Nokia Conversations: Designing the Asha 205

| January 7, 2013 | 8 Replies

Nokia Asha 205

The Nokia Asha 205; one of Nokia’s latest feature-phones that packs a funky design, a QWERTY keyboard and dubbed “super social” is a pretty interesting phone. The folks at Nokia Conversations talked to the man behind the design, “Ruth Ng” and asked him a few questions.

One of the most striking features of the Nokia Asha 205 is the two-tone colour approach. Why did you decide to go down this route?

This was inspired by some research that we did in the India and China markets, which are two of our biggest markets. One of the micro-trends that we discovered was something called dark sumptuous tones – these are tones that are nearly black but not quite.


The Asha 205 also uses the same Double shot technique that’s used in the upcoming Lumia 620 so here’s a bit more on that here:

What about the materials used in the Asha 205?

The material combination on the Asha 205 is really interesting. I don’t think that many people will have realised that if you look at the battery cover it is made of a two-shot material, plastic and soft polymer. The idea is to bring some aspiration to this value proposition.

A lot of thought has gone into the design of Asha 205 and the choice of materials. The front has the glossy integrated front cover with the screen to give a more seamless look and feel. The pattern on the battery cover helps to give a high gloss effect, which contrasts nicely with the tactile grip along the sides.

Read the full interview over at Nokia Conservations here:


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  • Dan

    People are into touch screens now. For low price, Nokia should release a product that competes against the Galaxy Y Duos.

    • Viipottaja

      Aren’t the Asha 305/306 and 308/309 that?

  • L

    Unfortunately, touch screens have become a standard.
    Still, I would kill for a candy-bar phone with a numeric (physical) keyboard with all the current capabilities of a smartphone.
    I know screen size is an issue when you add the keyboard, but I am sure solutions could be found for this. The problem is, there are too few people still interested in this aspect.
    Even a slide-out keyboard would still be better than only a touch screen.
    But these are just my two-cents on the story.

    • sinple

      same here for me. Only japan offers such phone though

  • Sheva 7
  • lumiaflagshit

    no skype for asha is going to kill nokia. buy cheap android phone instead

    • viktor von d.

      what a dumb troll. do you think people who buy this phone and asha phones in general can afford the data plans to use skype? these phonese offer the basic connectivity and so far they seem to sell very well as the asha line was reported as being a big hit.
      and a cheap android handset is more expensive than this phone and is barely usable because of the old software version, limited hardware that can’t run most apps and shitty build.

      i don’t like the back of the phone. the way it curves with sharp angle. seems off, but if they can sell it, good for them

  • D Harries

    Why not make a monoblock L shaped phone. With the screen in portrait holding the number pad, and then in landscape with qwerty keyboard.