Nokia Music+ released for Windows 8

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Nokia seem to have released the Nokia Music+ app for Windows 8 (and Windows RT) today. It is essentially the WP8 app, but translated to Windows 8 UI the way I think WP apps should be. To use this app, you need to have a Nokia Account with Nokia Music+ subscription, otherwise you’ll have limited features, such as Standard Quality audio, 30sec only for each song in the mixes, no lyrics etc.

I haven’t seen an official release about this from Nokia but below is the description from the app entry in Windows Store.

Along with a live tile, and the ability to download offline mixes, see lyrics, create your own mixes, play your music etc, you can also allow the app to customise your Lock Screen with the current artist. When the track changes, you get a notification style alert telling you what song is now playing.

Update: Dean from Nokia Music clarified the apps availability, stating that the app is currently available in Australia, the US, UK and Ireland, with a continued rollout to all countries currently with Nokia Music+ in the coming weeks.


Its an extremely functional app, and I currently have a quick look demo uploading have uploaded a quick look of the app.


Love music? Nokia Music for Windows 8 is a complete playback and discovery experience for your computer.

Play one of our hand-crafted Mixes from genres you’ll love…

Got a collection of your own tunes? We’ve got you covered. Play and queue your own music and we’ll give you all the same great discovery and rich artist information.

If you already have a Nokia Music+ subscription on your Nokia phone, just sign in to get all the great features from your phone directly on your computer.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of using a Nokia phone, you’re still invited to the party! Try our completely free trial and have a listen. We think you’re going to love what we’ve got.

Run out of tunes? No worries. We’ll give you recommendations of Mixes you could listen to based on your own music.

Tell us your favorite artists and we’ll create a Mix just for you, featuring songs from those artists expertly weaved with suggestions from our 20 million track catalog.

Find new artists and get under their skin with bio’s, image galleries, what they’re tweeting and where they’re gigging.

Found a Mix you really love? Download it and listen to it even when you don’t have an internet connection.


  • Mixes: Hundreds of hand-crafted playlists across every genre you’re interested in. From Pop to Dub, Blues legends, Ragga, Indietronica, and loads more – we’ve got the lot
  • Offline Mixes: Download hours’ worth of your favorite mixes to listen when you’re not connected to the internet
  • MP3 Playback: Listen and queue your own music. Put them in your Music library and we’ll pick them up. Get Mix recommendations and artist information
  • Artist Mix: Tell us up to three of your favorite artists and we’ll make you a mix featuring those and other similar artists
  • Artist Page: includes artist biography, artist mix, featured in mixes, tweets, gigs, similar artists and image gallery where you can set your device lock screen
  • Supports Nokia Music+, an enhanced music service which includes higher quality audio, unlimited track skips, unlimited offline mixes, full time-synced lyrics (where available). Includes free trial.
  • Lyrics: Shows time-synced lyrics for many of your favorite songs (Full lyrics available only for NM+ trial)
  • Play To: send what you’re listening to directly to many smart TVs or DLNA-enabled devices
  • Snap View: A native Windows 8 feature. It allows you to view one app in a mini view whilst accessing another app at the same time
  • Use the Search charm to find Mixes that contain your favorite Artists

Source:  Store 

Cheers Alvin for the tip!


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