Nokia Taking HTC to Court With 32 Alleged Infringements

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It’s no secret that Nokia have a very large wealth of patents under their belt, in fact some say that Nokias patent portfolios worth more than the actual Smartphone business. Regardless Nokia have never been overly aggressive with their patents, usually preferring to settle with who-ever chooses to infringe on them, rather than risk long and expensive court trials. The issue of course arises when the infringer (is that a proper word?) denies that they are violating your patents, forcing the cases to court.

Nokia already have a settlement in place with Apple that has generated a decent sum of money to say the least (I think the number was $7 per iPhone?); and now it seems it’s HTCs turn to start paying up as Nokia currently have 32 active Patent Disputes with them. Four of which are set to go to court before the end of the year (the first of which is set for Nov. 21st).

Here’s a brief overview of the upcoming 4 cases:

  • On November 21, the Munich I Regional Court will hold a first hearing on Nokia’s infringement claims against HTC (and ViewSonic and RIM) over EP1322072 on “a mobile communication system and a method for connecting a remote workstation to a data communication network via a mobile communication network”.
  • The Munich I Regional Court will hold a first hearing (I don’t knwo yet which patent it relates to) on December 12.
  • Two days later, the Mannheim Regional Court will hold two trials, one over EP1329982 on an “antenna for wireless communications devices” and the other over EP0812120 on a “method for using services offered by a telecommunication network, a telecommunication system and a terminal for it”.

Check out the detailed list of all patent infringements here:

Worth noting is that earlier this week HTC ended a long standing patent dispute with apple by a 10 year settlement agreement.



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