Wireless charging, already phased out or reinvented?

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Wireless charging, it was pretty much the best thing since sliced bread when it was introduced in the Lumia 820 and 920 late last year. Since then things seem to have changed a bit, wireless charging is still pretty well represented in Nokia products and accessories, yet it seems phones aren’t coming with it built in anymore. Does this mean Wireless Charging is dead or is it a golden move?

It is pretty much a given that wireless charging adds some bulk to our phones, the 820 has a separate cover that is slightly thicker and the 920 is both a little chubby in thickness but also in terms of weight. In order to create slimmer, and above all, lighter devices Nokia chose to discard inbuilt charging on the 720 and now the 925 as well. This move has arguably led to the far slimmer profiles of both devices and even led to Tom Warren calling the 720 the best Lumia body to date.

‘Let’s face it, wireless charging won’t be used by everyone.’

With wireless charging having taken a back seat in the most recent devices (bar the Verizon bound Lumia 928) where does this leave us? Well, Nokia has chosen to create separate covers that enable wireless charging. The only tell-tale sign are the three dots on the back of the 925 and 720. While it seems a stupefying idea on the surface, it is actually one of the best ideas ever.

Let’s face it, wireless charging won’t be used by everyone. So having the capability built in can be like hauling around deadweight for many people. That is where Nokia’s golden move comes in, create separate covers. ‘How is that a golden move?’ you might ask.

Look around you and see how many people have their phones wrapped in protective cases that serve no other purpose than protection. From Otterboxes to the highly flimsy Galaxy model units (those with the foldaround screen cover) Nokia made sure that not only a cover protects your phone, it also adds functionality. And that is the golden move, still offer wireless charging but add the protection of a case and the ability to express oneself with a colourful snap on cover.


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From the info that is available now, the cover for the Lumia 925 adds minimal thickness to the overall phone and not much more than any conventional cover/case would.

At a rumoured price of 29 euros it isn’t highly expensive either, the real wallet gouger is in the charger itself which starts at 60-ish euros for the DT900 charging plate.



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