Infographic: Gaming on Asha Devices

| October 25, 2012 | 14 Replies

Nokia Conversation have published an interesting infographic showing exactly how much game consumption is going down on the Asha devices. Since the launch of the Asha range we’ve seen multiple partnerships grow between app developers and Nokia, promising to bring their games to Asha device; including the likes of Rovio, Gameloft, EA and many more.

“The Asha platform has established itself as a great ecosystem for partners to bring their newest and best games to those devices and we are seeing that momentum continue from key publishers,”

“Working with Nokia, EA was able to legitimise gaming on mobile platforms in these markets, and as an organisation bring new customers to their global franchises using innovative business models.”

It would seem that most gaming on Nokia devices is coming from Asha devices (honestly I hardly play any games on my Lumia- besides wordament; but that’s just me).

“Although people are not paying premium prices for the games, where there is volume and casual gaming then that is the real sweet spot for Asha.”

Nokia Conv.


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