Lumia 620 Camera Samples; Surprisingly Good for a Phone That Won’t Break the Bank

| March 9, 2013 | 20 Replies

DSC01909If there’s one thing that surprised me about the Lumia 620 in my two weeks trial with it, it would definitely have to be the camera; I didn’t in my wildest dreams expect such a budget friendly device to take such good pictures! I think this is were we can see Nokia’s real strategy towards the lower end; not only do they make devices that look good, get the job done and won’t kill your bank account; but they also prove themselves just as capable as the higher end devices in other manufacturer’s (such as the Lumia 720 for example).

So here’s a quick gallery of some pictures I took with the Lumia 620’s 5Mp, which I think more than gets the job done for a budget device:

In case the slideshow above isn’t working; here’s a link to the gallery on Flickr:

For comparison here’s one of the same pictures taken with my 920:

Abandoned JunkYard in the Middle of the City


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