Lumia 920 OIS Video Re-Made, This Time Using a Real Lumia 920

| November 26, 2012 | 29 Replies

Remember the scandal surrounding the OIS stabilization video when the 920 was first announced? (yes this one– sadly our blind belief in Nokia blew that call for us); but for good reason, one user decided to remake the video on his own, and honestly this only leaves more confused about why they used a DSLR. The quality is AMAZiNG (in my opinion even better than the original video), and the shakes are clearly reduced to close to non-existent.


Regardless of why Nokia didn’t use a 920 in the original video, the facts speak mountains for themselves. the Lumia 920 is a beast!

Thanks for the tip Nabkawe5


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  • Eh, idk.. Everytime I see a video of this version of PureView it just doesn’t cut it for me… I still would rather use an 808 Pureview over a Lumia 920.. It’s not because of WP or Symbian.. It’s just the capabilities of the 808 is far more superior!

    • Venus Raj Miss Universe 2010 4th Runner-Up

      Yes my friend. And what I love about the 808 PureView is the shallow depth of field especially with macro shots. I doubt the 920 can take creative shots with bokeh effect. But when the lights go down, the 920 is easily the queen of the night with OIS.

      • nabkawe

        Actually Close ups on the Lumia 920 are amazingly good and my 808 can’t compete with it in this area.

        • Noki

          are you saying the bokeh in 920 is better than the 808? really? I have more than a hard time believing that…

          • nabkawe

            ” Close ups ” not Bokeh … 🙂

            • nabkawe

              here’s a quick sample on how close could you get to an object and take a focused picture.
              Pictures labeled with WP are Lumia 920’s , the rest is 808’s , Both at Close up mode activated , both with flash and without … 🙂

        • Gwapo

          really? Maybe you mean to say macro shots with the 920 is easier and faster than the 808 but I don’t think any smartphone could ever beat the 808 especially with its very shallow depth of field.

    • Bloob

      MWC 2013 should be interesting, I guess…

    • Ali Abdulla

      OIS > losless zoom for me..

      yes the details are much better on the 808, and stereo, but all in all its a tie for me..
      but i think if u have steady hands, 920 all the way, would look great
      how hard could it be for the marketing department to hire a guy with a very steady hands, ride the damn bike and shoot it..
      it will be even cheaper.. but maybe that explains part of it

  • Andrew_b

    Personally, if I was shooting this video I’d have ended it by pulling up alongside a car and showing that I’d been using a 920 in the wing mirror.

    • nabkawe


    • Noki

      The quality of the video this time is no ware near as impressive as the other one, don’t think that is needed I believe that it was the L920.

  • stylinred

    its nice but a far cry from that fake nokia video

    • Muerte

      IMHO, that is more because of the “director”, not 920…

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  • I had just convinced myself that I wanted the Lumia 820 over the 920, now seeing this has made me want the 920 again.
    Either way, if I do get either phone, i will be very pleased with it.


    wow !!
    that was done on a 920 ?! amazing quality.

    • Noki

      Really, do you think so? Honestly its not that impressive 2 me. Still very shaky lots of noise, and colours off depending were the camera is looking at..


        nothing is perfect in this universe,
        but i doubt you can find a smartphone that can make a better video than the 920,

      • twig

        Looks perfect. I love that Finnish style of dress with that sweater and skirt, so Nordic Cool.

        • Noki

          heeee I really don’t think that is Finland or any EU based country all the car plates are all white without the blue EU flag, plus the light levels point much more to Germany/Switzerland latitude.

          • Noki

            and after some fast investigation the result is Russia 😉 Moscow area if I would have to guess 🙂

  • B.Srikanth

    Please post youtube link when you post a video post. That would be helpful.

    • Sand

      Just click the Youtube icon on the player. You will be directed to the Youtube page.

  • David

    I just Need a Nokia E7 Lumia Communicator with 808 pureview tech. ill be living a truly smart life with such tech stuff.

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  • MontyN95

    Haha! She’s not so confident/stable on the bike

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