Serbia and Israel Finally Added to Nokia/Here Maps

| January 26, 2013 | 45 Replies

Updated road 6-18 months

Although Here maps is pretty great it does lack severely in some countries; in fact it was non-existent in them, showing absolutely no mapping details at all.  Now the folks at Nokia conversations have announced that a huge refresh to the mapping database took place, which most importantly added maps of Israel & Serbia. Also added/refreshed were 133,000 Km of roads in the UK alone (the gif above shows the new roads added/updated).

Because we are committed to extend the coverage of our detailed maps to the whole world, we have added Serbia (including Kosovo) and Israel with this release. You can now search for places and calculate precise routes in these two countries too and soon we will also introduce turn-by-turn navigation with Nokia Drive.


Turn by turn navigation will be available in Serbia and Israel in the upcoming weeks as well.

If I recall correctly one of the few major countries left out of the mapping process as of this update is only Japan.


Thanks for the tip incognito


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  • incognito

    Japan, Pakistan and South Korea are still missing from the ‘major’ countries, but at least with adding Serbia they finally have the whole of Europe mapped.

    Don’t know about Israel, but Navteq has had Serbia on their map-reporter tool for quite some time, albeit the maps were quite old, then they suddenly removed them a couple of months back. Now, paradoxically, there are maps of Serbia on Here maps, but not on Navteq, go figure…

    • Eri

      Not all of europe is covered. For example Albania is still missing, there are just 4 roads there…

      • incognito

        Albania is certainly not missing – there are no maps for some of the smaller cities and non-major roads, but at least there is something – up until this update you only had highways and a couple of major roads for Serbia (I guess so you can at least transit through it) – there were no maps for a single city.

        Sure, they still have a lot of updates to do, especially for Balkans, but compared to what was there up until recently, this is a huge improvement.

        • Eri

          Well, if by small city you mean the capital, then you are right. I love nokia maps, i’ve been using them since 2010 but for albania they are practically inexistent. I can tell you that there hasn’t been any change in the maps since… My N8 accompanied my through France, Germany and Greece and I loved it! For Albania I just can’t use nokia maps. I am forced to use bing maps on my Lumia 900 to find something around here (they cover much more here, you can check for yourself). They need to work on some small countries…

          • incognito

            Tirana is quite detailed:,19.838376,14,0,0, , so are the vast majority of ‘larger’ cities and quite a number of roads.

            I’ve been to Albania only once so I cannot vouch on the accuracy, detail or freshness of the map, but compared to what was available for Serbia (just the highway on the Pan-European transport corridor 10 and two-three larger motorways) it looks pretty well mapped for my eye.

    • DesR85

      “Japan, Pakistan and South Korea are still missing from the ‘major’ countries, but at least with adding Serbia they finally have the whole of Europe mapped.”

      While I have never been to Japan before, I know a friend who goes there once a year. Not to mention that he had an advantage of accommodation because he have a friend residing there. He is interested in the Lumia 920 but this will be a problem for him (and I forgot to mention this to him plus the part where his operator, Vodafone Australia, does not have the 920 on contract).

      • incognito

        Japan truly is a sad omission, just like South Korea – I take it that Nokia’s rationale is that they have a miniscule market share there given how specific those two markets are and that Navteq has no deals with the likes of Toyota, Mazda, Hyundai and such for built-in car navigation so they just don’t give it any priority.

        Still, if you want to be the best map provider you need to cover the whole world even if you get only miniscule revenue from a certain country.

        • stylinred

          whats lame is symbian used to have maps for japan, you would think they would still include those old maps for symbian phone users


          You further continue to prove you have no idea what you’re talking about.

          Here are the FACTS:

          If you take a look there, then you can see TOYOTA, HYUNDAI, KIA, AISIN, MITSUBISHI, and SONY. That’s a lot of big Asian companies right there.

  • Just saying, Kosovo is an independent country!
    And there is not enough information, there is no name of any place or city, thats not an update!

    • AN9



    • AreOut

      really? Why you didn’t play in world/euro cup qualifications then 😉

    • pumbaa

      Kosovo is Serbia!

      • NokiaFan@3600rpm :)

        Was, at least…

  • StefanH

    Just out of curiosity, a question for anyone with a Lumia device: What’s your map data version number? I haven’t received any map data updates since I bought my Lumia 920 in December and the version is Is that the most current version for everybody or are they maybe rolling out updates slowly and I should receive one in the coming days?

  • AN9





    • Marc Aurel

      Complain directly to Nokia, not here. It’s unlikely that Nokia follows this blog on a regular basis.

      For what it’s worth, ignoring that Kosovo is now internationally acknowledged as in independent country is a major faux pas. On the other hand, please do not badmouth Cyrillic writing. It’s not Russian in origin, either. It was originally developed in the area of modern day Ukraine. Not that it matters.

      • AN9

        I have already complained about that to nokia today!

    • SR

      Kosovo is not recognized by UN so it is not independent, and only 80 countries have recognized as idipendent. KOSOVO IS SERBIA AND IT WILL ALWAYS BE A SERBIA.

      • AN9

        UN does not recognize countries for their selfstandness in ethnicity withing lines moron, Kosovo is independent and so will be for ever, and good news is that kosovars and Albania will sun REUNION, how do you like that, and kosovo is recognized 102 countries but not that 80 you lie!
        Sure like, RUMANIA IS SERBIA, nonsense!

        • SR

          Kosovo is independent only because USA is protecting it, when USA go bankrupt and they remove troops from it Kosovo will be Serbia again. With out UN Kosovo is a only a self declared independent sheet hole and nothing else.

          • AN9

            To refresh your concern about Kosovo, in USA is more Albanian people with origin than it is in all Kosovo and Albania, but many have no much reason to express themselves on public, i Izmir in Turkey is 5.mio Albanian people, 1.mio in Ukraine, 1.mio inside Serbia Presevo and NoviPazar region, so the black hole is still inside in Serbia but you are blind to see.
            So Americans are Albanian to and they are protecting it’s own Kosovar Albanian land and people, and last date of atrocities for you serbs was 1998, and you’ll never steep again in future in Kosovo!

            • AreOut

              5 million in Izmir which has 3 million population? Try to be objective whatever nation you belong. Nationalistic mythology led Serbs to disaster, one would hope that you could learn something from them.

      • stylinred

        Kosovo is recognized by 98 UN states, the only ones protesting is Russia and China only disagrees with Kosovo because of their concerns with Taiwan otherwise the world is behind Kosovo

        Kosovo is Kosovo and Serbia is Serbia if it wasn’t for the Russian Serbia would be nowhere

    • ognjen23.11

      it’s Kosovo, not “kosova” …. Kos means Blackbird, “Kosovo” is short from Kosovo polje, meaning Blackbird’s field… “kosova” on the other hand, means nothing.

  • Neo

    I will not discuss this matter further or reply to any other replies (i agree that this should not be the place to talk about that), but for the sake of truth:
    1. Out of 193 United Nations member states, Kosovo has received diplomatic recognition from 98 (or 96) member states.
    2. Kosovo is not a United Nations member state.

    Also the writing of AN9 (with capital letters) says much about him.

    • Dylan

      Also some EU countries, Spain, Greece, Romania and Slovakia, haven’t recognised Kosovo.

      Also Google Maps shows that Kosovo is a part of Serbia.

      • AN9

        Don’t lie, google recognize kosovo very well!

        • SR

          No Google doesn`t recognizes a shit hole. Check Google maps idiot.

          • stylinred

            a shit hole? i think you need to stop commenting my bigoted friend before you look even dumber

          • stylinred

            also google maps does recognize kosovo…

          • AN9

            Why should Google recognize shit hole sens that is siting on your moth….btw, you know the meaning of Danube-lake line, don’t you!

      • AN9

        And this eu countries that don’t recognize Kosovo, it’s because they have their similar problems in their country, but head rulers of this countries communicate diplomatically with Kosovo regime!


          Kosovo regime? REGIME? Get out of here, you just proved Kosovo is nothing but a bunch of extremists. Kosovo land exists directly in Serbia. It will ALWAYS be Serbia historically.

          • AN9

            Hyhyhyhy keep dreaming big, as for extremist we see everyday the movements of Serb-ekstremizem ultranationalisem…sun you’ll eat live each other..sens roads are being coated around yourself hyhyhyhyy!
            Serbia steal a lot of property from Kosovo, then serbia try to steal it all, but stuck in it’s neck tomahawk aguuuuk!

  • Brian

    Will the updated UK maps come to my phone via a standard update? Or will I need to uninstall and reinstall my UK maps?

    • DesR85

      Are you referring to Drive or Maps? Because if you’re using a WP8 Lumia, you can just update the maps from the app itself. If its a WP7 Lumia, then you’ll have to reinstall the maps for Drive or, in a worse case scenario, reinstall the app itself.

      • Brian


        It’s an 800 so it looks like a reinstall.

  • incognito

    Will someone remove the immature morons discussing whether Kosovo is independent or not (spoiler: no country on the Balkans is independent) – it has nothing to do with Nokia, nor with maps, nor with technology in general, and I get more than enough of such drivel in the local media, I had hoped MNB at least don’t attract those idiots.

    Thank you.

    • AN9

      Yeah the story about Kosovo is in your heart and in wrong side that hurts you to much, that you are so jealous to hear the truth, but this news is about the maps of this region, but wrongly managed for this parts of Balkans, so beat it 1diot…the story continues on!

      De serber-1dioter starter first med falsk propaganda, og nar de blev slaet tilbage, sa er de jelouse, sa vile de udleger alt in here!
      De sgu bare far i roven for helvete!

  • ahmad

    Israel the terrorist Killed Palestinians and took their country Palestine .

    actually there are no country called Israel

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  • Law

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  • Ken

    in which continent folder of HERE do I find the Israel map? Sorry for that seemingly dumb question, but I can’t find Israel neither in the Europe nor in Asia folder (I see the other new map of Serbia in the Europe folder).

    Thanks for your help!

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