Visualized: Nokia Maps Vs. the Competition

| September 20, 2012 | 64 Replies

Here’s a really nice infographic showing a comparison between Nokia maps, Apple’s new maps and Google Maps. It’s obvious that Nokia have the advantage in Most fields only losing to Google maps when it comes to traffic updates; but the one thing I really enjoyed about this infographic was that it didn’t try to spin everything in Nokia’s favor; it’s clear honest and just plain facts. Take a closer look at the countries that have Turn-by-turn voice coverage by each service below:


Top: Nokia Maps, Bottom Left: Google Maps, Bottom Right: iOS Maps

Nokia maps truly are amazing, especially in the less popular countries (for me in Jordan) I still find all the little places I want and am easily able to navigate to them. Some of the locations I find aren’t even available on my brothers dedicated Garmin GPS, I’m just hoping for an offline/Mobile version of their full 3D maps to compete with Apple’s new Flyover (which for some reason alot of people hate, honestly I find it pretty cool).

Edit: Apparently Apple maps has some serious navigation and listing issues: Gizmodo



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Hey, my name's Ali- Currently a fifth (and final) year Dental Student from Chicago; studying in Jordan. I love all sorts of gadgets almost as much as I love my cookies! Be sure to follow my Twitter handle @AliQudsi and Subcribe to my Youtube for the latest videos - no pressure. Thanks.
  • Carbontubby

    Which navigation solution covers most of the developed world and the developing giants like China, India and Brazil?

    Nokia Maps FTW 🙂

    • L.Ruas

      I’m from Brazil and nokia maps are the best solution!

      • Diogo

        Yes, but Lumia hasn’t offline maps, only Symbian and Meego.

        • Hiram Fdzz

          Thats not true, Lumia comes with offline maps too

          • Rui Moraes

            In Lumias, Nokia Drive comes with full offline support here in Brazil.

            The Nokia Maps for Windows Phone, only works online.

            • Bazil

              In WP8 everything will be offline.

        • bob

          It has

    • Phil E. Phenau

      Yesterday, trying to locate a building in McKinley for an important meeting…relatively new development in Manila, Philippines..Nokia found it! Tells me foot path towards it and distance. Offline too! Nokia maps is fairly accurate even the U turns and one way streets are there.

  • Andre Ch

    I want a map for armenia damn it. Google might not have voice guided navigation here, but at least they have a map, and an accurate one, but google maps for symbian is old and cannot be used offlie.

    The wait for nokia to provide coverage here is killing me. Good thing there is viewranger as an alternative at least.

    • Zhi

      Google Maps is working on Nokia Belle now. It even has streetview!

      • shallow ocean shoal

        I thought Nokia Maps was working through web browsers on other devices. Is that right? If so, I’m surprised it’s not being mentioned anywhere…

    • shallow ocean shoal

      Andre, let’s be honest – you are just looking for a map to the Kardashian house.

      And I want a map for French Polynesia!!!!!!!

  • Prisma

    The biased American tech media control the message and the message outside USA USA USA is ignored unfortunately.

  • deep space bar

    they really need to solidify themselves before talking shit….Seriously THEY ARE IN NO POSITION TO TALK matter the circumstance

    • Bassman

      What ‘shit’ are they talking about prey tell?

      • deep space bar

        UM HAVE YOU seen the shit they’ve been pulling lately

        • shallow ocean shoal

          Hey, I like the Asha line!! I don’t think you should crap on Asha like that.

        • Bassman

          All I asked was for YOU TO be MORE SPECIFIC about WHAT they HAVE pulled that YOU thought WAS sHiT?

          A lot of people I know have an opinion of Nokia as being a company which makes cheap, albeit solid, phones.

          In my opinion, it’s about time they were more aggressive in their marketing and show that they are a real alternative to the iPhone/Android domination that has befallen us.

          Nokia drive is awesome and they should make a big song and dance about how great it is. What do you think Apple and Google would do in their position?

          • Deep Space Bar

            not to anythig stupid…you’ve seen samsung from before first they solidified themselves then took over by sales cause they stood by their word…..i didn’t see that with window phone… And how long has it been out for …….exactly

  • dss

    For Indexing/business listings Goole Maps is still better in the US.. I use both Nokia Maps and Google Maps, and often I find what I am looking for on Google maps, and not on Nokia maps..

    Everything else,.. ya, i think Nokia Maps is better, especially for driving.

  • Kit Yeung

    While Nokia doesn’t update maps error which I’ve reported on both Symbian and WP. I wonder do they ever read these reports I spent time filing.

    Also Nokia Drive seriously need alternative route option.

    • Mark

      Report errors to Navteq – the source of the truth. Best way to go.

  • James Scott

    For mobile Nokia maps is a definite yes, use Nokia Drive all the time, for desktop street view in Google maps is hard to beat.

  • Viipottaja

    Heh, love the fact that Greenland is covered! 😛

  • Dave

    With the current iOS 6 map hatefest going on, Apple should have just used Navteq, and have great+offline maps. MS(Nokia) and Apple coexist happily. Screw Google.

  • stylinred

    why is Japan still missing from the maps….. and they really need to step up traffic -_-

    • deep space bar

      you think that’s bad…how about UPDATE THE ***** MAPPING for content >.> my nokia maps on my N8 is still lacking alot of content

  • jake20

    Nokia maps is not that accurate here in the states.. it almost always routes me to the longer incorrect route..

    • Viipottaja

      Have not had that experience. Works better than my car navigation.

  • Carl

    Apple Maps don’t cover Australia?

    • stylinred

      ios6 maps sucks even though it shows a lot of countries covered there’s no detail in many of the areas check this coverage on the latest ios6 maps

      • shallow ocean shoal

        I hate to be that guy..but…

        I’d be lying if I didn’t say that the thought crossed my mind wondering whether Steve Jobs would have let this sht out the door.

        • Viipottaja

          This move was probably started under his leadership – whether he would have been satisfied with the quality yet, is another matter of course. My guess is yes, he would have. It’s not like he was the greatest globalist that ever lived.

        • Dave

          He wouldn’t.

          I’ve discussed this with several friends who could be called “fanbois”. And they agree – the whole maps (and other things) debacle on iOS 6 would not have happened if Steve Jobs had still been around.

          In fact one has gone as far as suggesting that this is the start of Apples gradual decline.

  • stylinred

    Ali the Coverage map you posted is inaccurate

    it shows that nokia maps doesn’t cover Belarus but Belarus maps are an option to download in the Maps Suite same for Albania, Bosnia, Croatia, Moldova, etc?

    • stylinred

      same as Honduras

    • miki69

      major roads only?

  • It still amazes me that Nokia still don’t have any mapping coverage for Japan.

    • stylinred

      they used to way back then it got removed never to appear again 🙁

  • klymax

    This map contains errors…in my country, Google maps work, not Nokia… the map has the opposite!

    • stylinred

      i just realized if you read the nokia conversations page that coverage map is where voice-guided turn-by turn navigation is available

    • klymax

      Can’t be true still.. they don’t even have the road network in my country much less be able to tell you where to go.

  • migo

    I’d like to see the actual numbers for public transit. I bet Google’s 500+ is a lot bigger than Nokia’s.

    • stylinred

      i agree

  • Joe

    So Japan is still missing in Nokia maps. That’s surprising since it is not exactly a technological backwater country.

    • rinslowe

      Maybe just a paranoid one…

      • migo

        No, it’s not that. Nokia got totally thrashed by Sharp and Fujitsu in Japan. Their phones were archaic kids toys compared to what was being produced locally, so they exited the Japanese market entirely with their tails between their legs.

        • stylinred

          yeah but those phones used symbian too

          doesnt make sense they would remove maps for it (since they offered it before)

  • rinslowe

    920 in Yellow is just un – fckn real…

    Like the Ferrari of mobile phones…

    • shallow ocean shoal

      I was thinking yellow cab before you said that, so now I like it more

      Lamborghini too…though I still prefer my Cyan to match my Play 360, so they better release it (with t-mobile compatibility)

  • shallow ocean shoal

    If Nokia Transport people are reading this, you guys HAVE TO tie into MTA service advisories. Google does.

    Otherwise, your customers are going to wind up on a train that’s re-routed to the wrong neighborhood, they’ll ask for directions, and then get shot in the face and their dead body sodomized.

    So, Nokia Transit people, please, add service advisories into your routing tables.

    • migo

      Where the **** do you live? Here if it gets re-routed I just end up waiting for a long time.

    • Viipottaja

      What a pretty picture. At least they would be dead before…

    • You know I WILL Pass that on to Pino the Maps guy; see if he can give us an idea.. BTW that made me laugh VERY hard.

      • shallow ocean shoal

        THANK YOU!!!!

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