Play 360 Bluetooth Speakers On Sale at Amazon for $119

| December 3, 2012 | 10 Replies

The JBL PlayUp’s predecessor the all mighty Play 360 is on sale at amazon for $119 rather than the usual $150 (interestingly this is the lowest price I could find, considering that the speakers are well over a year old, and have already been replaced they’ve held their price surprisingly well). The main advantage of the 360 over the PlayUp is the longer battery life which gives you an extra 2 hours over the JBL powered PlayUP. Personally I was planning on getting either this or the PlayUp, but now my priority is getting a wireless charger for my upcoming Lumia (I’m thinking Fatboy Charging pillow-which unfortunately isn’t available on Amazon yet).

Get the Play 360 on Amazon here:


Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth Speaker -Black

Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth Speaker -White

Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth Speakers -Cyan



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  • Keith too

    They should yellow and red colour options.

  • nabkawe

    I’ve bought the 360 , it’s nothing short than amazing , and it’s not in no sense a simple Bluetooth speaker , It actually has real Base … 🙂

  • Andreas

    I got my 360 for free when I bought my Lumia 800. It is indeed AMAZING, I can’t believe there’s so much sound coming from such a small device. At low to medium volume they even give my 500$ floor speakers a run for its money. The 360 sound is awesome when placed somewhere in the middle of the room.

  • Ztuka

    PlayUp can play louder then 360play…if anyone cares about that..

    • JGrove303

      I should expect so.

  • Gaurav

    Hi Ali, I have got this as a Diwali offer gift in india yesterday with Lumia 800,also got a purity headset for free….

  • JGrove303

    AND it’s ordered! Black

  • JGrove303

    Though, I wasn’t able to find the amp output on the Play 360. Play up maxs at 51 watts and the Power Up rocks 100 watts.

    Anyone know?

    • Grazy

      those are not real watts RMS! I have some Tannoy speakers that claim 150 watts RMS and those were £800 and they shake the room! these measurements are PMPO no doubt and this equates to about 5-8 watts really. I’m sure they are still pretty good though

      I plan on getting the JBL one so that i can take it on holiday! 🙂

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