Asha 501 Specs Leaked

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It seems one of those online sellers in India have posted a listing of the Asha 501 (with no price as of yet); the phone has some decent specs backed with the usual S40 of Ashas. As the story has been with Ashas for a while now, the real importance is what features will come to the lower end of the price range, something that has been Nokia’s goal for a while now; but I’m sure we’ll find out soon enough.

The Nokia Asha 501 is an entry level smartphone that would compete with the low end Android smartphones in the market. This device comes loaded with a lot of features that would satisfy a low end smartphone user.

OS & Processor


This device comes with Nokia’s Symbian series 40 OS loaded in it. There is a 1 GHz processor loaded in the Nokia Asha 501 for the smooth performance of the device. The 512 MB RAM helps in easy multitasking.


The Nokia Asha 501 comes with a 3.5-inch AMOLED display screen that offers visuals at 320 x 480 pixels. This handset comes with a bar shaped design and its touchscreen ensures easy navigation.

Camera & Memory

This handset comes with a 5 MP primary camera that helps in capturing images with impressive resolution. The Nokia Asha 501 has a microSD slot for memory expansion up to 32 GB.

Media & Connectivity

The Nokia Asha 501 comes with media features that include music player, video player, FM radio and SNS apps etc. Connectivity features available in the handset include 3G, WiFi, Bluetooth, GPRS and EDGE etc.

Of course it could be a case of one of the online shops trying to be the first to list the phone (since the product images are very poor quality), but so far it sounds reasonable.





Edit: It looks like the reseller is using @evleaks’ images that we saw before (you can see where the watermark was removed on the red one)


Thanks for the tip @Ragav_G



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  • Banderpop

    Wow, this thing looks like it comprehensively outspecs an iPhone 3GS. Although it’s probably missing a GPU. But I really didn’t expect AMOLED to ever be used on S40! If this has a Harmattan-like UI and some form of Sleeping Screen, it’s more interesting to me than the low-end Windows Phones.

    A real shame the QT SDK can’t be used to port apps over.

  • Vikas

    More devices are coming.

    Dual SIM variants (3XX) with one back button. 240×320 resolution. Always on clock, double tap to unlock, real swipe. Infinite scrolling icons in menu. 2.8″ to 3.0″ screens with capacitive multi-touch. iPhone like look and push notification etc.

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  • Luisito

    Sorry… but this specs looks like it someone just started to put whatever he read on any entry level smartdevice…

    Wait till the announcement day, to see the real deal

    BUT if this is true, then amazing spec for what it’s, and IF it’s the same S40 with minor/just cosmetics change, what a waste of money/resources…

    • Janne

      I doubt many of the specs are real.

      But the phone itself looks interesting nevertheless.

      • Luisito

        Second to your second paraghrap… I L-O-V-E the white one (I have a fetiche with white gadgets)

      • Marc Aurel

        Only the 512 MB of RAM looks bogus to me. I doubt S40 could utilize that much RAM even with more multitasking. The rest are quite plausible. 1 GHz ARM11 is probably true, as well as 5 MP camera ( EDoF, not AF). HVGA display is very plausible.

        • jiipee

          How do these specs relate to 700/701? I should check. They might have had more memory. And graphics processor.

  • manu

    mobile suleka is a bullshit website. never rely on it


    I want NFC in it -_-


      but I think that the pic below is definitly photoshopped

  • Brian Stephens

    “The 512 MB RAM helps in easy multitasking.”

    Lies – Series 40 OS CANNOT multitask at all, not even in the psuedo-way that WP and IOS can.

    I call B$ on this source.

    • Fz

      My first reaction to this was “MULTITASKING, YAY”

      It might not be BS. I’m not an expert of any kind, but judging from the fact that you can find how-to guides if you search for “S40 multitask”, there probably is nothing profound in the S40 that would have to be changed for this to work. The limitation might have been there because easy usability and good experience are very important differentiation factors on lower end phones when competing against cheap shenzen products and there has been no competition with multitasking. 512 should now be enough to have multitasking without any bad hiccups.

      Multitasking has really been the only thing why I haven’t seen S40 as a smartphone platform. It might be still limited to same Java for apps as before, but Nokia has already for quite a while had APIs that allow stuff well beyond what your grandpa’s JavaME had.

    • Bloob

      It can multitask, it does all the time actually, just not the processes which the user can initialize.

  • Imarius

    ….but the 520 is already pretty cheap on payg, just how low could nokia price this ? sub €100 ?

    • Marc Aurel

      The real price of L520 is about 170-180 USD, so I would guess the Asha 501 goes somewhere between the 311 ($100) and that, in other words about $120.

      • Imarius

        whats that in real money, you know euros , pounds , francs ?


  • torcida

    “Nokia’s Symbian series 40 OS”

    S40 is NOT (!!!!) Symbian!!!!!

  • these specs don’t deserve S40. Seilfish would be cool.

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  • Jojamani

    Is this a dualsim? dual stand-by, dual active? If it is dual sim I will buy it. Even with “dead system of Symbian” hahaha. Anybody know is it dualsim?

  • Symbian?????

  • Marcos a.

    In brazil no one wants this kind of crap, It’s Android and iphone everywhere. It’s ridiculous to think that people in emergent markets wants to buy just because of the price, It’s all about apps, android and iphone. Wp is a completely failure here.

    • Jojamani

      Some say: “just like everywhere except princess Elopiana wishful thinking” /i

  • oakpacific

    I don’t get it, what kind of multitasking will need 512M RAM on a S40 phone? Maybe a completely revamped system?

  • monkster

    S40 and wp=not related in any way.trolling FAIL!

  • Vivek Moyal

    Nokia Asha 501 is now launched and your specs are quite different from the real one. check out the here

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  • Find Nokia Asha 501 specification table view on

  • حميد
  • Lol its better than a Lumia phone 🙂

  • It is a nice handset, it has many functions those I like most……And also I will buy it…..

  • SofiaSpock & Ondrej Kuzma

    This is not s40 … is microkernel real time OS by purchasing the entire company Yes, multitasking, yes extra minimal use os… for me is very nice OS unlike big OS as android 4 iOS, windows phone.