Video: Unboxing of my Nokia Lumia 820

| December 6, 2012 | 15 Replies

Finally got the Nokia Lumia 820 today from my carrier. Haven’t seen many people getting the Lumia 820, as the flagship 920 has been taking the limelight. Check out my unboxing and then read on to see my initial thoughts on the device.


So as I said in the video, I got the Red version, with a bonus matte black shell. Swapping them is really nice and easy, but not that easy that it will be falling off at all anytime soon! Its super light, and feels really good to hold. I’ve pretty much only set up the device, and had a play of a few of the apps. I will bring you guys a review in about two weeks, and maybe before that will post up some sample pictures and videos.

My only grievance is with WP8, and not the Lumia 820. That grievance is that apps that were running perfectly fine on WP7 have issues on WP8 (such as Nokia Pulse) or have been removed from the store completely (eg. spotify and whatsapp). This will be fixed in due time, but it is still annoying.


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Hi! My name is Michael. Like the others, I'm also a Student, living here in Sydney. I have a real passion for the latest technology and I'm a real Nokia buff! My aim is to keep those of you, like myself, updated with the latest in what's going on in the Nokia World. Currently sporting N9 & Lumia 820, with other Nokia devices in my posession. Get in touch on Twitter via @MFaroTusino, Google Plus or even simply drop me an email at mike.mnb[at] or tips[at]
  • Janne

    I saw and had a chance to test out the first non-display-model 820 this past week too. It was a UK version with the wireless charging cover included standard (I guess when it eventually goes on sale in Finland it will not include the wireless cover standard here). The wireless cover makes it a bit thicker, but it is surprising still how much smaller it is compared to the 920. It even manages to be slightly smaller than the 900, even though both share the same 4.3″ screen format.

    The 820 screen pops a LOT more than the 920 too. Blessings of AMOLED. Much underappreciated this one, that was the impression I was left with… 920 is the one for me personally, but 820 has its merits with the interchangeable covers, SD memory card, removable battery etc.

    I also saw the HTC 8X this week (in purple). Ugly KIRF, no thanks.

    • Carbontubby

      Amen to AMOLED.

      I appreciate the higher refresh rate of the 920’s screen but the 820’s AMOLED + ClearBlack layer makes for a really vibrant, contrasty display which is great out in sunlight. It works well with the interface formerly known as Metro 🙂

    • Harangue

      The 820 is still the most usable size compared to the 920. But the 820 looks just so bland, especially the rear feels real ugly to me. That is one of the reason I’m considering living with the extra heft (size AND weight) of the 920, just for the sheer beauty that is the 920.

  • Ricky

    Please bear in mind Michael that some apps will not show up in the Nokia Collection for the Aussie region, but if you change the phone region to e.g. United Kingdom, apps like Nokia Reading show up.

    As for WhatsApp, its had problems everywhere from low-range Asha phones to Symbian handsets and to Windows Phone handsets and beyond. I reckon Nokia have done a great job already.

    Hope Vodafone treated you nicely 🙂

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      I use the same account on both my 800 and 820, so I know which ones are regionally available, yet some still dont appear on it. Plus, If I need some urgently, there are ways to get them using my developer unlock.

  • JGrove303

    The 820 really os an fantastic device. I still don’t see why on this Earth that Nokia wouldn’t use Gorilla Glass on the front of it!!

    For now, the WVGA res is at no loss really, but it makes me wonder what kind of format devs will take when writing apps. Will they go iOS style and release 2, each rendered at different resolutions (game x, game x HD) or being that C++ and C# can be used to program, will resolution be switchable in app? I would hate for the 820 and 620 to get screwed in the market because of their resolutions, but the 920 should have to get nerf’d either.

    • JGrove303

      *shouldn’t have to get nerf’d. I excluded the HTCrap 8x because it doesn’t matter and the 8s and Vita S don’t exist.

    • Janne

      It is my understanding that where the developer doesn’t take care of the resolution change, WP8 will do it for them. Of course scaling may result in less than best experience in some cases, but at least all Lumias have the same roughly 16:10 aspect ratio – so no ugly 16:9 bars over and below apps like on the KIRFs.

      (Having said that, I did read somewhere 16:9 aspect ratio might gain more prominence on Windows Phone in the future. We’ll have to see how that plays out.)

  • Mark

    I’ve had my 820 for about three weeks now. It’s in matte black and I bought it for cash and unlocked so no bonus goodies unfortunately.

    I much prefer it to the 920, mainly because the form factor is much more comfortbale to hold and put in a pocket. Although it weighs 160g it actually feels lighter than my 800, which is weird.

    Generally extremely happy with it with a couple of exceptions:

    1) The volume through headphones, FM transmitter dongle, Mini Speakers or my Roland TD9 drum module is considerably less than that of my 800 and just too quiet. I know there’s legislation around this – and the unit warns you the first tiem you go over volume 20 – but it’s just too quiet and needs bumped up to the levels of the 800.
    2) Some apps, like Facebook, are still optimised for WP7.5 and not WP8. This of course will be fixed in time.
    3) I would like a couple of replacement shells (red and yellow) but Nokia have failed to make these available or provide a date when they will be despite numerous articles on Nokia Conversations. Not good enough, Nokia. It reminds me of the bad old days of endless delays.

    A great step up from the 800 and much more appealing to me than the cumbersome 920. I’m not alone here – a couple of friends have shunned the 920 in favour of the 820 because of its sheer bulk.

  • Troy

    wow Nokia 820 is wonderful sexy in red

    much better than Lumiawannabitch 8x And 8s (more memory, wireless charging, exclusive apps, original design etc) 🙂

    Viva Nokia

  • StefanP

    I find it increasingly stupid to put phones on pillows. At first it looked like a funny idea and decorative. But actually it takes too much space on the desk and adds a layer of fabric between the two coils. The Lumia manual advises even to avoid stickers (!) between the back of the phone and the charger.
    Now I think it looks somewhat childish, might decrease charging efficiency and you have to pay a premium for this. The standard charging pad makes more for sense to me.

    • Janne

      It probably suggests avoiding stickers simply because some stickers may contain metals that might interfere – or just to be on the safe side legally. I’m quite confident the Fatboy fabric doesn’t have such issues, at least I haven’t noticed any.

      My opinion: I have three wireless charging pillows, red, cyan and yellow in different places. I wouldn’t dream of using them without the pillows. It feels much sturdier laying the phone down on a pillow where it won’t scratch it or let it fall off (even if this is just psycological) – it is easier to drop the phone there and and looks mighty nice too.

      Of course the Fatboy charger has the standard charger inside, so if one changes their mind they can pull it out and use it as is, but I’m not about to do that…

  • Sweet, yellow Fatboy looks noiiice 😀

    • Janne

      It’s beautiful, I can confirm. I think the yellow Fatboy is my favourite of the three I have… Red is the next best. Cyan is great too, but it is looking so 2011 in some ways. 🙂 Cyan is a good match with the yellow phone though, so seeing those two together works wonders.

  • Matt

    Funny unintentional irony in that top shot: ‘Dinner with the Brisbane team’. Brisbane was one of the Nokia R&D locations shut down in August 🙂