Nokia Announce Lumia 720 at #MWC13

| February 25, 2013 | 71 Replies


Nokia have also announced the Nokia Lumia 720. It is reportedly being marketed at non-LTE markets, coming to Asia in Q1 (Hong Kong, Singapore and Vietnam) and into Q2 we shall see it expand to India and China, as well as Europe and Africa. The Lumia 720 will be priced at 249 euros.

  • 4.3″ Curved ClearBlack Display
  • So black, screen blends into device when locked
  • Super Sensitive touch
  • Laminated glass for enhanced readability
  • Slim & Stylish Unibody design
  • First unibody design with microSD support
  • 5mp Carl Zeiss camera with f/1.9 aperture
  • Same battery as 920
  • Wireless charging via shells
  • Wide Angle 1.3MP FFC
  • 720T variant coming

Update: Nokia Developer specs that you may find useful:

  • 480 x 800 4.3″ ClearBlack Display with Gorilla Glass
  • Size: 127.9 x 67.5 x 9[1] mm
  • Weight: 128 g
  • 1GHz Dual-Core Snapdragon S4
  • Adreno 305 GPU
  • 6.7 Megapixels
  • 1280 x 720 30fps Video Recording
  • 1.3 Megapixel FFC (1280 x 960)
  • 8GB internal, 512mb RAM, microSD support up to 64GB
  • 2000 mAh battery



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  • samstacle

    The main camera is said to be 6.7mp. Right ?

    • Michael Faro-Tusino

      Yes, I have updated with specs from Nokia Developer page

  • Muerte

    This phone will be a hit

  • swain

    So Peter Chou has got an edge over Elop this time. No new device to be comparable(if not better) to HTC One. Shame on you Nokia.
    I was expecting something ground-breaking like last years MWC. We are not proud at all. Not with these bunch of low-end devices.

    • Ehhh

      +1 so true

    • dss

      It was the same last year but they stole the show with the 808 .. No one expected anything like that from Nokia.

      This year .. Way more realistic considering their choices.

    • Muerte

      720 beats HTC One, if you don’t count the processor cores.

      • dss

        Oh ya? I would love to learn more about the logic behind that statement

        • Singularity

          Better camera, better user experience.

          • Singularity

            Better battery life too.

        • Singularity

          Just found out the 720 also has rich recording. None of the competition has that. The One certainly does not.

      • Ehhh

        Hmm sorry as bragging rights the HTC One Pawned any phone Nokia announced today

        • KeiZka

          You mean the overhyping HTC did? Only if you are a mindless drone.

    • Muhs

      hmm ,samples of the htc one show its inferior to the 920 ,also the 720 has probably a better cam. so where’s the edge over elop now??! the killer feature in the one was the cam(peter chou said that himself in the keynote) and nokia has just announced a device with better cam and with less than half of the price of the onew


      lumia 920>htc1

    • Singularity

      Wrong. Guess what Peter Chou has coming? Either a buyout or bankruptcy for his coming. HTC will soon be finished.

      • Singularity


  • Janne

    Snap-on wireless covers. Good thinking, there!

    • azhar

      I’m more surprised of the 2000mah though..time to upgrade my 710

  • LaW

    im dissapointed too, where is “catwalk” and “EOS” what the hell is going on 🙁 !!!

    • dss

      Send a tweet to Microsoft .. They might be able to inform you on that subject better than Nokia.

  • aslanoo

    I do not believe that its camera is that oustanding.

    It has a 1/3,6″ sensor size, you can not compensate that bad physical conditions.

    The 520 has even a 1/4″ sensor.

    What is Nokia doing???

    Shrinking the sensor size will not keep them on top of camera-phones

    • KeiZka

      You expect to get the best of the best cameras in those price ranges?

    • aslanoo

      No bur a sensor on the level of the industrial standards at least.
      Tell me another “smartphone” with a smaller sensor than 1/3.2″

      • Marc Aurel

        How about most of the cheap Android phones?

  • dss

    This has no chance against the Xiaomi mi2 in china

    • Singularity

      LOL thanks for the laugh, this costs way less than that.

  • thedead1440

    So the L720 is the purported Catwalk; slim and trendy device? 😉

    • migo

      That could fit. It does solve most of the objections to the Lumia 920.

  • Sefriol

    So far 720 looks quite competitive. Plus it looks nice. Muuch better than 710 was.
    I hope Nokia will bring these advances to their high devices as well. These devices show us what Nokia is capable to achieve.

    But when do they release these devices? Are they going wait for SGS4 release or Nokia World?

    • nabkawe

      710 was just C7 in disguise … 🙂 Nokia loves to repeat things that work.

      • migo

        603, not C7

  • aboodesta

    Forget everything for a second…. THIS HAS A 2000 mAh BATTERY!

  • psycheous

    pls..answer me,is there a glossy-finished for Lumia 720??

    • aslanoo

      it has interchangeable covers so… you may get one. Maybe they even give the possibility to “print” your own shell like with 820’s one.

      BTW I still wait to see a company letting you create online covers to print and sell to you.
      I would definitely do if I could effort a 3D printer.
      An easy way to make money, all you need is a webpage and that printer.

      • psycheous

        no! it has no interchangeable covers, you are pertaining to accessory cover that puts it in the back of the 720 that makes it capable of wireless charging..

    • migo

      yes, the white model

  • Singularity

    I’m surprised Nokia did not mention this during the press conference, but the 720 has rich recording.

    I say again, according to Nokia’s spec page, the 720 has rich recording, just like the 920, 822, 820 and 620.

    So ALL mid-range and high-end Lumias have rich recording. Can the competition beat that? No. This is more Nokia innovation at work here.

    Nokia is not making a big deal about it, but when customers use the devices and record video, they will be delighted with the audio quality, and will recommend this to friends. It results in a high user satisfaction, and delightful experiences, which is more important than any paper specs.

    • aslanoo

      true, Nokia is pushing that HD Voice thing for a long time now.
      Hope that networks start supporting that o a broader field.

      Does anyone know wether HD Voice is only available via 3G?

      • Singularity

        Not HD Voice, but rich recording. You’re confusing the two. It’s very high quality audio recording.

        • aslanoo

          Sorry missread you post.
          I know hat those two are 🙂

    • migo

      I’m not surprised, they never mention it.

  • Marc

    Well, Nokia has done its job great (hardware at this price point and Nokia’s software), but that’s no surprise.

    The biggest problem for Nokia is Microsoft with its “developing”. I honestly can’t understand how such a HUGE SOFTWARE company can’t produce functional OS after 2 years of development (WP8) and after that, fails to update it fast.

    Just look at what BlackBerry did: in 2 years a company which had big problems and a lot less software experience built a NEW and more functional mobile OS, than the biggest software company in the world!

    This is just a sad joke. Microsoft is like that giant with clay (weak) legs.

    • migo

      Not quite true, BB bought QNX and worked on it. MS has been doing everything in house, and are still the only company to do so.

      • correct

        Correct. False credit being given to Blackberry. They bought QNX, which had done much of the fundamental work on the kernel and OS itself, and then Blackberry simply evolved QNX and added some Blackberry features to it.

  • aslanoo

    First sample shots by PhoneArena

    But hard to say anything given the bad conditions.

  • tim

    yeah a lot of people thought today they will announce at least a verizon 920 variant in aluminium. and EOS was sparkling in all of the nokia fans eyes. BUT i think it is the right decision to not announce new high end devices then a tsunami of 1080p phones is coming or is there and with wp not hav this high resolution it would be a waste to bring a new phone thats not competitive! i bet nokia is on its own to make 1080p possible microsoft is sooo SLOW!
    so we wait weeks or months and then we can see if there comes new nokia high end phones.

    besides the 520 looks so cool for that price for every mans womens will that be a perfect choice! other than android even with low specs wp8 is soo blazing fast that you dont have lags or slower than high end devices!

  • Bakit Ano Yun?

    Is today’s press conference by Nokia is their last conference at MWC 2013

  • Vineet

    520 and 720 are nice and all….

    But what a mess the product portfolio is now :S

    Let’s leave aside the 7.8 running 505 and 510 released just months ago.

    Lets look at purely their WP8 lineup: 520, 620, 720, 820, 920

    The 620, despite rave reviews and accolades, comes up short compared to 520 in many areas and the 720 too beats out the 820 (Which was always the black sheep, really) in many ways.

    The phones released today beat out ones higher in the range in areas like screen size, thickness (or slimness rather), weight and battery life.

    Can you give me any reasons then why someone would pick the 620 over the 520 :S?

    Also I have no confidence in devices with 512 RAM (all of them except 820 and 920) in being upgraded past the next immediate update. The standard “2 major upgrades” will not apply to them, plain and simple.

    The 820 needs to be deleted off the range, the 920 is the real 820 (its is quite under specced, sufficient of course, but under specced for a flagship), the EOS can be the 9XX. The 720 is perfect where it is. They need to sort out their low range. 520 looks to be significantly better than the 620. I’d say they osbourned/eloped the 620 but then the kind of markets and customers these cater to, they won’t really care.

    • migo

      One reason someone would pick the 620 is the fresh design of the case. That two tone design isn’t something you’ll see anywhere else.

      • Vineet

        True. It also has NFC, FFC and a Flash, but then the 520 has everything else (slimness, weight, screen size, battery and whilst more conservative, a sharper design)

        All of the products are frankly great in isolation. But together, they don’t make a great team.

        Not enough differentiation, certainly no sense of hierarchy. It gets really messed up when you include the 510 and 505 but lets leave that out, they were just rehashes really of left over components and have effectively been replaced just 2 months into their lifecycle.

        • corect

          Stop trolling this on every page. You’re wrong.

          • Vineet

            Clearly you do not know the meaning of trolling. You also don’t know what ‘correct’ and ‘wrong’ means.

            Which objective assertion do you have an issue with exactly?

            Are you suggesting
            9.9 mm is thicker than 11mm?
            124g is more than 127g?
            4″ in smaller than 3.8″?
            1430 mAh is smaller than 1300 mAh?

            Or in the case of the mid rangers, I bet you believe
            9mm is more than 9.9mm?
            128g is more than 160g?
            2000 mAh is less than 1650 mAh?

            Oh I forgot there were no facts and figures in your post
            Obvious troll is obvious

            • correct

              I’m not going to repost what I said in another page. I already outlined the differences between the different WP8 Lumias. Migo below me also properly outlined the basic differences in the portfolio.

              It seems you do not have a strong grasp of the English language.

              What you are doing is the definition of trolling. Posting the same inaccurate, and incorrect criticism of Nokia’s portfolio over and over again, several times on several different pages. That right there is the definition of trolling.

              You want to legitimately criticize somebody’s portfolio, go criticize Samsung’s portfolio on some Android forums. Your criticism of Nokia’s portfolio makes absolutely no sense. It’s not about millimeters here and there, or a few grams of weight. Complaining about that is also trolling. Such tiny differences are not noticed by users in real life.

              • correct

                Instead of reposting what I already said on the other page, here is a link to the differences I clearly outlined of the WP8 Lumias:


                • Vineet

                  I will however repost here for your benefit since you clearly have trouble reading and comprehending

                  “You wasted half your post in a strawman and you’re asking me to “learn” better English comprehension. Not to mention the irony of your incorrect usage.

                  I’ll actually bite though. Lets humour the troll

                  The 520 is 139 EUR with a better battery and larger screen than 620 (so if you want any of those, you buy the 520)

                  The 620 was launched just recently at 200-250 EUR in most places and the 720 will be launched imminently for 249 EUR.

                  All of the “differentiators” that 620 has relative to the 520, are even better on the 720 for either a very small or virtually no difference in price. (I suppose they might drop the 620 price to slot it in between but that still makes for an insignificant difference)

                  So if someone wants ultra cheap, screen size or battery life, you go 520

                  If you want, like you said
                  – high quality screen
                  – rich recording
                  – NFC
                  – front facing camera
                  – Clearblack display

                  Then you go 720 and get that massive 2000 mAh battery to boot along with a tonne of other things that you yourself outlined as 720s advantages.

                  Your comprehension is so poor that you perused the specs sheet and then your brain took a vacation wherever the price was mentioned. The 620 is a great device, everyone seems to think so. It’s just that now its been bracketed too closely on either side.

                  I for one see no sense in getting the 620 when then 720 offers so much more for such a small increment in price”

                  Again, repeat after me troll. Price. Battery life. Price. Price. LOOK at the prices, then look at the advantages you YOURSELF outlined between the 720 and 620.

                  The 720 is priced extremely closed to the 620 and kills it in pretty much every way

                  • correct

                    I’m not going any further with you. You keep continually changing your comparisons and criticisms to different models.

                    • Vineet

                      Nope, I was consistent in that they were all just too bunched up together. They’re fine devices.

                      I’m guessing you finally googled the prices and found the massive hole in your argument.

                      620 introduced in Feb in most markets at 249
                      720 to be introduced in March for….249

                      Yes 620 will be price adjusted, but how much, they both launch around the same time for around the same price.

                      Have a good day

                  • ULTIMATEANTITROLL

                    I SEE YOU TROLL, I KNOW WHERE YOU POST TROLL!!!!

                    • Vineet

                      Dear Mr.UltimateAntiTroll,

                      “620 introduced in Jan/Feb at 249
                      720 to be introduced in March for…249

                      Yes 620 will be price adjusted, but how much, they both launch around the same time for around the same price.

                      Have a good day”

              • Vineet

                How about a 2000 mAh battery pitted against a 1650 mAh battery, would you notice that?

                Especially when you get it for half price almost.

                Yea thought so.

                • correct

                  As already stated, the 820 is the black sheep that doesn’t make sense. Thanks for conveniently ignoring all my other points that refuted your silly notion that Nokia’s portfolio is a “mess”.

                  • Vineet

                    I did address everything. You just have no reading comprehension.

                    I’m going to ask you just one very very simple question.

                    Do you have ANY CLUE whatsoever what prices these devices are being sold at?

                    Go ahead, google is your friend. I’ll wait right here. I want to see the look on your face when you see the price delta between 620 and 720 and try to explain it 🙂

                    • ULTIMATEANTITROLL

                      ANTI-TROLL FULL ATTACK MODE!!!

        • migo

          There is a sense of hierarchy, only the 820 is out of place, but it has LTE at least.

          The 520 is cheap and basic, what you need and nothing more.

          The 620 brings in wants, while still being affordable.

          The 720 is competitive with high end devices, bet is midrange in price.

          The 920 is a Halo device, an appropriate flagship.

          The 820, 822 & 810 are all deprecated in comparison. Not something you would want to buy now, and the 505 & 510 were pretty much DOA given the price th 710 has dropped to (and the 710 is actually the only WP7.8 Lumia that’s still moderately relevant as it supports custom ROMs that bring in features WP8 is still lacking.

          • correct

            For once you’re right. Everything makes sense except the 8xx devices. Although Verizon’s 822 is selling well.

            510 was always DOA and irrelevant.

            • correct

              BUT, and here is the key, the 720 is for NON-LTE markets, which means North America will never officially get it.

              So for North America at least, the 8xx series actually makes some sense.

          • Vineet

            What confuses me is that the ultra cheap 520 has been given a larger screen and better battery than the cheap 620. It has advantages in thickness and weight too but those are negligible.

            However, all of this is for a significantly lower price point (139 EUR), then on the other side, the 720 is also priced very close to the 620 at 249 EUR and beats the 620 in pretty much every way.

            The 620 seems to find itself between a rock and a hard place especially coz I saw it priced between 200-250 EUR at launch

            • migo

              Could be that they could buy 4″ screens cheaper in bulk than 3.8″. The better battery makes sense with the larger screen, as there ends up being more space.

  • tim

    i think they dont care if the phones name is 620 or 520 they will individually choice what the perfect phone for them is. and besides the 620 has a different design with these 2color contrast. so the when i hear the the htc one x the one s and the one x+ and then the htc one i would think

    htc one x+
    one x
    one s

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