Name That Nokia: Law Abiding Citizen Edition

| January 15, 2013 | 18 Replies

Now that I’m on vacation I’m catching up on my to watch list, the first of which begins with “Law Abiding Citizen” (I give it a 7/10- good story line but very difficult to believe). Although I must bump that score up a point or two due to the sheer amount of Nokia’s in that movie. The movie contains some of the classic fan favorites as well as an obscure Nokia that I wasn’t able to place; perhaps some of our readers would be able to place it.

At first I thought the first image was an N73, since I thought there was a joystick covered by his thumb, but apparently it’s not.

Screenshot (57)

Screenshot (58)

Screenshot (60)

Screenshot (59)


Screenshot (61)

Screenshot (62)

Screenshot (63)

Screenshot (64)


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