The Next Lumia Webcast goes Live!! #Catwalk

| May 14, 2013 | 24 Replies

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I was just getting myself ready, with a few pages open that will be helpful later on with the event, and I found that the Webcast link is available already, over at

You do need to register a name and email, but it’s an extremely easy process.

If you’re on a Windows Phone, you can even watch it directly on your device, over at this link.

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  • laalaa

    yea, the video is live :D

  • GS65

    Daft Punk <3

  • zlutor

    OMG!!?!? Jo Harlow…
    She was not able to tell us her title…

    Good start… :-(

  • dss

    Whenever she says “the best” and “camera” she actually means the 808.. no the 920..

  • AJE

    “We will be introducing a new phone” – just one!!!!!

  • dss

    Err.. once again, when they say the sound recording is the best.. they mean the 808


    Why is Jo Harlow wearing a tent ?
    maybe a new camping Lumia will be launched.

    • laalaa

      hahahaaa – exactly what i was thinking :D

      but seriously, sad to note that nokia is still very weak in these presentations… look at how they announced the 925 – no excitement whatsoever :/

    • dss

      She has gain weight since the last presentation, and whatever she is wearing is not helping her silhouette one bit.

      Too much around that strong Lumia range..


        she’s now wearing Lumia cyan for the basketball shots, but at least she looks better in sports cloths,

  • zlutor

    poor guy who speaks at the moment. he is so nervous that his hands are shaking…

    Nokia never learns from the mistake of past… :-(

    • AJE

      Exactly what I was thinking.

      • zlutor

        yeah.. :-(

        Announcing Asha 501 and now this. What a contrast… :-(

  • JGrove303

    So the great advancement……improved algorithms…..which we 920 owners had better get.

    So 920 on AT&T, now about free on contract, 928 on Verizon and likely 925 on T*Mobile.

    Cool As long as well all share the wealth.

  • Sinple

    Nokia should get the asha guy to give a presentation. He can make exaggerate expression and make a big fuss out of anything from the recent asha series

  • AJE

    Now we know why she was wearing the tent!!!

  • Jesseri

    Wow, exquisit straitjacket/nightcown combo from Jo.

  • zlutor
    • dss

      They’ve got nothing.. they are maxing out the platform, and they have been for over a year now. The software doesn’t allow them to do anything else, or at least it seems so…

      • dss

        … fair enough, the Xenon flash port to Windows NT is no small effort. That is the best they’ve done so far.

        • jiipee


          You can call me naysayer, but this is soooo lame. Where is the new clockspeed, where are the innovations? So far they have introduced OIS, which they could have easily done with Android or even Mego and Symbian.

          Nokia’s main competitive factor: camera tech. And they havent had proper flagship since N8. 808 was cool, but it was not true flagship with limited availability and push.


      • zlutor

        It can easily be true…

        Not to mention what a wise thing to mention at the end of your flagship presentation listener could expect something interesting coming at the end of the summer.

        It will immediately boost your sales of your fresh flagship products…

  • zlutor

    Interestingly the CEO presents their new generation of entry level smartphone but he is not there when the new ‘flagship(?)’ devices are unveiled?!

    Now I see why this two victims had to keep the presentation: nobody else wanted to give his/her name to this event. Somebody also wrote it, yes, the proper wording is it was lame…

  • Vivien

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