Symbian Era Officially Over, Nokia Announces 808 Was The Last Symbian Device

| January 24, 2013 | 169 Replies


Along with Nokia’s quarterly earning today they also slipped in a little nugget of information; something all of us knew, but most were secretly hoping wasn’t so. In the sales report they confirmed that the 808 Pureview was and shall remain the last Symbian device from Nokia.


Perhaps a fitting end for Symbian though, the one device that pulled it together (in most places), and till now remains unchallenged in the imaging arena; perhaps making way for a Lumia brethren with the same sensor?

During our transition to Windows Phone through 2012, we continued to ship devices based on Symbian,” the company wrote. “The Nokia 808 PureView, a device which showcases our imaging capabilities and which came to market in mid-2012, was the last Symbian device from Nokia

Now that Nokia is officially in the black again perhaps in a few years once they got their ship in order they can build up a new side project for the Symbian/Meego loyal? But for now hold course I say.

Farewell Ducky.




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  • tpmabb

    so glad to have lived in the symbian era too. my story:

    nokia n70
    nokia e51
    nokia n86
    nokia n82
    nokia e51(again)
    nokia 5800
    nokia e51 (forgive me!)

    at least that’s what i remember

  • Allawi

    Why Nokia? That’s not good for the community

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  • CapitanSevilla

    The Plan is Over.
    Don´t forget who is Stephen Elop, and where he comes from…

  • Paul Grenfell

    RIP Nokia – Symbian Belle, especially the 808.. Last of the complete phones finally made by Nokia. Not even Lumia WP has replaced this icon as yet. Will never sell mine..

  • dss

    the 808 is sort of a collector’s item now i guess … I don’t think you could wish for a better device to close the chapter with.

    My symbian history is

    E71(2 years), E72(3-4months), N8(20 months), 808

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  • Ben

    Mannn, this does make me real sad. Ive had nothing but Nokias since my very first phone. I guess ive officially finished out my Nokia run with a debranded C7. I still remember when I paid $250 for my N80! That thing had a better camera than most cell phones today! And who could forget the amazing N-93 which pretty much turned into a video camera!?

  • Sue

    My first phone was a nokia 3310. I felt like using a smart phone when i first bought it. That was a very long time ago. . . Then i bought my first real smartphone, the nokia 7610. It is one of my all time favourites. . . Then i had the 6600, n72, 3230, 3250, n90, n91, n73, n82, n76, 6708, n8, 701. Unfortunately, my 701 was stolen from me. . I wanted the 808, but couldn’t get it. . Currently using nokia 112. Im proud to be a nokian. . .

  • Jim Gordon

    This is quotation:
    Nokia sales down 79% in China as Symbian dies, Lumia slow to grow >> Tech In Asia

    If you thought Nokia’s China figures for 2011 were a disaster, you should see what just emerged today. Nokia’s China nightmare is clearly not yet over as the country’s growing middle-class continues to pick up iPhones and Android smartphones. That’s the picture painted by Nokia’s full-year 2012 report that came out today. It shows Nokia sales revenue down 79% in China from the previous year, and phone units plummeted 69% to a mere 4.6m sold in the final quarter of last year.

    China is very, very important for Nokia.


    Everyone can find own findings from this and other factors.

  • Jim Gordon

    Well I don’t want to be negative, I just want to buy a mobile which I like, not necessary the one that a marketing services want to hard sale to me. Keep this in mind Nokia please.

    • Deep Space Bar

      they should have but elop doesn’t see it that way

  • James


  • Jim Gordon

    (admin is kindly asked to correct the picture reference if needed, did my best but can’t correct after sent)

    And that says that on 100 users: 40 want to try Sailfish so MeeGo in fact, 74 want to try Linux (counting together Sailfish/MeeGo, Ubuntu Mobile, Tizen),and 7 want to try WP – as na alternative system for mobile phone. What do you think about this?

  • manu

    it should have been killed when N97 failed anyway its good bye to the old fella.

  • rustyknight17

    I may be wrong here but I`m almost certain Nokia said support , including ( new ) devices , until 2016 .I`m also pretty certain Elop said 6 Belle devices for last year . So much for Nokia`s promises …
    So this the new Nokia ? Keep promises only if it`s convienent ? Take heed WP supporters , for this includes WP7 as well , which Elop and the board knew before releasing it that WP7 SPs wouldn`t be upgradeable to WP8 . Youse have been warned !
    Say what u will about Samsung and Apple , but at least when they promise their customers a new device , they deliver , unlike Nokia … Nor do they alienate their core constituency to anywhere close to the degree Nokia has !
    Well , looks like I`ll get the 808 if I can and perhaps either the 303 or 311 as a BU , but that`s it for me …

    • Zipa

      You most certainly are wrong. Support does not, and never has, included any promise of new devices.

      • rustyknight17

        Sorry but u r wrong , I recall the press releases back in 2011 and early 2012 when the 808 was released . we were promised 6 Belle devices for 2012 . And the official NOKIA press releases specified that support would include new devices until 2016 . Google it !

  • Thank you Nokia for the era you brought to me.
    Farewell Nokia. I won’t ever buy anything more from you.

    • Jerome Horno

      🙁 that is something what was hard to say for me… but seems you have just said this for me, and even in behalf of me… As I am not interested in Windows at all (I have tried and thank you Nokia – definitely not interested in) and there will not be anything else, then Nokia could be for me interesting only as hardware on which I could load and launch either Symbian or Sailfish or MeeGo. I can buy a device fr this purposes, under condition that windows will be remove-able and Sailfish/MeeGo load/lunch-able. IMHO. And thank you Nokia for all those passed years of glory, that were good times! It’s a pity they gone with a wind……..;(((

      • open_douche

        Same here. I will buy the 808 but I will never buy any WP Nokia. With the end of Symbian and Meego or Maemo Nokia threw everything away what I loved them for. Now they make some fancy looking devices with no soul and no versatility. Things which defined all high end Nokias.
        Fare well Nokia and thanks for everything.

        Next bus stop: Jolla.

        1110 – 6600 – N70 – N82 – N900 (in service) – N8 (in service)

        • chernov

          or bb10!

      • Deep Space Bar

        yea USA killed Nokia..pure negativity towards Symbian….symbian never had the bad feed back till apple came around

  • Regan

    farewell my friend Symbian…
    1. 3310 – 1 yrs
    2. 3530 – 2yrs i gave it to my brother
    3. n91 – 1month (stolen on mcdo fastfood)
    4. n95 – 2yrs i gave it to my brother
    5. n96 – 1yrs (stolen on bus)
    6. n97 mini – 1yrs (stolen on bus)
    7. n98 (orange and purple) – o 2 yrs and p 1 yrs alive and kicking

  • Peaceaim

    Tribute to Symbian

    Ngage QD – E65 – N8

    A best part of all, it always can do more tricks compared to other smartphones.


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  • rwtertwret

    If you like Symbian and MeeGo, you should check the new Blackberry 10.

    • rustyknight17

      Yes indeed !

    • Sammy

      “you should check the new Blackberry 10”

      Is it launched yet?

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