Name That Nokia: Law Abiding Citizen Edition

| January 15, 2013 | 18 Replies

Now that I’m on vacation I’m catching up on my to watch list, the first of which begins with “Law Abiding Citizen” (I give it a 7/10- good story line but very difficult to believe). Although I must bump that score up a point or two due to the sheer amount of Nokia’s in that movie. The movie contains some of the classic fan favorites as well as an obscure Nokia that I wasn’t able to place; perhaps some of our readers would be able to place it.

At first I thought the first image was an N73, since I thought there was a joystick covered by his thumb, but apparently it’s not.

Screenshot (57)

Screenshot (58)

Screenshot (60)


Screenshot (59)

Screenshot (61)

Screenshot (62)

Screenshot (63)

Screenshot (64)


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  • Ruben

    I see a N95 and an E71 (image 1 and 3/4) i guess.

  • Husfus

    1st one is n95 8gb ?

  • Sonny

    Nokia n78 and e71

  • pm

    the second one is probably a N78, or n96, (but for the size, most probably N78- my first cellphone :))

  • Rwishi

    1. N95 8GB
    2. N78
    3. E71
    4. E66 I guess
    5. N78

    The rest I don’t know but is the last one a 6300?

  • Grazy

    great film! it doesnt have to be believable to be good! Don’t phones age a film! I didnt think this film was that old?

    • Leo oli aliarvostettu

      It depends.

      Some phones don’t look that old if they don’t have close ups. Some phones look older even further away. This all changed in 2007 when we had those first touch screen phones with really big screens. Naturally not all movies after that time used those phones so I guess the transition in the cinema will be an interesting one.

      When you look back at it in the future, that is.

      • Marc Aurel

        At least the transition will be relatively fast, unlike with computers in the 1980s and earlier. Even in the early 2000s you could still hear sound effects coming from 1980s hard disks, and of course the “blinking lights” style mainframe computers were a staple of many tech thriller and scifi movies, even though they actually disappeared in the 1960s. I suppose blinking lights were cool.

        In TV shows I have seen surprisingly realistic phone choices lately. For example in “Mentalist” the protagonist (Patrick Jane) uses a Motorola RAZR (or similar feature phone) and the CBI agents use Blackberries. I suppose neither are product placements, so the props department has been free to make realistic choices. Not everybody in real life has embraced smartphones and work phones are still often dictated by the employer. In one of my previous jobs I used a Nokia 2600 classic (an S40 5th edition lite phone), for example. Not very glorious, but it did the job (voice calls and texts).

  • everlfr

    some crappy symbian devices.. why even bother? 😉

    • rafaelinux

      Ok.. I know all the feature phone, and symbian hate these days but… really? Don’t you love S40 devices? You really ought to have lived in a 3rd world country like I did and do. Marvelous little devices, they are. They do their work properly and really really fast. No need to update, install, check for incompatibilities, lag around, wait 1 whole minute to start a phone.. really.
      No need to hate. Different phones for different public. Stop it, please.

  • everlfr

    dont get sarcasm?

  • Therich

    Anyone see the N8 they used in Seven Psychopaths? 🙂

    • Therich

      Used by Olga Kurylenko!

  • kade

    #2 is the n82

  • loudi

    #2 & #5 : n85 or n96

  • pm

    #2 n78, n85 is more bold. and camera is more below. maybe could be a n96, but dont look so bigger in the picture.
    The old days!

  • Colog

    #2 is a N96… in my opinion.

  • sillie

    1. n95 8gb
    2. n78
    3. e71
    4. don’t know
    5. n78
    6. n78
    7. don’t know, looks like n95 8gb with the screen slid up
    8. don’t know