Video & Gallery: Unboxing Nokia Asha 308, Full Touch Dual Sim S40 Asha

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Earlier this week we got our hands on the Nokia Asha 308; courtesy of Nokia Connects. The Nokia Asha 308 is one of Nokia’s new “Full Touch Asha’s” which have done the unthinkable, bringing decent touch screens to feature phones (or low-end smartphones). The Asha 308 comes with a CAPACITIVE (none of that resistive garbage) 3″ screen (1600 x 1200 pixels), a 2Mp camera, Dual Sim Support, Bluetooth 3.0 and a 25 Day standby lifetime (courtesy of a 1100 Ma Battery).

Surprisingly though the Asha 308 has no WiFi which means all your data consumption will have to go through one of the two sim cards, which could be an issue; but then again S40 is great at compressing data and keeping your bill reasonable. The 308 also comes with 40 preloaded Free EA games! and the usual awesome Nokia navigation for “gratis”.

Check out the unboxing video below: (I honestly don’t know what was wrong with me in the video-I swear I wasn’t drunk; but I wasn’t being too serious).

Stay tuned for a second video, this time showing off the Asha 308’s new Full touch UI that takes a load of inspiration from both Meego and Symbian.













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  • Kit

    I miss the swipe UI on MeeGo, Nokia needs to bring elements of it to Windows Phone.

    • MOOking

      NOT ON WP…buddy.. add that to Symbian

    • MOOking

      WHY DO THEY STILL CIRCULATE THOSE SHITTY ASS HEADPHONE >.> WTF is Elop’s problem why not use the N900/N8/N9s headphones…way better quality and looks more professional and as well more valued to the cost of the product for users

  • Patata

    “3″ screen (1600 x 1200 pixels)”
    Not bad for a lowend 😀
    Guess you mean the camera has 1600 x 1200? 😉

  • WhiteAdy

    “Three homescreens… It has Swipe guys! THIS IS MEEGO!!!” lol’d at that epic quote 😀

  • Demo streaming app mundu,youtube,apka karachi FM,speed demo,disassemble nokia asha 308,see whether it contain 3g hardware inside.

  • sinple

    is it possible to test how long the phone will last if u use whatapp on the phone? like how long the first bar will drop. the first bar will drop hours after using for the asha300, so I wonder how it fare for other asha with slightly more power.

  • wpcyan

    will Nokia release an update with this UI changes to Nokia 808 and 603

    • timpo

      yeah right

  • micu999

    this phone labeled “telepon seluler” is it coming from Indonesia? WOW.. my mom bought those phone yesterday, bit laggy tho, but at least it equipped with capacitive screen. no pressure needed, just touch. coz previously my mom used asha 202 dualsim which is resistive.

  • Grazy

    horrible colour! what were they thinking! why would you buy that colour!

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