Amazon Lists Lumia 920 as Indefinitely Out of Stock, “Due to Tremendous Demand”- Only White & Black Left in Stock

| November 22, 2012 | 35 Replies


Well Amazon have gone there, they’ve went into their cupboard, pulled out the “Tremendous” word, dusted it off and placed it on the Lumia 920. It’s not uncommon for Amazon to run out of stock, but claiming the demand is “tremendous” is a first for me (usually just “out of Stock” or “high Demand).

It also looks as if they have no idea when they’ll be getting additional stock (if at all) seeing how you can’t even pre-order/reserve a 920 for yourself; instead you only get an option to be notified by email once the stock has been replenished.



It seems Amazon only have the White and black in stock @ $69.99, with no indication of how many are left, yet all signs point that they won’t be there much longer, so if you want to grab one soon act now-

Black: Nokia Lumia 920 4G Windows Phone, Black (AT&T)

White: Nokia Lumia 920 4G Windows Phone, White (AT&T)



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  • DM

    I am not trying to be a troll here but does this phone even exist in the UK? No adverts at all, no shops in my shopping center know when they are getting it, it is not on

    What the hell is going on?
    We had adverts for the Lumia 800 before the damn phone was even announced!

  • MeeDroid

    I bet it had only 4 or 5 in stock.

    • The Game

      Don’t be a troll, did u read the stock of Finland??

    • viipottaja

      Just for the record: no they didn’t. Hmm. You might be confusing this with the number of N9s they sold here… :P;)

  • stylinred

    clove finally has a lot more stock not only in the white unit but the black and red as well

  • nabkawe
  • qromodynmc

    I just dont know man :/ should we believe to them,if they call lumia’s demand “tremendous” so what should we call iphone’s or s3’demand..

    • viipottaja

      It’s all relative to expectations and stock. Besides, the demand for those would be described as “incredible, mind blowing and earth shattering!” 😀


        don’t forget “magical” 🙂

        • Viipottaja

          Man, you are awesome! 🙂

      • danny

        And don’t forget “revolutionary”.
        “It’s revolutionary. It’s innovative. The sales changed the way we look at phones… forever. The first time I saw it, I was blown away.” (a la FaceTime ad, circa 2010)


  • Yeah, the usual pseudo hype. Rest assured that Microsoft and Nokia did everything to safely get a pseudo hype. Delivering small amounts of devices and paying money to the carriers and resellers so they state they’re sold out due to “tremendous” demand. LOL

    Who believes the hype?

    • Viipottaja

      Dude… Words of wisdom, words of wisdom…


    • Chris

      Nokia Malaysia is doing it by NOT releasing the 920. Every post they made on FB is replied by hundreds of “I want my 920 now!” post and they just copy paste the usual “Thanks for the enthusiasm, we’re doing our best to make sure we can deliver the best local experience and ecosystem blah blah blah.. before we release the phone”.


      I want my 920 now!

      • arts

        And the nexus 4 is launchjinhg soon at Malaysia. I have no idea what those people at Nokia are thinking.

        • Chris

          I’d say Nexus 4 has nothing that interests me, but then again I’m just one person. Nokia WILL lose potential customers due to the delay.

          Hopefully they price it right, no silly mark-up please. Not everyone will be willing to spend whole month’s salary on a phone that is already released in most other countries…

          Considering the current win-a-car win-a-bike promotion, I doubt we’ll see the 920 before January ;____;

  • Ravi Kiran

    Hype. How can the numbers be high when it is not even topping the lists? The L900 topped the lists much more consistently.

    • Viipottaja


      1) actually it did.

      2) Like I said above, its all relative to expectations and stock

      3) When 900, there were less new devices in the market, including no iP5 or S GIII

    • Keith too

      It was topping the list until they ran out of stock–it kind of puts a damper on sales when that happens.

      • guerrahp

        If demand is tremendous, no matter the color, they would all be sold out.

        • wakeup

          Take a look on Amazon now, the white is now unavailable and there and Amazon doesn’t know when they are getting more white units. The black is still listed as available, but if you go on the Amazon wireless website, the black model is listed as back-ordered, with a wait time of 1-2 weeks. Very soon you’ll see the black on as unavailable. Demand really IS tremendous for this, when ALL colours are extremely hard to get.

          • wakeup

            Plus the 820 is listed as being unavailable, which means demand is high.

            Most people don’t buy phones on Amazon, but this is a big sign. Another big sign, on Walmart’s website, the white and red 920 models are listed as unavailable. I’m sure a lot more people buy phones at Walmart than they do on Amazon, so if several 920 colours are unavailable at Walmart, then that is a really big sign.

            • Any sales numbers? Did they sell 3, 5, 10, 100s, 1000s, 100’000s, millions, billions? Apple and Samsung both told the public how many millions they sold after like three days. Silence from Nokia. That says it all.

              They generated a pseudo hype with delivering small amounts of devices. That’s all.

              • viktor von d.

                nokia never realeases numbers. not even in the glory days.and ffs stop comparing to apple and samsun. nokia is so low right now that every good news we get is appreciated.

              • wakeup

                How much are you being paid to say BS like this you vermin?

                You’re a sad excuse for a human being.

  • lumianer

    In Germany much advertisement

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