Finnish Carrier DNA: “Demand for Lumia 920 Highest For Any Nokia in 10 Years”

| November 26, 2012 | 91 Replies


Finnish Carrier DNA has gone on record stating that the demand for the Lumia 920 is the highest its had for any Nokia phone in the past 10 years.

“All of what comes in, I sell immediately,” DNA Trading Ltd Managing Director Sami

The director also mentioned that the supply of Lumia 920s hasn’t been in short, considering that the stock has been similar to the iPhone 5s stock, claiming that the shortage is due to demand and not poor supply.



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  • lumia 920 make other manufacture to delay their flagship device

  • J

    That’s what they say before the quarterly reports show the units sold. Lumia sucks!

    • btdt

      DNA says something, not Nokia. Did you even read the article?

    • Lampleon

      If something or somebody sucks it’s not Lumia, it is people who don’t understand.


      Die with fire troll!

  • keist

    Demand for a Samsung Galaxy S III highest for any smartphone of all time.

    • Adriano

      Keep your sammy, i’ll keep my 920…

    • muerte

      Are you counting in the Asha-smartphones? 😉

      • ndeep4318

        pls don’t call that java shit ”smartphone”

        • Dave

          You mean Android?

          • muerte

            I felt the same way, that he meant Android.

            • ndeep4318

              no i mean these new asha series

              • Viipottaja

                Thanks for clarifying that!

              • Lampleon

                I still think you mean Samsung.

            • Xiao Ti

              Yeah me too since Android totally suits the “Java shit” definition.

          • HikiSpray



          You’re right about one thing troll, those shit java Androids aren’t “smart” at all.

          As for the rest of your troll jibberish, don’t bother posting that here.

        • zlutor

          what is the definition of smartphone? 🙂

          • Pathetic

            windows phone is fast due to the lack of multitasking , so simple , when WP has multitasking, you will see that its speed is going down the drain , for me a phone without multitasking should not be called a smartphone, windows phone is just a feature phone , put the line asha one prosesador like the lumia 920 , put the camera, which is what you get ? a Windows Phone. now already know why ms gaylop likes the nokia asha crap , because it is the same as a windows phone a piece of shit

            • shallow ocean shoal

              Hey why does my N9 battery run down by the end of the day, HELP!

              • thedead1440

                Petty arguments as usual…

                Anyway just to point out to you feature phones have better battery life than smart phones if that is what you are looking for :p

                • ndeep4318

                  i have used both belle and android 4.0 . My friend bought an asha aftet seeing ads and now u tell me have u ever seen app store in s40 ”’it’s pathetic ” suppose u are browsing and someone texts you , u will have to exit the browser to see the message.. And load the browser again

                  • Pathetic

                    looks a lot like Windows Phone , something like SKYPE ! FACEBOOK , etc

                    • hary536

                      @Pathetic, Looks like you never used a WP. That’s Pathetic. 😉

  • simonizer

    That explains why I’m still waiting for my yellow one, although I preordered it in early November. 🙁

  • ndeep4318

    i was a nokia fan so i chose nokia 500 over android but now when i see my friend enjoying all those hd games and apps i feel i made a mistake ……………………………..and now The asha series really irritates me it feels like nokia is cheating i really don’t get what’s the use of 1ghz and all that ram when that asha can’t multitask .i mean why ashas don’t come with s60 it would work well on that hardware

    • migo

      Yeah, the Nokia 500 definitely was a huge mistake. It’s a good buy compared to a feature phone, but terrible as an alternative to a smartphone. On the other hand, an Android at the price of a Nokia 500 would really suck. My brother has an Optimus One, which is just about the only good cheap Android out there (and good is of course speaking in relative terms), and it’s still overall a frustrating experience.

      S60 is a terrible platform, has been for a while. S60v2 was the high point, S60v3 was the beginning of the end, and really not a good idea on Nokia’s part for so many reasons. Developing S40 further is a much better idea, since nobody actually has any objections to the platform, other than it not supporting features. Many people object to S60 on the grounds of it being terrible, even though it ticks a lot of feature checkboxes.

      • ndeep4318

        my fault i should have bought nokia 603 . And by the way now there are good android alternatives too under 10,000 micromax canvas 2 has dual core 8mp autofocus a pover vr gpu all under at just 9999inr …

        • hary536

          Price is not the only thing. Wait for couple of months and your micromax will max out.

        • KeiZka

          If they are anything like that 75e ICS tablet I have, I feel sorry for the prospective buyer.

        • migo

          I’d lean towards the only good cheap Android being the Nexus 4. The Xiaomi phones look good too, although they’re even harder to get than a N4.

          Personally, I don’t see any Android with lower than ICS and with only a single core being worth getting. The experience just isn’t good that way, and the price for that hasn’t dropped below $300 yet (unless you’re getting something second hand).

          • ndeep4318

            micromax canvas 2 just costs 180$ has android ics.. dual core 1ghz and a pover vr gpu with 5an inch capacitive ips lcd screen it supports asphalt 7 and all other games

    • Noki

      those ashas were suposed to run meltemi not s40

      • ndeep4318


      • No they were not.

        • Viipottaja

          Please.. no, PLEASE tell a bit more – would be great to set the story straight(er)!

        • arts

          shoo, go back to your kids!!!!

    • Pathetic

      I think the same thing but of windows phone. why put that processor itself does not have multitasking? and I always wondered why nokia did this bull*shit switching to windows phone , and I think the answer is here, Elop is a trojan horse fuck*ing fighting for their interests, now clear to me why fu*ck meego / meltemi . as a user here said I think nokia already sold a long time , the name nokia is just a front.

  • Ujwal Soni

    AWESOME..I hope they’ll be able to ramp up supply in time

  • Zizou

    This is beginning of the return of the king..:-)



      I, ULTIMATEANTITROLL, approve of this message.

  • larryg968

    That statement makes no sense whatsoever. This would at least mean that the Lumia 920 will quite a few mil units since both the n95 and the 5800 sold a lot.

    This is just pure exaggeration now. I’ll just wait for the quarterly results

    • This is just one retailer in Finland. Could well be the case.

      • larryg968

        What is the likelihood of this phone selling more than the N95 or the 5800 even on this carrier one specific carrier?

        All these posts about sellouts just seem too familiar. All the hype but not to back it

        • Zipa

          100% for sales so far. Don’t you know how to read?

    • dss

      You mean from DNA’s perspective ? Maybe they didn’t sell that many 5800s and n92s.. I think those two got a pretty good push from carriers in Europe and Asia.

      • larryg968

        Did DNA not sell the 5800 or the n95? At that point nokia was selling far more smartphones than they are now.

        If they did sell those phones I find this statement really hard to believe.

        • PJ

          You do realise that this is Finland we’re talking about, a country with a population of 5million. A small part of those are on DNA and today there are a lot more people buying phones then back when the N95 and the 5800 was on sale. In short we aren’t talking about millions of phones sold, it’s much closer to 10.000 then a million.

          • shallow ocean shoal

            So, when they’re Making phones, Finland is King.

            But, when they’re Buying phones, Finland doesn’t count.

            And the hypocrisy continues.

        • KeiZka

          They sold both of those devices.

    • Toni

      I think that it is their assessment, nothing wrong with that. If they feel that it is the Nokia phone that, for them, has sold the most in the past decade then so be it.

      I would say that the fact that Elisa (another Finnish carrier) told already earlier on that they did sell their initial batch of 5000 phones in pre-orders alone tells that there is a genuine demand in Finland. If you go on to extrapolate and think that DNA got the same amount and now they are having waiting lists for the device it could suggest something in the ballpark of 10,000 phones. I honestly don’t know how many N95s they sold.

    • migo

      The 5800 sold a lot over an extended period of time, it didn’t do very well at launch. The N95 sold a lot for a time when smartphones (and even cell phones in general) didn’t have the same kind of market penetration as they do now. The Lumia 920 could very well be outselling the N95 at the same point of availability.

  • This is good news for Nokia, and I hope it’s the same everywhere. Apparently they’ve sold 2.5m (including preorders) already. Would really like to hear that this phone becomes the success it deserves to be.
    Would allow hopefully quiet down the Elop bashers, if that’s possible. Hope hos decision is vindicated in the long run, and I think it will be.

    • A-S-D

      Why would or should it quiet down the Elop bashers?

      He f*** over Nokia and is the reason why they’re in such a dire situation today. His execution of his Windows Phone strategy was pathetic and he deserves to be bashed no matter how well (or poorly) any future phones do.

    • Noki

      2.5m will will very difficultly “quiet down” any one, you guys support for the man is borderline crazy, heck even if the plan is sound (going all in on the unproven MS platform) the execution was pathetic, the real WP fans should point that probably WP is failing because Elop is incompetent…

      I’m sure some will say that once he is out.

      • Well 2.5m isn’t a lot for a quarter but considering the amount of time it has been out it is good.
        Also, I think Elop’s decision to go WP made the platform more relevant rather than being the reason it is, in your words, “failing”. Without the Lumia range, 7.x numbers would not have gone above 1m a quarter, IMO. Nokia also made WP8 interesting to people like me who wouldn’t have given it much consideration at all. Also it made the other OEM’s, HTC at least, raise their game.

        • Pathetic

          you’re an idiot ! tell me wp7.5 differences on WP8 because I do not see any , the difference is only the hardware imagine this a 920 with android how about idiot . Elop is an idiot too, Elop is the seventh largest investor in Microsoft he’s just looking after their interests that’s the real reason for adopting Windows Phone, but he shot backfired windows phone is crap, do not realize ?

          • McCormick

            Dude, I guess you have drawn your nick from android, right? A week ago I have switched to 920 from SGS2 (had it for 1,5 years) and now I understand that I will never look at Android handsets again… Android is soo poorly executed, with OEM crap skins that (at least with Sammy) make it even worse… so many problems with that OS that are being neglected by OEMS and Google: CONSTANT stability issues, WORST battery management you can imagine, unexpected REBOOTS (!!!), crashing NATIVE apps!!! The native phonebook app corrupted some of my contacts to the state where the phone just chrashed when I tried to do anything with them (even delete).
            I would definetely recomend Android phone to my worst enemy out there!

          • Zipa

            Are you saying that there are no difference between 7.5 and 8? If so, you are either lying or an utter moron.

            Oh, and Elop owns 0 (zero) shares in MSFT.

          • Whether or not I’m an idiot is irrelevent, what did i say which wasn’t true? Unlike your story about Elop being a huge investor in MS? Wouldn’t that be a conflict of interests? Us he’d probably be on the MS board.
            Anyway, just FYI I am an N9 user and don’t currently have a WP device, plan to soon.

        • Tom

          “Well 2.5m isn’t a lot for a quarter but considering the amount of time it has been out it is good.”

          When Nokia choose WP ahead of any of their own OS, they knew fully well that they will not be able to release handset on their own time, rather when MS will come up with new OS. If you don’t understand that, you don’t understand risk management. You can’t complain now that it was released late. Only thing that matters is how many Nokia sells this quarter. Everything else was known to Elop and Nokia board of directors when they choose WP.

      • viipottaja

        Well, you don’t have to put up with it much longer as you have predicted Elop will be ousted Q1 AND Nokia will go bankrupt right after, right? 😀

        where in Finland do you live, btw?

        • Lampleon

          You are right. The biggest Nokia haters live in Finland, never understood them.

      • Keith too

        Still can’t let it go. Is that you Donald Trump?

        • shallow ocean shoal

          It’s about time some of us start sticking up for Elop.

          Somebody had to make the tough decisions, because they weren’t getting made themselves.

          • JGrove303

            I am a Symbian fan and I agree with this statement.

            • migo

              Because you are a Symbian fan, your opinion is meaningless.

          • sf

            and that ‘tough’ decision could have been taken smoothly imo. Throwing away all your fruits and asking others for one doesn’t makes sense.

            • Keith

              I believe it makes total sense when your tree is dying and all your fruits are rotting.

              Think what you want to; if you’re a symbian/MeeGo fan, good for you. I have no issue with it. Heck, I’ve owned Symbian phones, have 2 N9’s (bought 2 accidentally -.-) and my current main phone is the Lumia 800. Like most Nokia fans, I, too, was outraged when they switched to Windows Phone. But within a month or two, I calmed down and decided to wait and see what happens.

              Lumia 800 has certainly been satisfying. More satisfying than my 5800, N8 (except for the camera), and N9. It’s just an opinion but Windows Phone suits me very well. I cannot imagine switching to another OS and use it as my daily driver.

              One can’t deny the fact that the Lumia 920 has caught a LOT of attention. Here in Canada, a lot more Lumia 920’s are being sold in comparison to the HTC 8X or any other Nokia phones from the past. So I’m very glad to see that, and the future for Nokia looks great to me…as long as they deliver more products like the 920 and keep improving even more.

              • sf

                well, i’m not opposing their decision to go with windows phone at first place but to abandon symbian/meego and giving a reason to the existing userbase to either make the switch or leave the company. I agree that WP is a very good operating system, has the ability to satisfy people but you know, everyone is not like you. There are people who just dont like its tiled interface (i’m not one of them).

                And yes, if N8 or any other symbian device had good hardware i think it could have done even more better in both performance and satisfying the user.

                Yes ofcourse, its good to see 920 selling good and attracting users all over the world for Nokia and why not, it is such a good smartphone. All the luck to Nokia for that.

                Cheers!! 🙂

              • senshi

                Another rational fan. Good for you.

                I also have a 800 and a N9 and I also find the Lumia is a much more pleasant experience to use as a day to day “it just works” phone. I’m going to buy the 920 as soon as it is available but I will also keep the N9 as my backup phone (which I hope someone will port Jolla Sailfish on to it so I get to see what it is like).

  • shane

    cant wait to see the real numbers. I want a 920 badly … Even with wp8


    “The director also mentioned that the supply of Lumia 920s hasn’t been in short, considering that the stock has been similar to the iPhone 5s stock, claiming that the shortage is due to demand and not poor supply.”

    that is sweet music to my ears 🙂

    • yup.. thats sweet

    • Tom

      Lumia 900 sold well in Finland as well. Now we know how many it sold total. Microsoft had a monopoly in desktop. In post PC era, they don’t matter, not with their 2% market share. They will keep their desktop share but that’s about it. They could leverage their desktop monopoly till people had to sync their phones to desktop. That being moved to the cloud, they lost that leverage.

  • Janne

    Dropping by…

    Finland is absolutely not a problem for Nokia or for Lumia. Lumia was doing great here before and it is now doing even better thanks to the new models. The demand and success are very visible in the shops and on the streets as well as places like StatCounter (with dailies showing almost 18% of installed base meaning it must be selling over 30% of smartphones at the moment), local operator top lists month after month. Just looking at people on the street, flaunting Lumias.

    Finland is not a problem for Lumia. Nor is this DNA news just anecdotal. Lumia is doing great in Finland. WP7 Lumia too, but WP8 Lumia especially. Scepticisim is warranted in most other places for signs of Lumia success but for crying out loud – not in Finland. Not in Finland.

    Now, the PROBLEM and major uncertainty is how well is the new Lumia doing elsewhere? Q4 results will reveal that big question. BTW: I sent some low-light dark box photography comparisons to MNB today, maybe they’ll publish them. See you at the Q4 results showdown! 🙂

    • BellGo

      Exactly. Nokia is selling well in Finland.

      In other news Nintendo is popular in Japan. :p

      • Janne

        Of course. However, Nokia did loose their popularity in Finland during the last Symbian ýears quite a bit. Lumia is a resurgence in popular opinion. Young people were abandoning Nokia in droves during Symbian^3, but are now returning to Lumia.

        • migo

          Yep, that’s how I looked at it too. I really liked Nokia, but Symbian was crap, and I was going to start looking at another manufacturer. I might have been satisfied with MeeGo, but it’s likely they would have made a lot of the same mistakes they were making with Symbian (hell, they still are making as many mistakes as they can with Windows Phone). Windows Phone made it worth going back to Nokia.

        • nn

          For sure you are talking about the Elop’s Symbian years, because before the switch Nokia AFAIK owned something like three quarters of smartphone market in Finland.

          • Janne

            No, I’m talking about N97 and Symbian^3. They hurt Nokia’s rep a LOT in Finland. Sure, they sold plenty and customers used them and, especially young ones, said never again. Symbian touch really did hurt Nokia’s reputation a lot in Finland too, when Android and Apple were so much better in the UX.

            The N9 route might have worked of course! It was fairly well received in Finland too.

            • nn

              So it’s the old fairy tail about Nokia falling from the grace among people due to one phone. Except people obviously forgot to stop the buying, at least till Elop came around and took those bad devices away so people could no longer remain in error.

              • Janne

                Nokia fell from grace because Series60v5 and Symbian^3 in 2009-2011. Not because of any one phone. Heck, Feb11 added to that mess.

                Point is, NOW there is a real sense of resurgence in Finland. One retailer said feeling nationalistic pride that Nokia is finally back with a competitive product that he can and wants to sell. (Lumia 920.)

                • nn

                  If we take just Finland, then in Q3/2010 they had 76 % market share in smartphones. That’s the hallmark of falling from the grace, crappy devices and people totally losing temper with Nokia.

                  On the other hand when it comes to WP then Nokia is finally back with competitive product, pride all around, as manifested by your estimated share of above 30 %.

                  • Funny

                    Smell the coffee. Why wasn’t Nokia making money on Symbian then if it was such a life saver?

                    • Tom

                      Unless you can’t see, Nokia makes money off of Symbian and losing money on WP/Lumia.

      • shallow ocean shoal

        FYI, Sony is not popular in Japan. So don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater.

    • Just Visiting

      Well, given that Q4 2012 for Nokia Lumia’s consists only of early November through December (since WP8 was ready for the entire month of October), I’m not sure that will tell the picture; I’m leaning more towards Q1 2013 as the availability for their WP8 devices should be in more markets by then.

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  • tim

    when i would compare androd with wp or ios i think its like are 3000$ car who somebody invest a couple of thousands and thinks he can compare it to a Mercedes Benz S Class or BMW 5series

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