Symbian Era Officially Over, Nokia Announces 808 Was The Last Symbian Device

| January 24, 2013 | 169 Replies


Along with Nokia’s quarterly earning today they also slipped in a little nugget of information; something all of us knew, but most were secretly hoping wasn’t so. In the sales report they confirmed that the 808 Pureview was and shall remain the last Symbian device from Nokia.

Perhaps a fitting end for Symbian though, the one device that pulled it together (in most places), and till now remains unchallenged in the imaging arena; perhaps making way for a Lumia brethren with the same sensor?

During our transition to Windows Phone through 2012, we continued to ship devices based on Symbian,” the company wrote. “The Nokia 808 PureView, a device which showcases our imaging capabilities and which came to market in mid-2012, was the last Symbian device from Nokia

Now that Nokia is officially in the black again perhaps in a few years once they got their ship in order they can build up a new side project for the Symbian/Meego loyal? But for now hold course I say.

Farewell Ducky.



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  1. Peter L says:

    Good riddance.

    After a streak of Symbian phones (5800, C7, E7) switching to N9 was such a breath of fresh air. Features don’t matter if the basic user experience is not done right.

    • Carbontubby says:

      That’s the main thing that plagued Nokia’s Symbian offerings. Lots of tick-the-boxes stuff like USB OTG, HDMI out, Bluetooth file transfers but all marred by buggy firmware and a painful UI that took years to fix. Too late to save Symbian, then.

  2. twig says:

    “farewell ducky” luv it.

    Hey, that means our 808′s are now collectors items.

  3. RVM says:

    Used X6, N8 and now 808. 808 is great phone, i guess it will be my main for some longer time. Currently, there’s no significant reason for me to upgrade, and i don’t think it will come anytime soon. I will be jealous for combination of 41MP+OIS if it appears in Lumia EOS, but i still prefer having Symbian without OIS than WP with OIS.

  4. Cod3rror says:

    So long Symbian!

    It was time to go, the OS served it’s purpose but it was severely outdated and terrible compared to modern operating systems.

    I’m glad that Nokia at least put a clear tombstone on Symbian instead making it fade away and keeping people guessing. So now we know 808 is the last Symbian device.

    Now, the question is, who will buy 808 when it’s an obsolete product at such an overpriced price? Especially when there is a WP replacement on the way. And 808 does not have optical stabilization.

    • RVM says:

      Well 808 certainly is not obsolete product, when it’s actually better than any current Lumia or iPhone.

      • dss says:

        I know its better than my iPhone 5..

      • Pasanen oli hieno mies says:

        Yes it is, if you want to have a one trick pony.

        I have an 808 and it can take some really nice pictures.

        I could recommend 808 for some people, but for most people, no.

        • RVM says:

          It’s not only pictures ofcourse. It’s about movie, sound, battery effectivity, customisability, connectivity, openness, proper multitasking.

          • Pasanen oli hieno mies says:

            I see what you have in mind.

            You are looking for a phone you can tweak instead of really using it. Most people don’t want that.

            Android or iPhone can provide some real features for everyday use. taking nice pictures, but also playing cool games, talking with friends and using all kind of social media all not available for Symbian.

            Normal users don’t want to have a phone that lags like 808 does. Just zoom into a full resolution image and try it out. Lag.


    • Tetlee says:

      “Now, the question is, who will buy 808 when it’s an obsolete product at such an overpriced price? Especially when there is a WP replacement on the way”

      But you just know being on WP there will be plenty of compromises. Built in FM Transmitter? doubt it. Battery that can compete with that of the 808? unlikely. File management system? no chance.

      I can see the WP variant of the 808 being much better received, and of course pushed by Nokia as the 808 was not meaning it’ll be a far bigger success commercially. But I don’t expect it to be better in all areas than the 808.

    • Phil E. Phenau says:

      Will grab another 808 as spare.. I can’t imagine losing this one i have without a backup that can do most things I do that no other can match now or for maybe two more years to come…the great camera with lossless zoom, day- long battery, the rich sound recording (o uhm!), dolby sound, hdmi connection to my TV with wii-mote control, NFC, Nokia maps, Mail Exchange, customizable themes and widgets, easy connection to my car via bluetooth and car mode, USB on the go, the nice PCSuite interface that saves my photos, videos, and messages..archives them well..Etc etc…it’s just that good! Nokia came up with this great product that they did not market well enough…but Thanks Nokia! I got it kinda expensive but well worth every penny and more!

  5. gal says:

    bye symbian, never selling my n8 and e6

  6. Sa Ra says:

    I’m very much addicted to Mobile Photography..That’s why I bought 808..It’s doing great job for me and my mobile photography site. I miss some useful features that have in android…But Symbian is not that bad….I love it..Symbian has some features that any other OS dont have…..

    After this announcement It’s bit sad for me and i think other symbian fans too..
    But I hope just one update for our beloved 808 to improve camera and usability…

    Its my last hope Now :(((((((((

  7. belle and jolla beat lumia 920 says:

    i own 808!!! i hate that i gave the money to nokia instead jolla:)))

  8. v.s.i says:

    Nokia N95 and 808 PureVIew.
    Enough said.

  9. sriram says:

    It need not mean it was the last(final) symbian device. It can also mean last symbian device nokia has released yet.(like ‘ last’ year)

  10. Francis says:

    This is completely no turning back route for Nokia journey into WP way..

    For those like WP (or still love with Nokia), go ahead to buy Lumia, and if not happy with it just return and abandon it. Plain simple.

    For those do not like WP’s Metro UI (me too), jump to Android and choice one best brand which you like most their design, especially those with full HD screen. Woola, you will get full of surprise !!

    I’m owning Galaxy Note II now and very happy with it ! It is FULLY customizable, and very FAST and STABLE too. You even can have live aquarium as wallpaper ! Everything you can do with Symbian, Android have it too, and much MORE !

    But i also carry my 808 as second phone too for time being, as my sunset love with Nokia for the past 10 years.

    • swain says:

      “Everything you can do with Symbian, Android have it too, and much MORE !”


      My 808 will remain in active use for some more time now. But I am also planning for a 1080p HTC.

  11. belle and jolla beat lumia 920 says:

    firefox phone, anyone?

  12. Patrick Dykenzie says:

    Does this mean they are going back to Linux MeeGo at last? It was said Nokia is back so this must bi it I suppose?

  13. swain says:

    Everybody knew it was inevitable. But why it feels like I am saying good-bye to a friend to whom I may never meet again. I started using Symbian 8 years ago and never looked at any other platforms since then. It started with 6600 and now ending with 808. The journey was beautiful and the feelings will remain in heart forever.
    May be one day WP will offer all the functionality and customization options of Symbian. May be one day I will feel WP as a perfect replacement for Symbian. But certainly it’s not at this moment.

  14. Grendell says:

    And so passes a Titan. Nokia 5800 and N8 among others too numberable, Sony Ericsson P800, P900 and P910. With fond memories.

    So long and thanks for all the fish!

  15. @N9Andy says:

    Something we all kinda knew all along, ever since the 808′s announcement last year. I for one will definitely be buying one in the next month or so, as I see no reason AT ALL to go with another manufacturer’s device. The 808 has the world’s best imaging capabilities bar none, and I’ve always had a soft spot for Symbian despite being a massive N9 fanboy. Just because the Symbian door is closing, doesn’t mean they will all suddenly stop working. Symbian was and still is a very versatile and easy-to-use OS. Sure, there are major apps missing, but they’re missing in the N9 too, and I am absolutely fine with that, not being an app monster like so many Fandroids out there. I need phones that are functional not fashionable. My red 808 is sitting on a shelf somewhere, but very soon, it will be mine! :)

  16. beelzebub says:

    I honestly just do not understand why after investing so much time & $ in this, they would just let it die. I realize that they needed to go Win to compete but this could have continued as a low-end SmartPhone option or top of the line Asha option. As once the most used SmartPhone OS in the world, it could have continued on.

  17. Carbontubby says:

    Oh Nokia, say it ain’t so?

    Symbian’s dead and gone but I really couldn’t give a damn. 2013 will see lots of new stuff – BB10, Firefox mobile, Ubuntu mobile, Jolla Sailfish, Tizen, maybe a WebOS variant. Hopefully we all can say goodbye to the crazy walled gardens built by Apple and Microsoft, and good riddance to privacy nightmare Google/Android too.

  18. incognito says:

    So long and thanks for all the fish.

    On a side note, following Nokia is nowadays turning into a bizarre screening of Invasion of the Body Snatchers, but with the original intended ending.

  19. Sue says:

    R.I.P MY First smart phone OS :-(

    • dss says:

      It did lay the foundation for the modern smartphone..

      • Pasanen oli hieno mies says:

        Yes it did. It was a great run when it started.

        Have you heard the story why Apple started to develop iPhone? They were frustrated because phones were not too nice to use.

        That’s how Apple and Steve Jobs invented the modern smartphone.

        He was a genius. It’s most unfortunate that Nokia didn’t embrace great designers like Steve Jobs.


  20. Stuart says:

    I like Symbian for it’s unique capabilities (recording phone calls and on device answering machine) so I’ll be buying some to stock up on when the price dips. Then I’ll make sure I load up on all the software I can because one day they’ll shutter the Nokia Store and if you don’t have it you won’t be able to get it.

  21. Hacklove says:

    At last,this Symbian is over. Rip.
    Long live Lumia

  22. Sefriol says:

    The era which should have ended with N8. Symbian wasn’t designed with touchscreens in mind.
    But shit happens. Time to move on.

    • incognito says:

      Sory to burst your bubble, but they’re digging out the Lumia line to lay Symbian in the grave. Unlike Symbian which was ceremoniously shot even tho it had some life in it left, Lumia was dead from the start. Stillborn so to say.

  23. dansus says:

    Wouldnt be so bad if they had something to replace it.

  24. dss says:

    Its kind of in.. “zombie” mode really.. its going to be properly dead in a few years.

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