Reaching iOS/Android Devs for Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

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Nokia has apparently teamed up with Xyo to bring the top Android/iOS apps to Windows Phone. Surprisingly, out of the 50 top apps for iOS and Android, 46 are already available on Windows Phone.


Find Your Favorite Apps

On Nokia Lumia Windows Phone

Your favorite apps for your Nokia Lumia Windows Phone are just a download away. Windows Phone already has 46 of the top 50 most popular apps from both iOS and Android. With over 115,000 apps now available on the Windows Phone Marketplace you can find just about anything. Just let XYO know what you were using on your old device and we will look it up for you. (Via: 1  | 2 )


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  • Awesome! Nice move really. Hope to see more apps coming to WP8 🙂

  • jiipee

    I dont know how you feel, but I find it actually bad that 46 out of 50 exists. Nokia and MS have had tons of time and money to persuade the app devs to bring their apps to WP and they are still missing 4 out of top 50. And most probably more for the next 50 and the next and the next.

    They should have covered the top 300 easily with determined approach to get them covered. And why I consider that to be so important? Just read every single review of Lumia and you have apps mentioned as a negative aspect against them. That should have been the nr 1 target so that the reviews would have been more positive. For me personally that is not a desicive factor.

    • migo

      It’s silly to expect a platform not to have a few popular exclusive apps. That’s just the way it’ll be. If Windows Phone has 90% of the most popular apps on other platforms, and manages to get a few hits that are exclusive, that’s all that really matters in the end.

    • Mazze

      WhatsApp has disappeared on the WP 8 store, Spotify still hasn’t been ported and alternatives like Deezer, Rdio or Wimp are totally unusable as they constantly keep on crashing and lack even the most basic features. XBox music is a joke too. You can’t even add songs to an existing playlist.

      So yeah, overall I’m a bit disappointed. Also the stability of Windows Phone 8 leaves much to be desired. Perhaps it would’ve been better, had Nokia gone for Android instead.

      • PJ

        Have you tried nokia music? It’s an amazing app and their mix radio has just about everything you could want from music, even my mate managed to find all his country music favorites on there 🙂

  • Edmund

    On the bright side, iOS and android are missing out on a mobile MS office suite.. Really valuable for documents on the go. The N9 document viewer taught me that lesson heh.

    • nn

      Except MS already announced Office will be ported to Android and iOS. Another proof that WP utterly failed and with it the dream of impenetrable, locked-down ecosystem ruled by MS.

      • Viipottaja

        You might want to read the “The Biggest Surprise” section in this:

        But I guess its just because they failed to execute that dream fully even on the WP platform itself.

        • nn

          Perhaps I’m missing your point, by do you realize that showing MS is improving interoperability of WP with outside ecosystems and reverting all the little things like bing-only search, you are actually supporting what I’m saying?

          Also, it’s one thing to allow people to get to existing widely used outside services so they can be brought to the MS walled garden, and quite another porting the crown jewel of monopolistic lock-in to another platform, which does the opposite. How many talks there were about how having office exclusivity is one of the main selling points of WP, especially for corporate sphere? Seems like it didn’t work that well, in fact MS just taught everyone they don’t need Office or Windows.

      • bob

        These rumours that Android and iOS will get Office have been circulating for years and never eventuated.

        That said WP will get all the Android and iOS apps well before Ofiice appears on Android or iOS.

        • nn

          Except this time it’s official. But of course you can still be right, if MS will be able to recode hundredths of thousands of apps and put then into Marketplace over next four months.

          • Noki

            MS office division if fairly independent from main MS. I believe this decision is MS office division how strategic placement, afraid of becoming less relevant and opening more market for open/libreoffice. Me remains everyone that Office division is by far the source of the larger income of Microsoft.

    • sinple

      sorry, but android and symbian and bb have better office than windows. w8 don even have a PowerPoint editor while android, symbian and playbook have a full office suite that allows even more function.

      and adobe on android and ios allows inserting text book, annotation, sticky pad etc. I don think w8 can.

      I hope there can have better alternative on w8.

      • arts

        agreed. One aspect i find better on symbian/android/ios is pdf support. God the damn adobe reader is the worst piece of shit there is.

      • You mean WP8 right?

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  • Viipottaja

    Jay, I thought this was not so much about reaching to iOS and Android developers per se but more about helping those new to the WP platform find apps that are the same or similar to those they used on iOS or Android devices?

    Btw, kinda cute how it says “i.e. Facebook” instead of “e.g. Facebook”. 🙂

  • *My troll senses are kicking in* Its amazing how people find something wrong in everything microsoft does.I guess its just human nature to focus on whats NOT THERE instead of seeing what is there.Microsoft is trying their best to provide a great user experience and then there are people complaining about 4 freakin apps! I’ll compare this to a football team.when you out there watching its easy to criticize and ridicule players for mistakes.The funny thing is most of those people have never even kicked a ball and the rest never played football at that level.Bottom line is that its easy to judge from the sidelines.Give MS (and Nokia) a break.Im sure everyone said the same crap when Android was released and today its the top mobile OS out there.

    • Tom

      What great user experience? Constantly flipping tiles for no reason. The tiles are glorified square widgets. What’s there in WP that’s others don’t have? If they want to succeed, they have to have a USP. iPhone is the iPhone and there are apple fanboys, Android is open and opensource and Google’s services are definitely best in class. What WP has that as USP? Windows, Bing, IE all bad brands.

      • arts

        you see EXACTLY what you want to see.

      • Janne

        What WP has that as USP? Windows, Bing, IE all bad brands.

        For a start the integrated nature (how information flows from many sources to all the different views through out the OS, be it social or something else), the beautiful horizontal hubs that are quite unique and prevalent on the WP. Also how live tiles can pinpoint to different points within hubs, apps or services, and how well this is done throughout.

        It is not different for different’s sake, it actually takes a quite different approach to remove the dependency on separate apps for everything and the idea of returning to front door to access different parts of the house – instead it strives to present information in a more accessible way.

        • Janne

          As for brands, WP has Xbox which is a good brand. Also, so far Office is pretty unique to WP on mobile (Symbian has it too) – although probably not forever.

          But I wouldn’t say brands are the USP of Windows Phone, other than perhaps through association with Windows 8. The USP is the “Metro” UI that is meaningfully different (to quote Ahtisaari).

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  • lumiareview

    Instagram is all people care about. Bring Instagram and watch the young girls stream in!

    • I believe Instagram would be really successful on the Lumia line especially with the Nokia Lumia 920 and it’s PureView(v2) camera.

  • I am not complaining about anything or being a troll or anything, but I am genuinely curious on something here..

    Nokia said that MeeGo would fail because of the ecosystem not being “complete” and what I understood from that is that it’s because there aren’t enough apps for MeeGo in order for it to be successful..

    What I am wondering about now is, how come Nokia didn’t do what it’s doing now (like what’s mentioned on this article) for MeeGo?

    It just seems like they didn’t give it a chance at all that it still confuses me! Anyways, I’m glad that Nokia is sticking to something and working hard to make it succeed at least and not abandoning the effort so quickly like how they used to do in the past!

    • nn

      I don’t think you will get answer to that question. It was just said in broad terms that now it’s all about war of ecosystems which Nokia couldn’t win with their own. No explanation why, when Nokia at that time the biggest (smart)phone maker, and why MS, which repeatedly failed in phones, would help.

      It’s good to stick to what works, and it’s insanity to continue with what is killing you. Unfortunately Elop abandoned what worked and now persist on doing what so far reduced Nokia to fraction of former strength and is further driving it over cliff.

      • Noki

        You forget the pressitent memo, just wait till 2 quarters from now, you will see… I wonder if we are going to read people say “Q3 2013 is the one”?…

      • Yeah, thanks for your input.. You said exactly what confuses me.
        At the time when Nokia switched to WP it didn’t have much going on… The OS didn’t and still doesn’t have sone wanted features on other OSes like MeeGo for example, and it didn’t have a proper ecosystem (much like MeeGo at the time).. MeeGo even had a big advantage over WP at the time which is Qt! So not working on that and building a stable ecosystem for MeeGo still amazes and continue to confuse me.

        I guess they did need the cash money from Microsoft at the time? But even that doesn’t make sense.. Heck he could’ve killed Symbian completely and continued with MeeGo, WP and Meltemi..

        MeeGo and Meltemi’s teams are extremely small and efficient and works perfectly with the downsizing plans…

        Oh well, it’s in the past now, all I can day is good luck Nokia and I am very much looking forward for the future disruptions (hoping there still is such a thing as future disruptions )..

        • nn

          I think cash was least of their concerns at that time, in 2010 Q4, the last quarter before the big change, Nokia made one billion just in profits. Also these 250M per quarter is actually astonishingly small sum for getting the biggest phone maker on the market to use your totally new and unproven OS, exclusively. I don’t think Samsung is going to abandon Android and replace it exclusively with WP just for quarter of billion cut in license fees. Same for Apple ditching iOS.

          • Noki

            “these 250M” some are saying that Microsoft was willing to pay 4 billion, but nokia some incompetent team of negotiators and got 1 billion.

            I will be frankly honest I think many in nokia thought it was not going to be this bad and that by now worse case scenario Nokia would be rolling 20-30 M Lumias per quarter not great but Ok.
            And maybe they would if the execution was not so bloody pathetic.

            As Janne once pointed out, the way its was done by kilning off internal competition or any chance of competition made nokia fan base turn on each other, this feeling of failure and incompetence tricked down to the consumer market that made everything fall apart.

            Elop pathetic statements in the beguiling made things even worse, as if he wanted the platforms to burn faster, he as tone down his speech a lot, no more its all about the ecosystem.

            As its stands now nokia as been relegated to #10 smartphone manufacturer. Surviving on the account of the asha sales.

            • nn

              Yes, I think they were caught completely by surprise first by the Symbian cratering and then by the WP inability to gain any traction.

              I’m not saying it was certain thing it will all end up as it did, but it was obvious it can happen and that it isn’t just some totally improbable fringe theory. Yet it seems they simply didn’t think at all about scenario where things can go bad. And what is worse, when it turned out things are going horribly wrong, they just doubled down.

    • Janne


      Nokia said that MeeGo would fail because of the ecosystem not being “complete” and what I understood from that is that it’s because there aren’t enough apps for MeeGo in order for it to be successful..

      What I am wondering about now is, how come Nokia didn’t do what it’s doing now (like what’s mentioned on this article) for MeeGo?

      Ecosystem is more than just apps. Apps-wise MeeGo and Windows Phone back in 2011 started from pretty similar places. Ecosystem is also other manufacturers supporting the platform, operators, services and so on. Ecosystems now require integration to living room, tablets, computers, electronic books and video services, cars and whatnot.

      MeeGo could have worked. I still think Nokia could have made it work. But there was a lot of stuff it would have had to do by itself and spanning all that space would have been hard. However, Windows Phone ecosystem has benefits MeeGo didn’t. MeeGo wasn’t gaining traction with other manufacturers who feared a too commanding position from Nokia (like with Symbian).

      With MeeGo Nokia would not have gotten support from Microsoft to grow the app ecosystem, which I actually think is one part where the Nokia/Microsoft alliance has succeeded well (in other parts, not so much yet). With MeeGo things like Microsoft’s Xbox services (also television, living room play) and the whole Windows 8 ecosystem (with tablets etc.) would not have been there.

      The following is a very good read for what was going on with MeeGo at Nokia, it was not all roses – although I maintain it too could have worked out. There were also technical reasons behind Nokia’s decision, fear of not having the whole package ready in time – in addition to the ecosystem issues mentioned.

      The story of Nokia MeeGo

      See chapters Stephen Elop for the CEO of Nokia in 2010 and The burning platform and the new smartphone strategy of Nokia (February 2011).

      MeeGo too could have worked of course, because both MeeGo and Windows Phone strategies have a different set of merits and challenges.

      • nn

        You know, with defining ecosystem like this, it turns out MeeGo/Symbian/Qt was far far better proposition than WP.

        For example take just the partners. With MeeGo they had wide array of diverse partners like Intel, China Mobile or General Motors.

        With WP it’s just MS ruling everything, then bunch of HW manufacturers, Nokia being one of them, and that’s all. It’s especially funny you are mentioning how others were afraid of Nokia having too much say in MeeGo, because in WP case not only MS has total control over the SW and services, but newly they clearly want to make HW too, thus directly running against HW manufacturers. And the only parters MS has aren’t happy at all (except for Elop, of course).

        And because of the wide array of partners, there were plans for (or should we say are, because MeeGo isn’t completely dead) smart TVs, connected cars, tablets, netbooks, etc. Saying that there would be no tablets for MeeGo is completely false and you know it.

        On the other hand Gates is touting his grand vision of people, homes and whatever else connected in one ecosystem with everything running on Windows for decades now, but it keeps not coming. Smartphones, tablets or smart TVs can function very well without MS blessing, as was proved by Symbian, Android or iOS. On the other hand having Windows on your sideline wont help you by any measure, as was proved by Windows Mobile and WP. Meanwhile, PC market is declining and with that MS will soon run into serious problems.

        I know awhile ago you declared victory on the app front, 100,000 apps problem solved etc. But the fact that reviewers are mentioning the app situation, that MS and Nokia are still pouring lots of money into it and are announcing actions like porting top 50 iOS/Android apps to WP shows the problem isn’t solved at all. And it never will be as long as WP sits around ~2 % marketshare, it doesn’t make sense for developers to work on apps for OS nobody use.

        Lets wait for the insider stories about WP in Nokia, something tells me it wont be pretty and both Symbian and MeeGo will come out as examples of top notch management in comparison.

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