Video: Marko Ahtisaari Unveils Nokia Lumia 620

| December 5, 2012 | 39 Replies

Nokia’s Executive vice president and one of its lead designers Marko Ahtisaari went on stage at LeWeb Paris and unveiled the Lumia 620. Marko starts off with advancement of technology and internet on the go, and how it affects a phones design.


This isn’t your everyday quick announcement  but an actual in depth look at the engineering and design process behinds the phone, including a closer look at the Lumia 920 as well (which has a WP  7 button in the slides).

“It’s not interesting to do something different, but more importantly to do something better”

Watch the 22 minute video below:



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  • keke11

    Mr. Ahtisaari is very convincing speaker. Next time when Nokia unveils something very significant such as tablet hopefully Mr. Ahtisaari will be doing that. He has already shown his great skill when Nokia introduced N9 phone. You can still watch that video on youtube.

    • Viipottaja

      A bit too low energy in my opinion for product announcements.. but certainly smooth, relaxed, great English etc.

      • Heron

        Well, I think Nokia could use its own delivery pace for product announcements as long as they touch base with all the necessary details like the pricing, availability, etc.

        It will be a cold day in hell if/when Nokia does the whole Apple schtick of ‘one more thing’.

      • twig

        I like Marko’s way a lot. Throw in some Nokia Music as background and its a hit. I like kekes comment about a Nokia Win8 tablet which would be very warm, blending in with the world around us and very human. Not a metal slab but a warm glowing beautiful experience that only Nokia can bring. A Nokia Sailfish Tablet too? A Nokia Music/Drive Zune like device also?

        • Quantom

          I for one like my phones made of metal (Al/Ti). Sure it feels cold to the touch but it’s reassuring that engineered to take more than a few hits.

          Warm/beautiful, whatever. I call that marketing and honestly polymers are terribly more vulnerable to environmental degradation, especially over time. But of course, whatever makes the public happy. I’m probably one of the rare few remaining. Haha.

          A nod in the use of Zirconia in their wear-prone parts though.

      • AJE

        Too quiet and sensible to be an out and out front man; and his pauses give the impression, accurate or not, that he’s wondering how to phrase the next sentence rather than a pause for effect. From what I’ve seen he’s more effective one-to-one or before a smaller group.

        • nabkawe

          If the even was held by Nokia Marko would’ve felt a lot better , but seeing how it’s almost like it’s imposing on Le Web it couldn’t be done better.



    • hahaha. nope, Jo will definitely be the one to unveil everything.

  • swain

    Where have you been Marko ? They destroyed the announcement of 920/820.
    Why you didn’t come to save the moment then ?

    • DesR85

      I thought Kevin Shields’ presentation was good, aside from some stuttering in places and a technical glitch, but I agree that Jo Harlow isn’t good, though. Wished they could have replaced her with Ahtisaari.

  • StefanP

    A phone announcement with price and availability information? Wow.

  • swain

    I am glad they have not left anything unanswered this time. This is how everyone expects a announcement to make.
    I can bet Lumia 620 with it’s $249 price tag is going to be the best selling phone Nokia ever produced. Now they must discontinue 510/610/710 to save manufacturing cost as they are simply obsolete in front of 620.
    Lumia 620 is here and it will be available very soon.

    Certainly Nokia is in a recovery path. Bring more devices and save yourself. Best Wishes.

    • krishna6233


  • sh

    Its good to see Marko talking about swipe ui and open os not about shitty windows phone wich is totaly failed.
    I think as long as windows phone is here at nokia, nokia will go down down down down.
    Its time to change

  • Heron

    He made this phone announcement feel exciting, which is more than I can say of all the product announcements between Marko’s N9 announcement and the Lumia 620.

    And truth be told, the L620 is the low end phone that doesn’t have the specs to be boasted about. He managed to concisely make it feel interesting with the thought process in design, a focus on its colours, refreshing all the great things associated with Nokia, and he didn’t even break a sweat doing that.

    Kudos, and I hope he handles the CES/MWC announcements that will hopefully take the roof off. Even if he isn’t the tech and specs guy, he needs some time to showcase the next step in the Fabula design language for Nokia’s range of polycarbonate phones.

  • Simo

    He uses the same shtick about “couples romantically pinching and zooming” every time lol. He’s terrific though.

    • Simo

      Is it just me or was he quite awkward interacting with Loic?

  • suabesh

    As much as I like Mr Ahtisaari, most of his comments are a rip off from Peter Skillman , the “other” design guru at Nokia. Peter joined Nokia from Palm and I heard an interview of his a long time back :

    It is amazing listening to this again now , keeping the N9 and Lumia in mind. Go ahead, give it a listen.

    • Jiipee

      Ahtisaari is no designer, he’s the public face and manager. Most of the public speeches and texts are written by others. Would be nice to know, what kind of training and by whom they get it.

      • Jiipee

        forgot: Still I like his performance a lot more than anyone else from Nokia.

        Marc Dillon has true rock star aura with him. He should have been given the stage for N9

        • Tomi

          he is with Jolla now 🙂

  • Ztuka


  • dss

    1300 mah battery … a rather strange decision. Otherwise the phone looks good and the price is right.

  • Ali

    Nokia android phone will be the best to get more people to buy their products. Nokia should obey their customers.

    • flava


      If Nokia wants to obey their customer they should’ve continue with MeeGo and their Qt project. Enough with androids and their crazy specs race.

      • Jiipee

        Also meego proper could have ended up with a sort of spec race, when more manufacturers would have adopted it.

    • GordonH

      Sorry all Nokia products need to make way for MS. The arrival of the 620 marks the removal of Symbian products from the Nokia.

  • nn

    Good presentation. But it’s funny in sad way that all the talk about special design from Finish Nokia boils down to shell colours in the 620 reality, because the OS, UI and HW is dictated by MS and same for everyone and the shell shape isn’t particularly smartphone-revolutionary.

    • dss

      That was always going to be the case.. we’ve discussed the problems around differentiation in great detail here.. Not much to play with really, especially at the lower end.

      • GordonH

        “we’ve discussed the problems around differentiation in great detail here”

      • nn

        Certainly I’m not claiming the greatest discovery of this month, it’s just that here the situation is nicely demonstrated, with Ahtisaari seemingly unaware of the absurdity.

        On a side note, it’s interesting that Ahtisaari said they don’t work on creating some new ground-breaking things, but rather perfecting and polishing already existing, widely used things. I wonder what that tells us about what innovative products we could expect from Nokia…

        • Noki

          Well from the UI/UX none that’s microsofts area now NOKIA is just a OEM that does no change what so ever to it.

          In the hardware they try and some of the lumias featured some not so bad innovations, its just a pity that this quality terminals are stuck in a 2%-3% market share pool.

  • BlazinEmperor

    Lumia 620 can’t match a 701, it’s not really a balanced & feature packed phone like a 701, and I doubt if the RAM will be enough for wp8.

    • Noki

      Not that I agree, but I always felt that the 710 was deeply under promoted, it feels good holding it, not cheep at all.

  • Spede oli aliarvostettu

    Marko’s presentation skills are highly praised in Finland and people seem to admire his work. Finland is the home of Nokia and lots of people in Finland seem to think he is the genius designing the great designs Nokia is offering. Some people even think that the company would fall without him.

    He really is a true showman because he can pronounce English.

    • Error

      Well not really. Most people just think he’s a son of ex-president who got the job because of his connections. That’s all. He seems to be doing good job at running Nokia design. I have to admit that his talks are getting bit annoying because he just repeats himself. “Cars had tillers” and “romantically pinching and zooming”.

      • Spede oli aliarvostettu

        He truly was the grand designer of the N9 and the Lumia series. Both are highly praised by him and all of those products are truly awesome if you believe him. The N9 was something great and now WP is the best you can have. He will tell you all about that.

        His presentation skills are highly praised just because he is able to pronounce some words. That’s why finns just loved Elop when he took over Nokia. He was fluent with English. Elop was really loved in Finland back in 2010. It’s easy to remember that because people hated me because I wasn’t sure if he was really any good for Nokia.

        That’s really all that matters. You have to speak fluent English with a good story and they will praise you.

  • Janne

    Marko Ahtisaari just walked in to the Finnish Independence Day reception wearing a tie with what looked like the Lumia Live Tiles color blocks.

    For those unaware, Finnish Independence Day celebrations at the presidential castle are one of the most watched television programs here.