LeakyLeak: Lumia 925 AKA Catwalk, shows off metal goodness

| May 13, 2013 | 76 Replies


Nice timing by @evleaks. Straight after my exams had just finished I was greeted to the leaked images of the Nokia Lumia 925 aka Catwalk that will be officially announced tomorrow.


There were those who lost hope and said it would never come, but @evleaks has delivered once again, with only a day to go on tomorrow’s unveiling we finally have a clear look at the Lumia 925, AKA the full bodied aluminum catwalk.

Interestingly the phone doesn’t carry any carrier branding, although rumors had it pinged for the US’s T-Mobile.

From what we can see the phone does indeed look quite slim (hardly thick enough to carry that 3.5mm port properly), and the bezzel around the sides seems to gave been reduced a bit. Thankfully it doesn’t seem to share much resemblance to the previously leaked image which had a dull grey look and a very disturbing camera hump on the back, we of course can’t see the back from this angle, but our fingers are crossed.



In fact it doesn’t seem to  be at all related to the image above, seeing how it appears much thicker, and has an assortment of ports up top rather than the lone 3.5mm headphone jack in @evleaks’ render. The only real similarity between the two is that little “gap junction” on the side of the phone



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