Asha 501 Specs Leaked

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It seems one of those online sellers in India have posted a listing of the Asha 501 (with no price as of yet); the phone has some decent specs backed with the usual S40 of Ashas. As the story has been with Ashas for a while now, the real importance is what features will come to the lower end of the price range, something that has been Nokia’s goal for a while now; but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

The Nokia Asha 501 is an entry level smartphone that would compete with the low end Android smartphones in the market. This device comes loaded with a lot of features that would satisfy a low end smartphone user.

OS & Processor


This device comes with Nokia’s Symbian series 40 OS loaded in it. There is a 1 GHz processor loaded in the Nokia Asha 501 for the smooth performance of the device. The 512 MB RAM helps in easy multitasking.


The Nokia Asha 501 comes with a 3.5-inch AMOLED display screen that offers visuals at 320 x 480 pixels. This handset comes with a bar shaped design and its touchscreen ensures easy navigation.

Camera & Memory

This handset comes with a 5 MP primary camera that helps in capturing images with impressive resolution. The Nokia Asha 501 has a microSD slot for memory expansion up to 32 GB.

Media & Connectivity

The Nokia Asha 501 comes with media features that include music player, video player, FM radio and SNS apps etc. Connectivity features available in the handset include 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS and EDGE etc.

Of course it could be a case of one of the online shops trying to be the first to list the phone (since the product images are very poor quality), but so far it sounds reasonable.





Edit: It looks like the reseller is using @evleaks’ images that we saw before (you can see where the watermark was removed on the red one)


Thanks for the tip @Ragav_G



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  • N9 Fanatic

    I don’t like how close it’s design is to the iPhone

    • Bloob

      Yeah, really unappealing to me.

      • suyog

        +1 Design looks too Luminish. Actually more like 820.
        I feel current Asha phones like 311,310,309 looks much better.

  • Matt Leech

    I’m surprised there’s no GPS in spec here.

  • dss

    I wonder if those were supposed to rock maltemi ..

    Either way.. should sell well in some markets

  • hytheam

    it is gonna be incredible asha and im sure it will beat the android low end market becuaz Im sure the new asha has no thing called lag unlike most of android smartphones

  • jsdaa

    S40 ITS NO SYMBIAN!!!!!!

  • swain

    Impressive specs…looks almost like a iphone.
    I felt little bad for the screen resolution. Nokia should have used a nHD screen that they were using in all their symbians.


    a busy Nokia day, eh?

    Looks great, and 512mb ram on an asha, WTF?!?! I guess nokia finally learned from their mistakes.

  • Ben

    How I wish my N8 had the same RAM 🙁

  • arts

    it says…. multitasking? o.0

  • yemko

    Hmmm nice, nearly on par with my Gingerbread tecno n3 that worths $76…

  • jkk

    Why the button is difference in the red phone?

  • Nokia s40. With multitasking . Really need to see which type of multitasking as mentioned aboved easy multiasking?

  • Ron

    512mb ram? Is the true multitasking available in s40 now?
    Either way, the hardware specification is quite pleasing. If Nokia manages to market them properly, cheap androids are gonna face some real threats in emerging markets.

  • It’s wrong.

    3″ QVGA capacitive touch (according to previous leak, the screen is 4:3 ratio)
    Intel XMM6160 SoC (same as 301)

    • You’re the only one right here. These days MNB is just posting anything they see. No check if that’s legit or not. I hate this.
      Authors, start using your brains and a bit of researching 🙂

      • Ben

        eggs on your faces if this is real 😉

  • qromodynmc

    Specs looking pretty good,Nokia is doing great job with asha line,They really look like smartphone now but,The only thing that confuses my head;
    Gpu acceleration,as far I know s40/java doesnt support gpu,So User interface wont be smooth much I guess? Is there any way to make use gpu in this phones?

    • It says Series 40, but it is most likely an entirely revamped version with better support for smartphone features thanks to Smarterphone

  • burningBit

    Wow the specs seemed pretty high for an asha. I’m more interested in its revamped UI and multitasking though.

  • My biggest question is whether someone is lying here: the image at this link: shows a deicated button, I am fine with that. Apparently the Nokia Asha 501. The image here has a capactive button which varies within context of the screen. Also the Nokia Asha 501. One of theses phones is wrong. Which?

  • Multitasking….yeah!

  • vishwajeet

    multitasking on asha? really…:/

  • jolla > nokia

    i thought it is pure touch asha phone.


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  • Is anyone else having a problem with the WP8 notification system?
    I bought a Lumia 820 a few days ago, and cannot get any notifications to work. Facebook doesn’t work at all, Skype sometimes notifies of a call, but most of the time it doesn’t. Same for Viber, and a couple of other apps. The live tiles don’t work on any app.

    Is there a setting that would ‘switch it on’ ? Or is it a known problem with WP ?

    • v.s.i

      Push notifications activated?

      The live tiles usually update themselves ~5-10 seconds after you return to the homescreen.

      Or, you know, the good old ‘restart with sizable amount of faith’ fix. 😀

      • I’ve tried the faith fix, didn’t work even though I’ve tried over 10 times 😀

        And push is enabled (well, it is on email, I don’t know how you would enable it in other apps. When you go into notifications, I can only change the notifications settings for the Nokia Maps apps, and if I go into advanced I cannot change any settings there (and that’s where most apps are, but they’re ‘blanked out’).

        I’ve had this problem with Lumia 800 a couple of months ago too, so I just assume it’s a windows phone problem.

        Or is it not? Apps seem to work well with regards to notifications on my iPhone, but my gf’s Lumia 820 doesn’t even notify her of Skype, facebook or Viber stuff..
        And that’s a huge let down, because she loves the system.
        But we still have a few days to return the phone, so I wanted to know whether it’s ‘fixable’, or it’s just a problem with the os.

        • Viipottaja

          In some apps you have to turn on notifications and live tile updates in the settings within the app. so try that.

          Also, you want to check which apps you have allowed to run in the background (in setting swipe from the right to get to applications settings).

          [ps.. don’t have my phone with me right now so just making suggestions out of how I remember them.]

          • The problem with checking the apps running in the background is that, well, I can check them, but I cannot change any settings. They’re all greyed out.
            It’s just the Nokia maps apps (Nokia Here+ and the 2D maps) that I can the settings off. The rest of the stuff is in the advanced menu and it’s all greyed out.

            Do you also have this problem? Or maybe I just need to do a software reset?
            Will my tile layout and everything be ‘just like it was’ after using the backup I made? You know like on the iPhone, where all of your app settings and layout for the apps is saved.
            Because I’m not doing a reset if I need to spend another 3 hours on getting the layout right ;O

        • v.s.i

          viipotaja is correct, most apps update the live tile through background processes. I just now checked a 620 and, while many are available for turning off, the bg proc for Facebook beta is grayed out with no apparent way to turn it on. :/

          I’ll have to see what I can do and let you know. Core apps should be working fine but Viber, Skype & FB are third party…

          • I see. So can you manage the settings for Skype?

            The problem with my gf’s L820 is that you cannot change anything, everything is greyed out.. And skype sometimes works sometimes it doesn’t.

            May it be to do with Wifi settings?
            I understand that wifi is being turned off by default after few minutes of not using the phone, can you change that settings to an ‘always on’, Like on Android ?
            I’m asking because that may be the problem..

            • v.s.i

              Embarassingly, yes, WiFi is not always on, but you’ll fix that in settings> wifi> advanced. However, I think the matter here is bg tasks. Try that link, you may find something useful in there. 🙂

              • I see.
                She’s changed the wifi settings, so we shall see whether it makes any difference.

                As to the link from the other post – this doesn’t apply, as the apps are all greyed out in the notification settings menu.. That includes Skype, Viber, Facebook beta, and the old facebook as well as some other apps. What might that be? Why are they greyed out? Is it because she has not pinned either of these apps to the screen ?

                • viipottaja

                  So settings > applications> background tasks> and all you have are grayed out list of apps.?

        • v.s.i

    with those specs it would have been better to scale-down WP instead of staying with S40, i guess it all depends on how cheap it will be.

    • Bloob

      It seems to have the same SoC as last years Ashas. WP does not run on that. Besides, I am glad Nokia is improving the one OS they have that’s always been decent.

  • Most of these specs are fake. Sulekha is always known to list leaked speas (or sometimes self generated) onto its site to attract some extra traffic for clicks on ads.

    There’s no chance of speas going to sulekha. Seriously its fake.

    • I meant specs 😀 Autocorrect xD