee says:

        They did show full resolution images before they had finished tweaking the 808… they definitely seemed prouder to show it off (from where I’m standing that’s how it looked at least), whereas they seem to be hiding a lot of the 920 in botched press release videos and photos…

        Here’s hoping I’m wrong though :)

        • Aliqudsi says:

          Actually any full res. images besides some VERY specific ones were all kept clamped down on; even the video was supposed to stay hush hush (word was they were planning on asking us to take the samples down)- but they told us not to under any circumstances share the full res images.

  6. DP_Ind says:

    Pureview II is good for average use based on what was demonstrated. However I’m curious to find out how the camera springs hold up after couple of drops. Again this phone has shinny surface and may be a bit slippery. Have gotten spoiled to use the humps in N8 and now 808 as an aid to prevent from slipping.

    Another big challenge with curved back is not able to find a suitable car holder to use it as a GPS navigator.

  7. LaW says:

    if u think about it, for the average person and overall practicality, the lumia 920 OIS is the better option. However i would not discredit if a nokia device as thin as the 920 eventually had lossless zoom too!

  8. Janne says:

    Voted for Lumia 920, even though I love my 808 as the best mobile camera to use when I have time to set the pictures up a bit more and so on. 808 has the best zooming/cropping potential of the two and it will obviously generate higher quality, noiseless pictures in many situations.

    But I think 920′s “shake removal” is the far bigger innovation for everyday mobile photography and the 808 has nothing of the sort. It will likely be worse in many everyday situations. I never thought I’d say that prior to the presentation on Wednesday, because I thought Nokia was going for some watered down PureView Pro.

    I said Nokia needs to show some other innovation if they’re not going to do the oversampling things properly. And sure as heck they did!

    Good going Damian and the team. You didn’t let us down. Both Lumia 920 and 808 show unique innovations that separate them from competing products. Between the two the better is obviously based on the use case: as a DSLR replacement for e.g. tripod shooting 808 takes the cake, but as an everyday (indoors, lowlight, video) portable take-with-you-everywhere camera the Lumia 920 seems like the king. It will not take anywhere near the 808 quality pictures, but it will likely succeed in many very usual situations where the 808 would fail (or have to resort to xenonising its shots):

    • Janne says:

      Obviously everything said of the Lumia 920 should be considered pending real-life experiences. But going by what we’ve seen so far those are my feelings.

      • noki says:

        and what have we seen so far??? questionable lighted not so great any way pictures… This is nothing like the 808 mind blowing full resolution pictures we seen out of the 808 wen it was released.

        • Janne says:

          I think the video from the seaside (the real video) is very impressive. I also think the samples seen from journalists in New York are impressive – as well as the lighting in the photos confirmed by Damian Dinning as shot handheld without additional lighting. These alone give me a lot to go by when thinking about how this could change my own indoor, evening photography. Because you know, many times I take out my camera is at parties, restaurants or the like at night.

          Dinning: “no, those were taken by a highly respected colleague of mine handheld and without additional lighting.”

          There is just the ONE PR video with fake video and fake stills in it. The rest of what we’ve seen is real and genuine, there is no reason to doubt it just because one PR team somewhere at Nokia went and did a stupid thing. I’ll take Damian’s word for it anyday and so should you.

    • dss says:

      I think that the 808 would produce better images and video in most situations, the 920 will produce acceptable images and video. In video mode the 808 uses all 41Mpix and oversamples them in real time, and it records sound in stereo with noise levels up to 140db. I’ve tested all of that..many times, and it delivers every time.

      Before we see real full resolution images, and pics taken from users.. real world stuff, I can’t really be 100% sure, but you look trough the flickr 808 user group, and you can see what the phone is capable of…


      its incredible, considering how tiny the camera module really is when compared to other cameras that are capable of similar results.

      • Janne says:

        No doubt the 808 is incredible in many situations, I have used mine throughout the summer. But the video is far from steady and low-light shots get blurred as easily as any.

        Obviously the 920 won’t take great photos in any circumstances, I think that is clear. But I think it just might take good-enough photos more often in real-world scenarios.

        But I still expect there to be situations where I’d use 808 instead of 920, so 920 is no 808 replacement – but it seems nor is the 808 an 920 replacement as a camera. Both have merits.

  9. zlutor says:

    loss-less zoom, especially in full hd video

    The only feature I miss from my N9… ;-)

  10. Amish says:

    voted for 808 since i already own it and loving it a lot.. but i wont mind 920 either.. both are at the pinnacle of their own worlds !

  11. Grazy says:

    they are both great in different ways! the 920 is more usable day to day as its a lot thinner etc, but the pureview has a better flash therefore low light is not as important! and with such a big sensor it has better than average light collecting abilities anyway! and loseless zoom is a must! I vote 808!

  12. dss says:

    here is a pic from the samsung galaxy camera thing.. which is using the same sized sensor as the 920..


    the 808 eats it for breakfast.. no problem at all.

    • toermel says:

      Don’t be so pathetic. Same size equals same quality?

      No doubts, the PureView oversampling helps to remove noise from the sensor (which has the same pixel size as the galaxy you were linking to). But what remains of this strength if you are out late and don’t carry the tripod with you?

  13. vixz says:

    heyyyaa nokia has been a little fake about 920 video so 808 is pureWIN

  14. Mapantz says:

    808 for me. I read a few conversations between Damian Dinning and a Tweeter which went a long the lines of ‘If you want a camera that has fantastic zoom when video recording, then it’s the 808 – if you don’t want zoom, the 920′

    It’s a difficult one, hence why it’s PureView Phase 1 and 2, but with that sensor inside, it’s hard not stray away from it. :-)

  15. D Harries says:

    If you’re on a contract, the answer is already decided for you. Carriers aren’t selling the 808

    • Janne says:

      I guess the point was to compare cameras. If I had to pick just the better smartphone for me Lumia 920 choice would have been much easier, now it was a very close call because some ways 808 definitely is the way, way, way, way better camera. But I can’t shake it (no pun intended), the Lumia 920 brought something magical here that will help to solve a lot of everyday photography issues for me.

    • noki says:

      Carriers aren’t selling the 808, same as the 920.

  16. Antero says:

    From a pure photography point of view, the 808 wins hands down. For my next phone, it’s Lumia 920 that I want. I’d be willing to live with the thickness of 808 but not with the low resolution screen and Symbian.

    But, from a pure photography point of view I bet the 808 takes much better low light pictures. An optical stabilization system can only do so much. I mean, there’s plenty of point & shoots out there with OIS and most of them take absolutely horrible pictures in low light conditions.

    I’d say the biggest benefit of OIS is that videos don’t look as “nervous”. The OIS helps eliminate that annoying “micro” level shaking. The OIS can also probably help make daytime shots sharper. But it is not a magic bullet that helps take excellent shots at nighttime. You need a big sensor and if you’re not using flash, you’ll still need to up the ISO value, adding noise.

    • Deep Space Bar says:

      WTF are you really looking at for you to need a high res screen…seriously ?

      • Antero says:

        The 808 has a big screen, was it 4″ ? 640×360 looks horrible at that resolution. Just basic stuff like web pages render much more nicely at 800×480 or 1280×720. The screen is the main interface between the user and the phone, so why should I settle when there are several options with better screens out there?

  17. Jammy says:

    I wanted to vote for Pureview phase 3, in which Nokia will combine both PV phase 1(lossless zoom) and PV phase 2(stabilization, and low light photography) into one camera, and give us camera on smartphones which will rival DSLR’s in every way. And they should also try to increase camera’s MP…… :)

  18. Keith too says:

    Nokia took the Verge out to Central Park and allowed them to test some night mode shots and the 920 handily beat all comers including the 808. Sadly, even the HTC One X and SGIII night modes beat the 808.


    • Antero says:

      I wonder what the ISO values were and how much post processing is being done on the Lumia 920. I’m still inclined to believe that the 808 would actually be able to capture the most information due to it’s larger sensor.

    • Franklin says:

      If you noticed, the 808 wasn’t in night mode compared with the rest… It might be better or worse, but still, I’d rather wait for the 920 to be out and read the full reviews + comparisons before passing my judgement now.

  19. Guest says:

    Easy 808.
    A real phone with the best camera ever in a phone or an new soon to come phone that can’t be tested yet, but the PR says its great.

  20. Rom says:

    Dear nokia, do you need money? If so, STOP forcing us to compromise! This is getting silly. Isn’t it obvious if you put at least tiny little XENON flash in a WP (even not dreaming about android) it would be an ULTIMATE phone everybody would buy!(Or just 808 on WP)
    I hate nokia so much for that. Why we need to choose between software and hardware.

    One billion dollar advice for free: Take a Lumia phone and put the damn XENON flash there! Stop inventing a bicycle please. Even 100 LED will not replace XENON

    I just want a modern mobile computer in my pocket with proper camera with XENON flash, not double, triple or 100x rubbish LED, isn’t it so hard…

    Can you imagine ANY camera without xenon or with LED? Ridiculous.

    Maybe technologies are not hi-tech enough to put together an f*cking xenon flash in an up-to date OS phone. No problem, I’ll just stick together with a tape my N8 and any android or wp phone.. it is just 2012.. I’ll wait…

    P.S. If anyone else shares with me this idea, please spread somehow this thought. Maybe someday Nokia will make something what customers want.

  21. franklog says:

    To improve what I have said: PureView 808 + OIS to

    1/1.2″ + BSI + OIS + ?

  22. Stuart says:

    808 all the way with the right low light algorithms.

    Unless someone invents away to stop the subjects moving in low light. The best way to capture low light is to use a bigger sensors, bigger aperture with good noise reduction software.

  23. Michael says:

    920 has a great high-resolution and beautiful IPS screen which is bigger than the Pureview 808. It runs smoother with the Windows 8 platform, another plus point it has over the obsolete Symbian Belle of the 808. Camera performance of the 920 is decent in good light, excellent in low light, better than many other cameras out there. But in overall performance, still lose to Pureview 808 in absolute terms due to the large sensor of the 808.

  24. torcida says:

    808 FTW!

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