Video:Demoing Asha S40 Full Touch UI (On Asha 308)

| December 19, 2012 | 18 Replies

DSC00925If you happened to stop by my post earlier this week about the Asha 308 unboxing; I commented that the new “full touch UI” on the higher end S40 devices bears some striking similarities to Meego and Symbian/Nokia Belle. I now take that back; S40 is like a Meego skin on Symbian on a 1Ghz processor, in other words it’s pretty damn awesome (keep in mind that all these devices are sub $100).


Instantly from the new lock screen you see the inspiration that comes from Belle FP2 (or vice versa), where you “swipe” to the side to unlock. After which you’re greeted with 3 screens (sounds familiar?) but instead of the Multitasking screen of the N9 you have a dialer screen dedicated to telephony functions.



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Hey, my name's Ali- Currently a fifth (and final) year Dental Student from Chicago; studying in Jordan. I love all sorts of gadgets almost as much as I love my cookies! Be sure to follow my Twitter handle @AliQudsi and Subcribe to my Youtube for the latest videos - no pressure. Thanks.
  • WhiteAdy

    Cool! Thanks for the unboxing&demo 😀 Does it have an in-built file browser? And does it connect to a PC/Laptop with mass storage mode?
    Also, this may sound like a weird question but can you put a medium-sized tile in your Lumia 920 on the middle of the screen? (Where theoretically would leave a space for a small-sized tile on each side) I haven’t seen anybody doing that in videos.

    • Bummer is that the phone doesn’t have WiFi, data connection only. Will look into both of those and get back to you.

      And I never though of centering the me tile, turns out it works.

    • 3rp3

      At least I could spot an app called “files” in the video. You can see it when Ali is adding a shortcut to the home screen, around 2:17.

      • Marc Aurel

        Yes, it does have a file browser/manager just like all Series 40 phones.

  • Svenkka

    My Asha 311 connects both in massmedia mode and using Nokia Suite. There is a built-in browser using the Xpress technology, i.e. cloud computing to minimize the kbits used. Asha 311 has also WIFI, as 309, but 308 does not. 308 has hot-swappable dual-SIM, 309 is a single-SIM device.

    • Marc Aurel

      There are also the 305 and 306, which have less memory than the 308/309 and a resistive touch screen (but multi-touch capable!). And of course even lower price.

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  • BS

    Any rumors about 5mp full touch Asha model with 1GHz processor yet?

  • Harriet

    thanks, Ali

  • Will s40 full touch will survive when firefox os launched ? Better nokia shouls license firefox os to replace s40 platform ?

    • viipottaja

      I am more worried for Firefox OS – why would anyone adopt it?

  • isp

    Nokia should make Dalvik VM for Asha. That would make Asha really popular.

  • Yaonnie

    I think Asha should be with Sailfish OS and that would be fully functional dual mobile, great hit and Nokia success. I think so, and I suppose I am not the only one who share this.

    • Zamkintry


    • isp

      Why not forget Sailfish OS and use Dalvik with Asha OS?

      Nokia would get plenty of Android programs and Asha is superb OS!