Video: Hands On With The Super Affordable Nokia 105

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Last video for tonight as I’m super tired, so I’ll try and get some shut eye (we got a couple interviews with some Nokia people tomorrow, so look forward to that. Here’s  a quick  look at the super affordable Nokia 105; the phone is actually really super light and quite sturdy for something you could buy for the price of a meal in some countries. The dustproof keypad is pretty sweet (the key press feels REALLY nice) and best of all it’s 15 Euros!!! :O


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  • torpedu

    it should have a larger screen, other than that nice emergency phone-> hope the sound doesn’t suck like in the other cheap phones

    • Antolija Jehwen

      Let me remind that, but this is just a continuation of Nokia N9 design, hence Nokia N9 range. The queen can be only one, and an undefined crowd of followers IMHO. Whatever this is quite cute mobile – I like it. How many sim cards?

  • adit38

    this should be b/w display, i love nokia 1280 etc with b/w screen. when 100/101 come out, it really frustasted to read my sms under direct sunlight. in indonesia (and other tropical area) thats should be everyday problem, b/w always great under direct sunlight

    • Marc Aurel

      The 103 has a B&W display. I don’t know where it’s available, though. Might be in Africa only. The planned release was in Q2 2012, but it appears it was delayed until Q4 2012 (according to GSMArena).

    • StefanP

      I agree, this type of phone does not need a colour display, B&W is even better: better contrast and lower power consumption.
      With B&W LCD it could be even 13 EUR only. 🙂
      The ideal disposable phone for drug dealers and the Mafia! 😉

  • D Harries

    I have 808 + Nokia 100. And if all I had in the world was a nokia 100, it would be a good thing to have. It could be a lifeline for some people. When it comes to flashlight/torch, or kitchen timer, or a simple calculator, which phone am I going to use? The clever smartphone with all the apps? No. Sometimes push button wins over smartphone

  • Mendax

    I’m disappointed about the lack of bigger news today, but it was already widely speculated. I do very much like that Nok is filling out its roster of phones, and keeping the design consistent to reinforce Lumia branding. The 105 seems like a sturdy device, and a good example of Nok’s close attention to covering the entire consumer spectrum.

    I’m not certain of WP8’s capacity to compete with the big boys on the high-end level, but its smoothness and simple and colourful design make for an excellent mid- and low-range device (which these days can be incredibly functional, especially with a few core apps).

  • Jessie Torres

    Value for money AND after market support should about sustain this ruggedly handsome Nokia candybar.

  • stylinred

    I would love a 105 even though i’ve no use lol it just looks cool and its so cheap

  • Janne

    Just to recap Nokia’s pre-MWC PT teases vs. reality:

    – Icefisher picture on Facebook meant nothing.

    – Nokia “at home” in Barcelona meant nothing.

    – “keep your eyes and ears open” meant nothing.

    Not that this was a big surprise to close followers. More often than not Nokia’s teases amount to nothing. Remember that Eiffel tower tease…

    • Janne

      PT => PR

      • Marc Aurel

        I was thinking Nokia has hired R. Lee Ermey to give its fans some good PT.

    • correct

      Unfortunately in this case the teases amounted to almost nothing, yes.

      Although these low and mid new devices had a few surprises in them that I was not expecting.

  • Janne

    By the way, Elop’s MWC Tuesday keynote speech is now live at this moment:

    Here is at least a Finnish liveblog:

    This is his speech about connecting the next billion, so expect general talk only, not announcements… but who knows. Yesterday was the product launch press conference.

  • Jyrki Sukula ottaa voiton Ramskista

    105 seems to be a nice phone. Maybe I’ll get one.

    After all it costs less than two bottles of nice and cheap wine.

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