Lumia 920T and HTC8S Both Have Keep WiFi on When Locked Feature

| December 7, 2012 | 35 Replies


One of the largest features that has been demanded by WP users and fans is  the ability to keep the WiFi activated on the device when the screen is locked. Interestingly this feature is also available on the HTC8S so it’s possible to assume that this is not an OEM addition, but an actual fix from Microsoft.

The Lumia 920t also has a call blocking/intercepting feature, hopefully we’ll see these features coming to other WP8 devices soon enough.


Thanks for the tip @arungprasad


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  • twig

    My advice to the Chinese. Buy the red and yellow quick !!

    • JGrove303

      LOL! I see what you did there

  • Anders81

    Answer call with sms would be my favorite function from s60

  • Mark

    I remember hacking the registry on my palm treo pro WM6.0 in order to do this.

  • dss

    Cool “feature”

  • dkNigs

    My god this is the biggest non issue I’ve ever come across. Everyone is getting worked up without even knowing how this works.

    scenario 1: you are not doing anything in the background and your phone locks. It switches WiFi off to save battery and you might download a tiny bit of data for push email or to update a weather app. Poor baby.

    scenario 2: you are actually downloading something currently such as music from Xbox music, or a large app, or a couple of hundred Mb worth of Nokia drive maps. Now the screen idles and locks. WiFi stays ON downloading what you already started, meaning it doesn’t switch to your data plan until your download is finished.

    Seems like Microsoft made all the right choices to me! Maximum battery life but stays on when I REALLY needs need it.

    • Webby

      It’s a non issue for you.

      Other people exist.

      • dkNigs

        Do you have the worlds worst data plan? I live in Australia where data plans aren’t fantastic, but I’m not going to cry over a couple of Mb worth of push notifications a month, especially while saving battery.

        • Noki

          better I like using my phone as skype phone, some one call and I answer, simple..

        • DesR85

          In some countries, if you want to subscribe to a smartphone package, you’ll have to pay an upfront cost pay a monthly bill onwards, depending on the type and duration of the plan (usually 1 or 2 years). All the Malaysian operators (e.g. DiGi, Maxis and Celcom) practice this.

          Not to mention that the internet plans in my country, Malaysia, tend to range between 1 – 5GB, so it is understandable why people on these plans prefer to use Wi-fi when there is one available rather than their data. Even that cousin who brags about his iPhone 4 (got it on a plan) have to switch to Wi-fi when he visited my place at one time.

          • xxx

            Can you imagine that many people are consuming a little more that 10 GB every month. Every MB in my data plan is necessary then I leave wifi area. For example remote access to corporate network. I’m able to consume 50GB in the one week. Your cousin is a clever guy, watch him and learn. Terrestrial networks works also faster than mobile ones, so when I need to connect to the fast network I’m looking for wifi.

    • sinple

      it might seemed dumb, but when downloading stuff, just set display to go off in 30 min? then touch the screen once in a while?
      That’s what I did when downloading games. haha

      • dkNigs

        That’s my point, you don’t have to. I easily downloaded a GB worth of music, apps and data in the first two days of owning my Lumia 920. 90% would of happened under the lock screen.

        None of it was billed against my phone bill as it kept downloading on WiFi when the screen locked. Its only once the phone idles that WiFi disconnects, so it effects things like your push email, facebook or weather app data.

        • 920 waiting for me at store!

          Exactly, load of mis-guided tech bloggers and public. It is a wise design choice to avoid battery drain when idle.

          You will still get your push notifications (email/facebook) over your cellular data, and besides for most people on data contracts this is a non-issue.

          The vast majority of people using data THINK they use MUCH MORE data than they actually do. In UK and HK data is cheap. No issue. I’d rather have better battery life.

          Especially given that when WiFi signal is weak your phone will drain even faster…

          Get over it everyone!

          • dss

            I select 5-6 podcasts do download and I lock my phone… why keep the screen on when I don’t need it ?

            • xxx

              Because, you are not clever enough to understand that you don’t need it 🙂 Look at WP fanboys above. They know that everything WP has is the best for everyone else all over the world. The best thing to save energy is keeping phone unlocked and tapping on the screen every minute to keep connection. This way your fingers become stronger and faster. I’ve spent 10 minutes tapping screen to keep connection because Refresh Marketplace wasn’t able to do their job properly.

        • N9

          Great you don’t need it….others do… Others will choose a different OS, not a Nokia dough since it can only p offer an OS so few want.

    • ecxstaxy

      Your an idiot. So lets me paint you a picture why:

      (1) Downloading Maps: I travel a lot and need to download maps worth 2.2 GB for the USA. Want me to wait and stop it pausing for the entire bloody time?

      (2) Music: I have the music pass. I download a lot, want me to wait for the stupid thing to not timeout while downloading albums?

      I finished 1 GB in 10 days. Thats horrible. I’m home I want to use WIFI.

      The autoupload of pictures is set to WIFI only, why the hell does my phone have to be in use to upload pictures when I’m home?

      I’m not even in a developing country and it’s a pain. Some people are simply morons.

      • dkNigs

        Can you read? I literally wrote that I downloaded 2Gb worth of maps, apps and Xbox music behind lock screen and it continued to download over WiFi. It didn’t disable WiFi until everything was in idle. I only have a 1GB data plan so would of had a lot of excess data charges if you blind haters were right in any way shape or form.

    • kunwar

      the scenario 2 you mentioned just works first party apps , most of the 3rd apps loses the connection and when you unlock the screen it gives an error that no internet connection available.

      also not everybody lives in the US where u have 3G as the norm and LTE is also there… here in some countries we hae edge as the norm and most people don’t have a data plan so they mostly rely on wifi either at home or or work or college and you know what most work places n colleges have some kind of authentication process in which you have to put in some credentials every time the wifi disconnects.

      another point is that the current system does not help in preserving battery as when the phone has to reconnect it uses more battery

      MS didn’t make the right choices that’s why they themselves are calling it a FIX for a BUG

  • jody

    what about when you are online in facebook? when your phone locks, will it be able to continue receiving chat messages from youronline friends? my n9 does this without any problem….

    • Pathetic

      Meego is better than Windows Phone software , so simple , it is not possible for a software these days does not have these little things and most people here see it as a great innovation is a stupidity ! this software is crap ! and I’ll keep saying over and over again because that’s the truth

      • JGrove303

        That just sounds like salty fan boy dribble. In no way is WP8 garbage as you say. It I’d a quick, secure and powerful OS. What it lacks or has not been released yet is no measure of its quality or prowess.

        We all miss MeeGo, even us who never used it. Get over it. WP8 is Nokias present and future. We are all suppoed to be Nokia fans. So support or bounce out.

        • N9

          so far wp as been Nokias death not future……

          • dkNigs

            Haha, stores are sold out of 920’s with more customer interest than the iPhone 5 in Australia.Nokia used to be massive here before they were left behind with their rubbish Symbian phones and brief flirt with meego which had absolutely no ecosystem. Now everyone I know is either buying a wp8 Nokia, or wanting one. People everywhere want to know what my big red smartphone is and are pretty excited to find Nokia has good software to go with their great hardware. Plus tying in with Xbox and windows 8.

            You Symbian and meego fanboys would of rathered see Nokia go bankrupt than change to a better more widely appreciated ecosystem. Any longer on their old operating systems would of destroyed any chance they would of ever had at returning to the premium end of the market leaving them as budget phones in emerging markets only.

            • JGrove303

              Whoa bloke, slow your gallop. I too appreciate WP8, but O came from S^3-Belle. And did I ever love Symbian. Its these kooks that would rather go to Android than support Nokia going to WP8. It’s the “customization,” you know, piracy they love so much. Hack ‘n’ jack.

        • Pathetic

          so as you said ” nokia fans ” not a dum*bass , what you are , why give support to windows phone when it’s a complete failure? symbian never had the results that today has wp , even with its limitations , please read the burning platform memo and see that the real burning platform is windows phone , nokia threw himself frozen sea and never surfaced , nokia is finished , is drowned

    • Hypnopottamus

      Good God! You people have OBVIOUSLY NEVER used a WP device. Before criticizing something, it would help if you knew what you were talking about first.

      Online facebook chat is COOKED INTO/FULLY INTEGRATED INTO the OS. In the messaging/SMS app, you can toggle your online status. When you get messaged via Facebook, it shows up in the messaging app. When the person is offline, it tells you they are offline and you can continue the conversation via SMS….All in one place, no seperate app needed. This means you can seamlessly carry on a conversation via Facebook AND SMS all in one place (the messaging app).

      So the answer to your question is YES, you can continue receiving chat messages from your online friends.

  • Irishmarius

    everybody seen this 620 video

  • rwtertwret

    Once again you are so happy that you get functionallity that exists on every other mobile OS from many years. You are so funny guys.

    • Pathetic

      Finally someone smart on this blog , and when in Microsoft announced that Windows Phone and you can put a song as a ringtone here will be a great celebration , idiots – . –

  • Goc

    Since when is something as basic as this is a “feature”?

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  • discordia

    Symbian sucked. It was horrible. It was outdated. It was terrible, horrendous, blah blah blah… WP is the best. Its awesome. Its great. Its fantastic. Its new though and has a few bugs but in time, after a few iterations it will be as good as Symbian…
    I, personally fail to understand the logic behind this type of thinking. Yes, I’ve never used WP. No, I never will. Why wait for a few iterations of an inferior OS when I can just buy a Symbian?
    And I am a Nokia fan. My N95, N8, 5800, N9 and 808 bear testament to that. But I’m a fan of the product, not the name. Just because a giant turd is dressed up in a fancy Nokia case doesn’t mean I’ll buy it.