Cyber Monday Deal: Nokia 700 Unlocked for $124 on Amazon (White & Grey)

| November 26, 2012 | 12 Replies


Here’s a sweet deal for the Symbian faithfuls out there, Amazon have the Nokia 700 in both white and black listed as an upcoming deal for Cyber Monday at $124. According to the list price that’s a 65% discount, so not bad; with possible extended discounts when the cyber Monday links go live.

The white 700 starts in 40 Minutes while the Grey starts in another 2 hours and 40 minutes.

White Nokia 700: Nokia 700 Unlocked GSM Phone with Touchscreen, 5 MP Camera, Symbian Belle OS, and NFC–U.S. Warranty (White)


Grey Nokia 700: Nokia 700 Unlocked GSM Phone with Touchscreen, 5 MP Camera, Symbian Belle OS, and NFC–U.S. Warranty (Grey)

 Amazon have some pretty good deals on non-cell phone related products as well as accessories as well, so check the rest out here: Amazon Cyber Monday Deals.
If you spot any other Nokia related Cyber Monday deals let us know down below!

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  • 700

    This is the best phone ever!

  • ikkysleepy

    The deal is for $129.

  • Oodaku

    That is a really good deal. I may have to pick one up as a backup to my N8. Curious as to how much faster that processor makes the phone but the lower res camera is a turn off.

    • dss

      It makes a difference.. especially during web browsing. You also get Feature Pack 1 ..

  • Noki

    I can get Lumias 800 and 900 for that price.

    • migo

      I think they’re a bit more expensive brand new, but it actually shouldn’t be that hard to get one in good condition used.

  • reptile

    I hope they have the 808 on sale this week… hopefully around $200-300 :D:D:D:D

  • RLX

    For those of us in the US, a Symbian phone will not require us to get a data plan whereas a Lumia/Windows phone will … which is why this phone is more appealing to me.

    • migo

      You can do just fine without a data plan with a Windows Phone. If you buy the phone outright, your carrier won’t require you to get a data plan.

      • *****

        That is true, though I believe that with a Symbian, you can “sneak through” a feature phone data plan, its like 15$/month for unlimited.

  • sandars

    Good deal. You will enjoy music very much with dolby headphone turned on 😀

  • that was my previous cellphone! i got it when it was launched last year for about 350 dollars, it was stolen.
    i hated the camera, the headphone plug was a little faulty but i loved that phone.