Video: DIY Nokia Wireless Car Charger Mod for Lumia 920

| January 7, 2013 | 13 Replies

Screen Shot 2013-01-07 at 07.21.59Here’s another mod for Nokia’s charging plates. This time it’s used as a car charger. The plate (in black) is connected to a car mount (removable) and on the plate itself are some neodymium magnets to stick to the phone. The phone itself however has to use a case (also with magnets inside) which attaches to the charger.

Video by MakeIt Diy

p.s. what car is that?


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  1. JGrove303 says:


  2. Joseph says:

    HTC results confirms that NOKIA sold the most windows phone devices in 4q

  3. Michael Faro-Tusino says:

    Filming tha 920 charging, WITH A 920!!

  4. reebi says:

    Do the magnets not affect phone at all?

    And I couldn’t tell what car it is but they’ve got some sort of scissor door modification – that’s not a lambo! :D

  5. Old_Skool_Nokia says:

    Gullwing doors on a VW diesel!! hahahaha That phone would fly out if I was driving….

  6. Benz says:

    That’s pretty cool. :)

    I’m going to build my own version of a wireless car charger, if only I could get the damn charger soon…

    I would be a bit wary of using magnets or any other ferromagnetic material close to the charging process. But nice to see it’s working.

    Was also thinking of using some DC/DC converter to make the operating voltage for the charger more stable. But haven’t decided on this yet, it still might protect the charger in the long run, especially when starting or shutting off the engine.

    • JGrove303 says:

      Couldn’t you use a small 1/4 farrad capacitor to buffer the current to the charger? You know. The type you use between the battery and your amp that keeps your headlight from dimming when the bass drops.

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