Video: Jolla Launch Live Stream, DNA to sell MeeGo SailFish phones, Vote Jolla for best Finnish Start Up

| November 21, 2012 | 103 Replies

A few pieces of Jolla News before I start my Wednesday at the Hospital.

Today is Jollas Launch, revealling what their new UI/UX is like.

Launch can be watched live here.

Finnish Ooperator DNA will supposedly be selling phones that run MeeGo SailFish.

(Note, yes, yadda yadda, Nokia blog, why Jolla. Jolla is MeeGo and even Jolla’s page on twitter says that they’re continuing Nokia’s work on MeeGo. Nokia people, Nokia OS, Finnish based, and loved still by many Nokia fans).

Finally, VDVsx asked us to vote for Jolla as best Finnish Start up

Cheers incognito, ABC and VDVsx for the tip.

I’ll catch you guys up later this afternoon to see what the excitement was all about!

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  1. stylinred says:

    so you are covering it, cool :) they’re really wasting a lot of time before showing it :/

  2. incognito says:

    Ok, the presentation glitches prove that these guys used to work for Nokia :D

  3. manu says:

    that live stream link is not working

  4. stylinred says:

    Looks like Windows Phone without the tiles

    • stylinred says:

      mixed with some BBX

    • jiipee says:

      The multitasking cards are close to WP tiles. One just cannot resize them (at least it seems like it), but you can actually do something with them.

      • Shaun says:

        and the cards are live, unlike WP’s ‘live’ tiles. ;-)

        • dss says:

          That is because MeeGo has a fully functional multitasking capabilities… so each “tile” is .. ya, live. Just like the tiles in Harmattan’s multitasking view..

          I wonder when Microsoft would implement full multitasking into their phone OS … windows NT is certainly very capable of it, so its a matter of power management I guess..

      • Mahesh says:

        they are live, so you can do some operations with them

    • krustylicious says:

      it looks very close to the symbian 4 ui demos that where floated about a few years back.

      Symbian belle/anna are basically tiles too, which wp stole and made its 2000 times worse ..

      Jolla has taken the beautiful typography of meego harmatten and taken widgets to the next level …

    • DesR85 says:

      Looks like a cleaner version of Android if you ask me. Not bad looking, though, but the demonstration of putting shortcuts on the main screen does look clumsy.

  5. Woncler says:

    Here’s a quick demo of the OS

    • dontom says:

      This was better a better presentation than the one they had on the officiall presentation. But, at the same time, the UI in the N9 is better and clearer. In sailfish it seems more cluttered…

      Ah, well. Let’s see what it’s going to look like on a real device.

      I already made my choise though, getting the 920 tomorrow!

      • incognito says:

        The UI, at least the design of what little we’ve seen, is too Androish for my taste. Completely agree that the Harmattan UI looks better.

        That being said, the least of my qualms with Android is its UI. I can live with a bland UI as long as the underpinnings are what suit my needs – and besides, I’m certainly not a fan of iOS looks and I find WP’s look to be fugly beyond all comprehension, but if they weren’t a complete opposite of what I look for in a device I could live with their UIs as well.

        • jiipee says:


          The homescreens have switched from being horizontal to vertical.

          I dont really get the lock- screen, which is useless in all OS/UIs. They should have the Swipe events view there.

        • Shaun says:

          I’d have to agree with you there. It did look a bit Androidish rather than N9.

          They were stating their goal was to reduce taps and swipes, which is a pity as I quite like the taps and swipes on my N9 – it’s addictive, closing an app by swiping down.

          They did have double-tap to wake so that’s a good thing as I keep trying to wake iPads and Android tablets like that. ;-)

          I’ll wait to see a finished version but given the other choices of iOS, Android or WP, it’s looking ok but I wasn’t blown away by it. The devil will be in the details and how it fits in with my day to day usage.

          Can I use ssh?

          Is there a mobile hotspot?

          Does it support SIP, CalDAV, CardDAV, IMAP IDLE etc?

          • Noki says:

            as much as i love the meego harmatan UX thst thing was killed by nokia and will never be revived, This looks rather cool for what is a very small team, i was realy afraid it would look like their logo, amateurish and alf baked, this shows potential… very modern fonts, human feel and a bit of retro look that fits well with the buyer segment..

            • jiipee says:

              What, didnt Elop say that it will live on? ;)

              I hope that the OS is open enough that there will be plenty of skins available.

              • Noki says:

                “What, didnt Elop say that it will live on?” you an see part of its remains on S40 Asha line. you know that thing that actually sells in Nokia.

                Think this Os will be very open.

        • dss says:

          From what we’ve seen so far .. Harmattan is superior overall.

      • GS65 says:

        Ah, I agree. I get early MeeGo vibes. I took sooooo long for a real device to actually be in my hands so I’m sure I’ve dropped my Lumia 920 on the subway track or something by the time a Sailfish mobile lands in Europe. Also Harmattan was and IS revolutionary and so slick. I felt it was good looking and had some great features, but not as simple and clean as N9. The ”working” multitasking minitures were cool though, more like a developed Maemo feature. Icons for Harmattan, the squircles, also much nicer than Sailfish.

      • DesR85 says:

        Looks like a cleaner version of Android if you ask me. Not bad looking, though, but the demonstration of putting shortcuts on the main screen does look clumsy.

        P.S. Please delete the above post. Was meant to respond to this one. Thank you.

  6. zymo says:

    UI reminds me a lot of BB10.

    • Mahesh says:

      yup they mixed playbook OS, BB10 and android .. :)

      • Noki says:

        Actually I think they will probably cooperate, they area very similar in more than one way, probably pointing out a new way of creating ecosystems around QT/QML and easy piggy banking android apps.
        Rim is targeting their core user segment Corporate world, jolla seams more focused on early adopters and hipster type of segment they don’t overlap that much.

        This would be a completely new way of creating ecosystems not walled gardens but cooperative ones that had value among each other, probably a good way to stand out wen you will have decimals in market share to start with.

        • says:

          i don’t think google will co-operate,
          millions of low cost sailfish devices will come from china and able to use android apps, while google gets nothing in return.

          samsung is a platinum member/sponsor of linux, it would save them $10-15 per device in licence fees and the consumer has access to a large ecosystem.

          jolla could disrupt google’s market share.

          • jiipee says:

            I think he meant RIM, who also have similar (same) AAL and use Qt

            • says:

              oops, i saw android in Mahesh’s comment and got carried away,
              but still sailfish will be a headache for google, it would be better adopted by oem if only so that they can replace some of google’s income generating services.
              i’m starting to like jolla.

              • Noki says:

                Coll not sure a jolla success is good for Microsoft Dough.. Probably worse than for Google were jolla will probably complementary to rather than obviously Competition.. I can almost bet Jolla will try to achieve deals with Google services for shared income.

                • says:

                  if jolla makes deals with google then why would oem choose sailfish over android? sailfish can give oem more income generating opportunities.


                  “The alliance partners will be investing an estimated 200 million euros to ensure the success and rapid expansion of the new ecosystem. The 200M€ ecosystem financing will come in gradually from Jolla and as members join the alliance, which will include chipset vendors, OEM and ODM manufacturers, operators and retailers.”

                  jolla is being privately funded by a hong kong alliance, i dont think they would be happy to pay the development cost of a new os then just hand over access to all sailfish device to google.
                  manufactures want a pice of the google pie, sailfish give them that opportunity.

                  • Jiipee says:

                    Agreefully.It is more likely that theywould offer Sailfish to some Google contenders.
                    I dont see Jollasomuch against MS/WP. On lower segments the comparisoncould beMozilla.

  7. incognito says:

    That’s it?! Not impressed so far. Like the double-tap-to-wake and apps swiping, but they showed way too little to make any kinds of judgement.

    • jiipee says:

      That was the part Elop would do. Next up the screaming WP guy will take the stage in 5 hours.
      17:00 Jolla UI by Martin Schuele and Jaakko Roppola

      I have to admit, the concept of launching product/OS in this kind of event is tricky.

    • says:

      at 0:50 i see android.

      • esbo says:

        Maybe android apps are working on Sailfish?

        Nice that swipe UI lives on, but I don’t trust on Jollas hardware. For example I assume that the camera performance will be crap.

        • jiipee says:

          They are according to Sailfish QA:

          “What do the Android app developers need to do get their apps run on Jolla devices / devices based on the Sailfish OS?

          Many Android(TM) applications will run on Jolla devices unchanged (Android is a trademark of Google Inc.). If you want to take advantage of all UI and other features of Sailfish OS and make yourapplications fast, you can port your applications to native QT/QML. There are extensive guides available on how to do that. ”

        • Jilie Wachy says:

          Yes, via a special layer Sailfish can run Android software as native, without lags etc.. Because of MeeGo Sailfish multitasking abilities it can run the same time Android and Sailfish software without any difference noticeable for a user. Sailfish can do this as this is Linux.

        • says:

          that would be interesting if android apps work on sailfish,
          then sailfish will be in direct competition with android, maybe save the oem’s having to pay m.s. license fees for each device.

          • jiipee says:


            Still, that is just a item on QA page. We need to see that it actually works ;)

            • Harangue says:

              And more importantly, HOW it works. Does it work flawlessly or like it does on Android or do you get some free lag to go with it. Compatibility layers do tend to lag a process running through it AFAIK.

              I’m curious to see what kind of HW Jolla will push out, not design wise, but SoC wise etc.

              • Shaun says:

                They’ve already said the first platform is ST-Ericsson Novathor.

                So if they’re using the 2013 chips, we’re talking dual Cortex A9, 1.85Ghz+ and PowerVR 544, 8 band LTE. eg. L8540/L9540

                And then there’s the 2.5Ghz 9600 with Rogue 6 series graphics due too.

        • Shaun says:

          Why would the camera performance be crap?

          The hardware platform they mentioned this morning was the STE Novathor platform. The latest Novathors support 20Mp back and 5Mp front cameras with 1080p recording.

          The hardware partners have to add the lens assemblies of course but the underlying hardware should be fine.

          • jiipee says:


            They just need to buy the lenses and other components from Nokia’s subcontractors without the Carl Zeiss brand lisence ;)

            • Dave says:

              Which is why every single smartphone has an incredible camera, because it’s just that easy.


              • Jiipee says:

                So far there is none incredible phone cameras out there. When Nokia gets out a device that bundles 808 and OIS features, that would be incredible.

                Good enough cameras there are plenty. They need to get close to Iphone5 camera, which seems to be among the best. How much of that tech is by Sony, I dont know.

            • dss says:

              Nokia’s work on sensors with Toshiba is off limits… and that is the only thing that actually matters. All the rest of the camera modules you see in every smartphone out there are “off the shelf” crap.. that is why the only phones that can actually take pictures that are not mediocre are.. the Nokia phones with Toshiba sensors.. N8 and the 808.

              The 920 has a custom made Sharp sensor to accommodate for the 16:9 aspect ratio..and I am pretty sure that is off limits as well. Also, the OIS assembly is 100% Nokia tech.. so..

              The best Jolla can do is to get their cameras to perform on gs3/iphone 5 levels…

        • Mahesh says:

          most android applications work on sailfish without modifications as per their QA

  8. says:

    “china china china” so is jolla doing it all for china ?!?!

    is jolla creating/improving an open ui/os that any oem in china can download onto their products, sounds allot like android.

    It’s amazing that so many claimed elope to be an ms trojan closing european factories and sacking thousands of staff, but jolla is completely dependant on chinese factories and manufactures to instal their sailfish os.

    jolla phones made in china not in europe, any complaints about that?

    so what is jolla? is it taking all of nokia’s hard work and handing it to china on a silver platter?

    i don’t understand why so many are fanatical fans of jolla, it seems to me that jolla has sold its soul before it even started.

    • KF says:

      china >>>>> USofA

    • Jake says:

      Putting the effort on the Chinese market is a good move. The Chinese will be wanting systems that are not developed and controlled by American companies, and that are open. The small percentage in the rest of the world also wanting this will just benefit from this strategy.

    • incognito says:

      I’m not a fanatical fan of anything, certainly not a company for which we know only that was built by some ex-Nokians.

      But, I’m having high hopes that Jolla will manage to produce something that can be useful to me, unlike the current Nokia’s offer.

      I couldn’t care less how they run their business if they provide me with the things I need.

      • Jiipee says:


        Im mostly keen on Jolla since I wish that it helps on their part to keep the Nokia software legacy, cluster and competence in Finland.

    • jiipee says:

      Google already handed over everything to China. Jolla at leat tries to earn some licensing fees.

      China is logical direction for a start-up unlike USofA. The latter market is already matured and has plenty of local players. China has not yet produced a mobile OS, the government isnt really enthusiastic on Google services and it will, if not already is, the biggest market.

      Jolla cannot start a new assembly site after all those operations are now dead in Finland. Also Salo assembly site is already sold forward (and was operated by Foxconn). Most if not all components for Nokia were also shipped from Asia.

      • says:

        yes it seems sailfish is going after android,
        i dont know if its possible to earn license fees from open source, but it should be interesting to watch android compete against sailfish.
        ( maybe jolla is another trojan horse from ms ;) )

        • Noki says:

          “i dont know if its possible to earn license fees from open source” of course you can.
          Not sure if you still can by Red hat pure boxes (they mostly sell support licences this days) but you used to be able to buy it.
          Hey maybe jolla will want to copy Red Hat Business model selling support licenses. Red Hat is doing really really well.

          • says:

            if jolla sells sailfish then any fees earned would have to be shared with the many companies that are supporting meego/linux and have allowed “free” use of their patents, each company would have to be given a share based on what patents that company has given for “free” use, nokia has not given or sold any patents to jolla.

            what if jolla gave it away sailfish for free like google does with android,
            then jolla could earn an income from its search app, or its navigation app, or its music app, or its own hardware sales, or from its app store, or from the network service/infrastructure it provides ……… :)

    • Jilie Wachy says:

      I love Jolla as I need a replacement and a successor for my Nokia which soon will die because of it’s “age”. I tried Windows on HTC and Nokia, but all this is out consideration any more. Jolla presentation I have just seen assured me that it was worth to wait for Jolla as this is something to fulfil my needs. I thought it could be Nokia with Windows but this staff care only about Windows’s needs, and well – it is not forbidden.
      Frankly I’d prefer a smartphone from Finland that is true.

    • arts says:

      Those euro wackos that kept saying they won’t support nokia/ms because they shifted production to china and claimed Nokia is screwing euro blue collared workers and exploiting Chinese works seems pretty ok as long as its the Chinese being exploited by Europeans. ;) (exploited as in giving Chinese people jobs.) still loving the fact that the pride of n9 and its euro cocksuckers ( its swipe UI) is made in America.

    • zlutor says:

      All other smartphone OSs is owned by US based company.

      What support an independent smartphone OS would get in China? It can easily be a strategic issue there…

      So, wise move.

  9. scorpion says:

    looks crap and laggy as i thought it will be

  10. Sefriol says:

    Imo UI looks cool. Using apps in multitascing view was neat and you just scroll down to get into your appview. Now I need to know if there is a notification center, multiple homescreens and what kind of web browser they use.

    This is more appealing to me than any other OS in the market. But in the end it all comes down to the ecosystem. I would use my N9 much more if it had larger community behind it.

    • incognito says:

      According to a rumor I’ve heard a long time ago, and today’s announcements including their Q/A page which spells:

      What do the Android app developers need to do get their apps run on Jolla devices / devices based on the Sailfish OS?

      Many Android(TM) applications will run on Jolla devices unchanged (Android is a trademark of Google Inc.). If you want to take advantage of all UI and other features of Sailfish OS and make yourapplications fast, you can port your applications to native QT/QML. There are extensive guides available on how to do that.

      One can be pretty confident that they have an Android compatibility layer so at least you should not worry about the apps initially.

      I too am disappointed about the missing a dedicated notifications center, at least missing from what they’ve presented so far.

      P.S. The N9′s community is not all that puny as it might seam.

    • Jilie Wachy says:

      Well, from presentation I think there is notification center among 4 of homescreens. As Sailfish is MeeGo Linux it can run any browser which N9 can run IMHO. And as a Linux you can launch a browser in Linux. I think there will be no problem with various browsers.
      Community behind Nokia N9 has generated a power for creating the Jolla itself. There is everything what is needed for good smartphone, and with Jolla MeeGo Sailfish has Chinese community support also. Do not forget about worldwide community of Linux and N9 enthusiasts. And do not forget about companies like Acer, Lenovo and many others which launched devices with MeeGo. I think now they will launch also devices with MeeGo Sailfish. And remember that the Merproject is still working and developing MeeGo as the Mer, and one day the Mer can be assumed by the Linux Fundation as The MeeGo 2.0. So the future seems to be quite bright. It’s a pity that all this is without involvement of Nokia, really it’s a pity.

    • muhsen says:

      i guess the os is all about what’s in the video

  11. Paul Grenfell says:

    Pretty sure we havent seen the full deal yet..but im impressed so far..Ok so it needs polish, but i guess that will come with release of actual devices.. Give it time..

  12. muhsen says:

    i don’t like it at all.that’s a sad day in nokia’s history.i was really optimistic about jolla and liked their idea about continuing nokia’s awesome work and that’s far from awesome. its like they spoiled nokia’s work.its more of a downgrade. harmattan is neat ,simple , extraordinary , more refined ,lovable from first sight with no argument about it. sailfish os is none of these and too much gestures(is this bb10???!) and from the comments ,not so many people like it and the idea that their an argument about people liking it or not make it far away from harmattan. when u show people an n9,they just love it no questions no arguments.if nokia’s work would evolve to this then thank god they ended it with the n9 and went with wp. for an OS ,better die beautiful rather than grow ugly. Even windows phone is alot better and more beautiful than this.apparently the speculations about jolla being the next nokia were all wrong.Now let’s move on and celebrate nokia’s 920, obviously there’s no nokia other than nokia!!!!

    • muhsen says:

      idea that there’s an argument*

    • Harangue says:

      Although I haven’t seen enough of Sailfish to really judge it, there does seem to be a large emphasis on gestures, like indeed BB10 and even iOS on the iPad(4 finger gestures?!?)

      Harmattan seemed to have a far more simplistic approach and lived more by the do more with less mantra. Sailfish tries to be minimalistic in some ways but is overly complicated in others. (based on material available on this blog)

  13. Paul Grenfell says:

    re; Notifications..
    ” You unlock the phone by swiping upwards and notifications are discreetly hidden in the top right-hand corner.

    “It’s done in a way that so that your notifications are private and no one can see them directly on your phone’s screen,” Pienimaki said. The OS also emphasizes multitasking with the ability to peek into other applications through these widgets. You can also change the look and the feel of the UI with different photos from your library.”

  14. Paul Grenfell says:

    Their new website, if it hasnt already been posted..

    • Noki says:

      Their site is interesting and imo opens a few lights on the theming aspect. They don’t have one logo they have several ones… Interesting approach

  15. s3m44 says:

    Attractive UI, but still too little details on it. It would be great to have a more detailed hand-on video.

  16. Carbontubby says:

    Could Jolla mean the return of a Psion-like device, a proper pocket computer, rather than the beefed-up phones that Symbian powered? I’m not too confident at this point. The UI seems like a haphazard mix of N9′s Swipe UI, Android Jelly Bean and WebOS.
    There’s too much of swiping left, right, up, down, whatever, swiping for swiping’s sake.

    I think it could be a hit in China with their carriers and manufacturers, especially if it’s free and runs well on lower end hardware compared to Android. Not sure about the rest of the world though.

    • burningIdea says:

      What I see is Jolla is a up-down swipe based UI. Only for the multitasking tiles/widgets would you do left-right swipes. Very neat and clean, but I wonder how the landscape orientation is going to be like.

    • Harangue says:

      Exactly my train of thought as well. I’ll be honest, Jolla is not my cup of tea but it does have some neat ideas in it. But I feel that there could be an overkill in swiping/gesture, too much to handle basically. On the other hand, I’ll wait and see how it all pans out into real production HW.

    • dss says:

      Symbian^4 Psion-like device would have been awesome..

  17. Shane says:


  18. JG Smartypants says:

    I will look forward to someone exploiting its openness to graft a harmattan UI on to it :)

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