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Weekend Accessory Deals: Nokia JBL PowerUp for $217, PlayUp for $130, Play360 for $99 and More!

| April 6, 2013 | 10 Replies

Nokia’s range of JBL accessories set to match your  Lumia device are pretty awesome, and Amazon have some equally awesome sales going on for them; namely the JBL powerup which brings is starting at $217 instead of the usual $299 depending on the seller, while the Cyan is listed at $225

Nokia JBL PowerUp- Black

Nokia MD-100W JBL PowerUp  – Cyan

Next up you can grab the Powerup’s little brother; the play up for $130 (down from $150); unfortunately the discount is only on the black color:

Nokia MD-51W JBL PlayUp Portable Wireless Speaker – Black


And for anyone interested in the PlayUp predecessor, the Play360 is selling for $99 in all 3 colors

Nokia Play 360 Bluetooth Speaker

For personal ear-wear you can get the awesome Purity Pro headsets for $283 instead of the usual $350, provided you wait a week or two for stock to refill:

Purity Pro Wireless Stereo Headset by Monster BH-940

If you’re  a fan of in-ear headsets you can grab the original in-ear purities for $59 in all 4 original Lumia colors (White, black, cyan, magenta) down from the original $99.

Nokia Purity Stereo In-Ear Headphones


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  • Keith too

    Can’t get the Purity Pros or the JBL Powerups anywhere in Canada.

    • twig

      Doesn’t expansysusa ship to Canada?

      • Keith too

        There is an site and I keep and eye on it from time to time but I don’t how they survive with their prices. They say they will have yellow Purity Pros in stock on the 19th but at $334. It doesn’t look like they will have cyan JBL Powerups anytime soon.

        • Doesn’t Amazon ship to Canada?

          • Keith too

            I wish they still did, they used to before they setup does not have it in stock.

          • Keith too

            I don’t know if all Amazons share accounts but .com and .ca do and you can log into either. Just to give them a hint I logged into .com and added a pair yellow Purity Pros and a cyan JBL Powerup to my cart 🙂

        • twig

          I forgot too, sometimes our banks do a large cross border fee. I had that happen when I ordered a sauna from Canada.

  • jason

    I have been eyeing the play 360’s since there release for my then N8. Picked up a pair of black ones for my 808! Can’t wait to try them.

  • twig

    I cancelled my first order for the $349 purity pros and well with the $288 ones, thanks Ali.

  • Greggers

    Logged into both .com and and neither ship to Australia :'(

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