Lumia 620 Camera Samples; Surprisingly Good for a Phone That Won’t Break the Bank

| March 9, 2013 | 20 Replies

DSC01909If there’s one thing that surprised me about the Lumia 620 in my two weeks trial with it, it would definitely have to be the camera; I didn’t in my wildest dreams expect such a budget friendly device to take such good pictures! I think this is were we can see Nokia’s real strategy towards the lower end; not only do they make devices that look good, get the job done and won’t kill your bank account; but they also prove themselves just as capable as the higher end devices in other manufacturer’s (such as the Lumia 720 for example).


So here’s a quick gallery of some pictures I took with the Lumia 620’s 5Mp, which I think more than gets the job done for a budget device:

In case the slideshow above isn’t working; here’s a link to the gallery on Flickr:

For comparison here’s one of the same pictures taken with my 920:

Abandoned JunkYard in the Middle of the City


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  • soo

    in my opinion, regarding the junkyard comparison, 620 performs better than 920. the colour is more natural and pleasing. i didn’t zoom in and compare. just by looking at it, 920 takes too vividly and i saw some oversharpened effect

  • Patata

    And just like the 720 it’s pretty overpriced on the German market at 259€. Seems as if German customers have to subventionate the devices for other regions.

    • Marc Aurel

      Same price In Euros in Finland as well. Understandable considering that Finns are more likely to pay inflated prices for Nokia phones.

      Well, actually, if 259€ is with VAT, the German price is somewhat higher, because Finland has a higher VAT percentage.

    • twig

      Its $289usd in the u.s. but still cheaper than buying an iPod touch here. That camera really IS striking, plus its got the sweet spot for those of us with smaller hands. Just think, I paid $835 usd for the N9 a couple years ago? I like this price direction!! I can buy more Nokia stuff like this!! Looking at InstaWithLove, Nokia should come out with products for dogs and cats and babies and little kids. …they would make huge profits.

      • Silthice

        So what phones you’re using right now?

        • twig


          • Chris_Skylock

            I got the same phones as yours minus the c2-01. Lol

    • Viipottaja

      Right… then again: One, are other brands cheaper or at the same prices in Germany as in other countries? Second, what is the VAT/sales taxes in Germany? Third, what does the 620 actually cost in neighboring counties? Fourth, what is the purchase power adjusted income of an average German compared to some of the countries where you say the 620 is cheaper? 🙂

      • Viipottaja

        Oh and what are Nokia’s operating costs, distribution costs, in Germany, what is the retail structure (fully competitive vs. monopolistic/oligopolistic) like in Germany?

        • arts.

          please answer this.

  • Marc Aurel

    The L620 probably has the same camera module as the L710, which gained favorable reviews for a mid-range phone. It seems to be among the best of current 5 MP AF camera modules. Noise is very well controlled at base ISO (ISO 100), which indicates a relatively large sensor (for a mid-price phone), probably 1/3.2″. Unfortunately Nokia does not tell us the real focal length of the lens, which would allow to calculate the sensor size. Speaking of the lens, it seems to be fairly good as well, despite lacking the CZ branding.

  • dss

    Yes, the cam on the 620 is very good for what it is.. I was surprised.

    They should have used the N8 sensor in at least one Lumia device, they’ve had that sensor for over two years now, and I don’t think that their are making N8s anymore, so they should be able to get some units for a WP device.

    • Grendell

      +1 i too am awaiting such a lumia. Perhaps next year when the new polymer layered capaciors come out..

  • JT

    When are we going to see an Asha phone with 5MP AF camera, like those found on the 6700 ?

    • Marc Aurel

      Those renderings leaked a few days ago had a 5 MP AF camera with a LED flash, but nobody knows if they represent an actual product. Nokia used to make feature phones with pretty good cameras, but since the high end feature phone business has all but evaporated during recent years, the cameras in current feature phones are cheaper units.

  • Checki
  • In my opinion lumia 620 picture quality good.

  • viktor von d.