Nokia Taking HTC to Court With 32 Alleged Infringements

| November 13, 2012 | 43 Replies

It’s no secret that Nokia have a very large wealth of patents under their belt, in fact some say that Nokias patent portfolios worth more than the actual Smartphone business. Regardless Nokia have never been overly aggressive with their patents, usually preferring to settle with who-ever chooses to infringe on them, rather than risk long and expensive court trials. The issue of course arises when the infringer (is that a proper word?) denies that they are violating your patents, forcing the cases to court.

Nokia already have a settlement in place with Apple that has generated a decent sum of money to say the least (I think the number was $7 per iPhone?); and now it seems it’s HTCs turn to start paying up as Nokia currently have 32 active Patent Disputes with them. Four of which are set to go to court before the end of the year (the first of which is set for Nov. 21st).

Here’s a brief overview of the upcoming 4 cases:

  • On November 21, the Munich I Regional Court will hold a first hearing on Nokia’s infringement claims against HTC (and ViewSonic and RIM) over EP1322072 on “a mobile communication system and a method for connecting a remote workstation to a data communication network via a mobile communication network”.
  • The Munich I Regional Court will hold a first hearing (I don’t knwo yet which patent it relates to) on December 12.
  • Two days later, the Mannheim Regional Court will hold two trials, one over EP1329982 on an “antenna for wireless communications devices” and the other over EP0812120 on a “method for using services offered by a telecommunication network, a telecommunication system and a terminal for it”.

Check out the detailed list of all patent infringements here:

Worth noting is that earlier this week HTC ended a long standing patent dispute with apple by a 10 year settlement agreement.



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  • Muerte

    The Apple – Nokia settlement gives Nokia nice dollars, not only from iPhones, but from every single iDevice Apple manages to sell. I think it gives some sort of a view what kind of patent portfolio Nokia has created.

  • viktor von d

    I really hate your title ”PATENT TROLLING”. This is nokia, not apple, not a firm who has the sole activity to purchase patents and then sue people for using them.

    • There’s a reason I put it between quotations, that’s what a lot of people call it- regardless of which company it is.

    • Tom

      Nokia did transfer lot of patents to trolls with Microsoft and gets cut. So it is a troll at some level, not as bad as Apple or Microsoft.

      • Muerte

        But in this case, Vringo (this is what you mean by the troll of Nokia & MS) is not involved. It is Nokia. Therefore Nokia vs. HTC has absolutely NOTHING to do with patent trolling.

        By the way, it would be nice to hear how Vringo vs Apple is going, and when the results should be out.

        • Tom

          Yes, this case they are not troll but the trollish behavior started when Elop came in and they partnered with Microsoft. They were a much ethical company before that. Apple and Microsoft anyway are known for there not compete in the market place and sue happy strategy. They have always tried to hinder competition by suing. Now Nokia is in the same league.

    • Rob

      Yet you’re basically implying that Apple is a firm who has the sole activity to purchase patents and sue people for using them? What a crock. Last I heard they actually make products, so owning patents is not their sole activity by any stretch of the imagination. If you really want to compare fantasy scenarios, Nokia has a wealth of patents, much more than Apple and of much more value. They are more likely in a position to “troll” using them than anyone. As can be seen by their alleged $7 per iPhone.

  • Glass

    Ugh, I am not looking forward to idiots on the internet decrying Nokia for this. “Who cares that Nokia spent billions of dollars helping to develop the GSM standard!? They should let HTC take all that work for free and innovate instead!!”

    • ndeep4318

      @glass nice said ₪₪₪₪₪₪₪

    • PuppyMonster

      go to China you F***! innovation doesn’t mean you have to copy something and improve them. IMPROVING is greatly different from INNOVATING. morons like you should not see the light of the day.

      • I am afraid that you’re the moron and not Glass.. He was only talking about others on the internet that have no idea what they’re talking about..

  • ndeep4318

    i really hate ms for declaring that f+++ing htc copycat crap official win8 device

    • dss

      Microsoft doesn’t care who makes the phones.. they can do whatever they want.

  • Ujwal Soni

    I remember reading somewhere that Nokia has spent over € 60 BILLION on R&D.. They practically invented modern mobile telephony as we know it..

    It’s high time Nokia should cash in on its incredible contribution to cellular technology..

    • Ujwal Soni

      Sorry it’s $ not €

      Still..helluva sum :p

      • Toni

        I think that Nokia has wasted quite a bit of that R&D on projects that were never focused on releasing an actual product but rather were interests of their workers. Now that they have cut back on spending they have also limited some of their investment on R&D but it has been targeted mainly against these pet projects they used to have rather than their core innovation areas in mobile technology.

    • Tom

      Also Microsoft got all that for free from Nokia, now who is smarter?

      • Ujwal Soni

        How is $ 250 million a quarter ‘free’?

        • Tom

          May be cause you can’t see. Nokia pays license for each WP phone they sell and shut down all their development. That’s lot more that 250 million worth.

    • migo

      Ummm, no. That would be Motorola that invented it.

      • Peter


        Do your research.

        • Tom

          May be you should. Marty Cooper at Motorola invented mobile phone.

          • Peter

            Oh, so you googled it? Wow, nice!! Who owns Motorola? Hit that google-button again!


    nokia please keep on getting more and more IP royalties, lots ‘n lots please.
    thank you

    • twig

      +millions or billions

  • Peter

    That wraps it up, ordered a Lumia 920. Support to you Nokia.

  • Bob

    And this isn’t even for the copy cat 8x designs (which will effect Nokias bottom line – for those stupid enough to buy an inferior copy).

    • Francis

      But HTC Droid DNA is better spec than Nokia Top Dog Lumia 920…. Nokia is too slow.

      • Muerte

        You mean it heats up faster? If that is what you are after, then maybe it is better…

  • dss

    HTC are going down..

  • Afiku

    Seems some here are almost boiling. But the point of everything is weather Nokia reach more market share or still is falling. Falling slower or faster – doesn’t meter. If/when Nokia would hit the bottom and crash – then it will be completely unimportant who / where are patents ownership.

    • Peter

      Interesting, well-thought opinion, I’d suggest you short the Nokia stock then, I mean, seriously, for your own good and prosperity. Protip: Sarcasm.

  • joza2006

    Patent portfolio such as that of Nokia should be monetized. Apple spends 5 times less than Nokia on R&D, so let them pay up if they want to use the patents. I read this is clean cut case, HTC has no defense.

    • dss

      No.. I am 99% sure that Nokia will win the case. I kind of feel bad for HTC, but…

      They need to pay for the 8x design anyway.. so, that would be one way 🙂

      • joza2006

        why feeling bad for HTC ? Copying stuff saves a lot of money and work, and they built their whole business on that aproach.

        • KeiZka

          Like most of the Asian Cartel…

  • Rinslowe ranting

    Hahaha, that’s funny…

    HTC as typical behaviour from tech firms in their region will attempt to get away with blatantly copying anything they can. Even up until they’re taken to court!

    Copying is blsht, I don’t agree that certain standards should be above patenting. That idea just shts all over the companies like Nokia who have spent considerable time and money in development of those standards. Then companies like Samsung and HTC come in trying to take a free ride, free pass, free lunch? Thats what makes these guys so inferior in the long run. If they want to take their businesses seriously, their customers seriously and the industry. Then show some fkcing respect, and pay up!

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