Jolla to announce first device in May? Pre-Order for “special edition” variant

| April 16, 2013 | 235 Replies

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Jolla will announce its smartphone at beginning of May. Pre-order fees will work as funding and in exchange those who pre-order get to choose the looks of their phone. There are several levels of pre-order fees. At beginning of May we will get to know what first phone looks like and how it works.

We’ve been following Jolla rather closely here at the blog, both as they’re ex-Nokians and since they are building on the efforts of the N9. Thanks to a tip and translation by one of our readers Otto, we have exciting news.

Jolla is said to be announcing their first device next month. Antti Saarnio, Jolla Chairman has said their “phone will represent modern Scandinavian design”. What this exactly means, I have no idea, other than assuming its in reference to their partnership with a Scandinavian industrial design team, who worked alongside Nokia on many devices.

Jolla is reportedly going to begin pre-orders from mid-May, in order to start generating hype and provide eager fans with the opportunity to join a specific “club”. Apparently, the devices that get pre-ordered will come with “something unique”; “something special…that will not be available otherwise”.

“We want Jolla to be a movement. We want to involve fans already in early phases. Fans make sure that phone will be available and fans will be first ones to get their phones” said Saarnio.

We know Jolla doesn’t have a huge budget, hence this is most likely to be used as crowd-sourced funding as well as a marketing tactic. Either way, the prospect of having a limited edition device is awesome! It is reportedly going to be like many crowd-funded startups; certain tier “payments” provide certain benefits. Apparently the more you pay, the more unique the device you get. Especially for someone like me who wants a Jolla device anyway.


Cheers Otto for the tip! (& translation)

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  1. Zazu Seryt says:

    I am dedicated, devoted and loyal Nokia fun from always, 111. And the same time I am very far from any Windows. I am more then delighted and looking forward Jolla’s smartphone is coming to town. That would be great Nokia to launch a Sailfish smartphone…..! E.g. Lumia 900something HW with Sailfish OS from Jolla……!!! Would be more then hit!… When Nokia can licensing from MS, then Nokia could do the same exactly with Jolla – and products wouLd be much more popular. Nokia could use Sailfish tracktion to get back to the mainstream IMHO.
    I am also happy as my Nokia are ageing and I need a new Mobile. Jolla one.

  2. Esmeralda Ortico says:

    Interesting is that mynokiablog is the only forum where I can read opinion from users not satisfied with Nokia N9 at all. Really. Everywhere else, RLW or internet, users are more then satisfied. Seems here comes N9 haters.

    • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro? says:

      Lots of other sited delete almost every single comment saying anything bad about N9 or MeeGo. Just try to say something bad about N9 in Tomi Ahonen’s blog. He usually deleted all most comments not agreeing with him. That way you get the illusion of people not saying anything bad about N9.

      I guess Jay is one of the most honest bloggers there are. While he probably dislikes many comments here in MNB, he still allows people to have opinions of their own. That’s why you can see what people really think about different devices.

      On the other hand, people saying something bad about N9 usually have good arguments. Sometimes they just don’t have real arguments but only crap, just like anyone else.

      Feel free to counterargument.

      I have not said that N9 was not a nice device. It is, if you can accept the UI as it is. Just like WP8 is a nice OS if you can accept the UI. The problem with N9 is that it was too little too late. Nokia should have launched it in 2008. The last moment for a successful launch would have been in 2010, before Android surpassed Symbian.

  3. Esmeralda Ortico says:

    Interesting is that mynokiablog is the only forum where I can read opinion from users not satisfied with Nokia N9 at all. Really. Everywhere else, RLW or internet, users are more then satisfied. Seems here comes N9 haters.

    There are people who does not understand modern UI, different then everything else – but that is different story.

    • AWspicious says:

      The N9 has a lot of potential. However, all it’s potential was never released. Therefore, people are unhappy. It’s like buying a Porsche but the electronic limiter will only let you drive up to 90Kph.

      • Esmeralda Ortico says:

        Those are N9-lovers, yet another part of scene. I agree about N9 – it is like greyhunt dog which is not allowed to take part in any race with others, or husky not allowed to work – unhappy…..

    • Saul says:

      Hi Thanks, you can f4ck-off & die, how about that?

      • Sorrow & Regrets says:

        Typical fanaticism and hopeless behaviour. What do you use? WP perhaps?

        • Saul says:

          Hi, in case you didn’t notice (you’d have to be retarded if you didn’t), I was responding to a spammer.

          My response was absolutely warranted, we’re constantly being bombarded by this (weird) shit almost every single day now, it totally ruins the reading experience.

          • Orgorengon says:

            Forgive me Saul, but nothing explains in my opinion your rude behaviour. The hate speech is evil, a death wish like above also.

            Beware as bad wishes can back to you unpredictably way.

            Use arguments in conversation or just stay silent, save us or at last me, reading your intellectual vomits.

            Shame on you.

            • John says:

              Hahaha, you’ve got to be kidding me, he was responding to spammer you idiot, are you really that dumb.
              It’s great that he abused “it”, although a bit pointless given that it was probably just a bot…

              • Orgorengon says:

                You have the same problem with rudeness.
                Talking or calling anybody with vulgar words does not make you more right. Do you think I am a bot also?
                Whatever, I am not going to talk with rude poster, when you can’t recognise you mistakes and apologize.
                Perhaps you have problems with overaggressive behaviour, you should talk to appropriate specialist.

                • Sammy says:

                  He doesn’t have to apologise for a single thing, again you’re the one making a absolute mountain out of a molehill. Saul was responding to a spam, now leave everyone in peace & stop spamming this thread with your bleeding heart for the “poor” spam, you’re making an idiot of yourself.

                  • Orgorengon says:

                    Just another person calling somebody an idiot, me in this case again? Do you really have such problems with behaviour and apologising for rude behaviour? What is wrong with you?

                    • Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro? says:

                      The problem is that people are confused, angry and maybe even clueless. That makes them to call people with names. Some people are even bitter because they feel that a corporation has let them down.

                      If someone calls you that way, it pretty much tells you that they no longer have any real arguments and they can’t really defend their opinions.

                      There is a fine line when someone is rude or just making a point. Calling someone iSheep or Nokia sheep may not be that bad. Calling someone idiot, Nokia idiot or perhaps iDiot just tells that the writer has lost it and can’t have a real conversation.

                    • Sammy says:

                      Understand the difference between calling someone an idiot, & telling someone they’re making an idiot of themselves, which is what you were doing.

                      You seem to think your behaviour is beyond reproach, have a look at what you did. You came along & launched a bunch of nasty accusations & insults towards a user about his terrible behaviour towards SPAM, not another person, but SPAM. Now if that had been language used in the course of a relevant argument here, then perhaps it would be justified. But in this case it’s ludicrous that you persist in deluding yourself that your behaviour is more “righteous”.

                      Again, have a look at the post Saul responded to, it has since been deleted as “SPAM”. If anyone should be apologising in this scenario, it should be you & “Sorrow & Regrets”. Now plz lets end this silly exchange, as it has absolutely zero to do with the subject matter of the original article, & is SPAM in it’s own right!

                    • Sammy says:

                      I believe John called him an idiot because it was VERY obvious that Saul was responding to SPAM, plus Orgorengon posts towards Saul were quite rude, so he was just reflecting that.

                      All of the above has nothing to do with having no arguments, the entire conversation isn’t even arguing about anything to do with Nokia + competing industry, so tying that in is just a (sneaky) red-herring.

                    • Sammy says:

                      2nd post (above) directed at “Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro?”

                    • Orgorengon says:

                      @Mikä ihmeen Uuno Turhapuro? – Yes, I think this is something about that. Aggression and attack is to cover lack of arguments or bitterness.

                      @Sammy – Do you know where is main problem? That commonly used habit in whole the net is that when one claims to be offended the other person say/write “I am sorry” or “I apologise” or something, what usually is accepted. That is in contrary to rude behaviour and speech of hate.
                      That also about assertiveness so to speak and to convince without hurting opponents and opponent’s feelings.
                      This nothing above what ANYBODY coming to Nokia or any Nokia related site can expect, precisely: have right to expect upon general Nokia reputation and Nokia community. This is about values and who we are and who we want to be. And I have no more arguments. Weather you like it or not, this is what I think. Have a good day.

                    • Sammy says:


                      No it’s not, there’s nothing being debated here relating to Nokia & competitors.

                      This entire thread began with “sorrow & regrets” & you attacking someone for blowing off steam towards SPAM. It can easily be ended with you conceding your mistake, & apologising for a baseless attack.

                      Yes it was silly for saul to react like that towards SPAM, after all it’s just SPAM & it’ll always be a problem. But that doesn’t give you the right to attack him the way you did.

                      It’s unfortunate that you can’t concede such a simple mistake, one that anyone could make. But often people find it hard to admit when they’ve made a mistake.

  4. maxes says:

    Aaaand aaand and wp8 has almost no apps and games loool

  5. AWspicious says:

    So, anyway…. About the N9 and Jolla:
    Will people with N9s be able to install the Sailfish OS in place of the current MeeGo OS?
    Also, in what regions will the Jolla phones be available?

    • Saul says:

      In short, no, and neither should they have to support what is Nokia’s problem. They have said however, that they’ll do as much as is realistically possible (there are limitations because of the closed nature of some of the lowest layers of Harmattan) to help those in the maemo/meego community to do a port. This port is likely to never be as slick/polished, or as feature complete as Sailfish for official devices.

      As for availability, it will very limited in the early days, only Finland, plus maybe a handful of other EU countries, then China (& perhaps some other countries in the region) are the main focus. However, they have suggested it’ll be available to many other countries via some kind of “online ordering system”. How that will work exactly, remains to be seen…

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