Closer Look at Lumia Amber Update, Shows Off FM Radio and More

| June 22, 2013 | 27 Replies


The Lumia Amber update is supposed to be the answer to a lot of our prayers, prayers that landed on deaf ears at Microsoft; but thankfully Nokia had the common sense to actually do something about them. The biggest two comebacks featured in this update is the much loved and missed FM radio seen above, as well as the always on/glance screen that we’ve seen so much about.

The folks at WPC have compiled a list of screenshots of the new settings and features in the update; so check them out below and at the source link.

The ability to set the Smart Camera as the default camera app


Lumia Amber showing up as the name of the software release, hopefully this’ll mean an end to the horrible update names that Microsoft goes with; where each update involves a 10 digit number.


Flip to silence is back!! Yay, no idea why this option was removed in the switch from WP7 to WP8

Nokia Amber Update

Check out a bunch more screenshots at WPC


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  • usrwp8

    Hopefully they fix issue with screenshot shutter being full volume. Normal camera has correct volume but screenshot volume is full blast.

    Shutter sound will be off until they fix this.

  • mario

    no creen que esas caracteristicas son muy pocas para emocionarse ? Creo que WINPHO va muy lento en cuanto a suamr nuevas caracteristicas que ya estan en otros OS

    • sunnyvale

      EsToy de acuerdo

  • mario

    not believe that these characteristics are very few to get excited? I think WinPho going very slow about suamr new features that are already in other OS

  • +1

  • Charles

    Really need wallpaper. Starting to get bored with black and white background. Hope Microsoft GDR 2 update brings much needed features

    • dn8

      +1000 to the wallpaper, much needed.

    • JGrove303

      Ehhhhhhh…I get your point and all, but with tiles needing to be stacked on one another, you’ll never see your wallpaper. Unless you could set the tiles to be transparent and set the color of the text and outlines.


        yes please transparent tiles.

        • efekt

          What?! God no! Transparent tiles just makes no sense! How could you read anything off a transparent tile? If the text on it will appear white, and your background will be just a little to bright you won’t be able to see anything written on it. not to mention tiles with pictures on them (such as contacts).
          Transparent tiles are nonsense.

          • arts

            Animated backgrounds could work thou.

            As it is, WP homescreen is np very friendly to wallpapers and backgrounds.

            It would need a redesign to support those.

          • Bloob

            I would like to have the choice anyways.

          • JGrove303

            Again, only if you could select text and border color. Icon color, whatever.

            There is already High Contrast mode that kind of does this.

            Yes, it would require a system rewrite to do.

      • SLAYER

        An ambiance like feature could work.

  • I have the Lumia 925 with Amber, but can only choose light or dark background.

  • StefanP

    Does anyone have problems with WLAN conectivity (Lumia 920)? Sometimes I have to restart the phone to get connected to an access point. I experienced this on my router at home (WRT54GL running tomato), as well as with an iPhone4 hotspot. On the other hand, my phone indicates it is connected to my access point at home, although I am a few km away.
    I hope this will be fixed with the coming update.

    • rockuz

      You’re the first I heard having problem with WLAN on 920. I have the 810 and I don’t have any issue whether I’m home or at other places.

    • JGrove303

      My 920 hangs onto a WiFi signal and try’s to exchange data until it can’t reach it any longer. So I cut the WiFi when I walk the dog, otherwise pages aren’t loading and hang. Not quite what you are describing, but I think that’s as close as you are gonna get.

      Do a hard reset (hold the power button and volume down button until it vibrates with the screen blacked out) and see how it acts.

  • Kalis

    If these are the main attractions of Amber/Blue i sure see why they did choose that codename for this release, because the feature-set is nothing but depressing 😉

    As a poweruser coming from Android and loving the N9 i hope for the following in this release;

    * The possibility to set audio volumes correctly (one volume to rule them ALL is just ridicolous)
    * Allow developers to access more of the key features allowing for more useable apps
    * More configuration options such as choosing default apps
    * Notifications- & Quick-settings drawer
    * A better gallery apps with support for tags (N9 gallery is a beautiful example)
    * More customization options for tiles, custom colors and wallpaper etc,
    * Get rid of the freaking “…resuming…” dialogs that shows up for ALL apps regardless of the app being used 1ms ago… (Lumia 720, 512mb issue i suspect but come on, at least ONE major app should be able to resume instantly)
    * Better framework for sharing information between apps, ie share to apps and send data between capable applications

    I really think that Microsoft would benefit from having a more open attitude towards it’s developers allowing them to actually create useful apps for the WP8 platform.

    /* Kalis */

    • Bassman

      1) I agree that there should be an option for this although, tbh I’ve not really encountered any problems on my 925 and I personally think that the issue is blown out of proportion, although I can see why it would be useful.

      2) Not sure what you mean by ‘useable’ apps, there are plenty of ‘useable’ apps for WP8. Examples please?

      3) You can certainly change the default camera app on the 925. What other defaults are you referring to? I remember on my N8 you had the option to change the default browser, however even if you selected Opera, for example, it would still default to the stock browser.

      4) Setting can be accessed quickly by tiles on the start screen, I would agree that having ‘toggleable’ tiles may be a good idea for certain things (WIFI on/off etc.), however, coming from Symbian and widgets I can’t say that things have become more difficult. Notifications are generally taken care of by the live tiles and notifications appear on the lockscreen as well as toast notifications, however maybe swiping left on the start screen, or long press of the start button could be useful addition.

      5) I’ve not used the N9, so I’m not exactly sure what you mean (will do some digging afterwards), however I think the gallery on WP is very useful, especially the feature to view photo’s uploaded from social media as part of the gallery app.

      6) You can customise the lockscreen and there are a number of apps which display information (I’m currently using Amazing Weather HD). I agree that there should be an option to customise the colours of the tiles (if the user wants to). As far as wallpapers are concerned, I don’t think that it would be of any use on the start screen due to the proximity of the tiles to one and other and, in my opinion, it’s not something I really miss.

      7) Personally, I think the multi-tasking on WP works very well. I can use the browser, at the same time as listening to music, at the same time receiving toast notifications from FB and Twitter, at the same time receiving emails, at the same time downloading and installing games. I was doing this whilst switching between a game. This was obviously suspended, however when I resumed it, it began immediately without delay, the benefit being that it didn’t waste resources whilst I wasn’t using it. I know some people want ‘true’ multi-tasking, however there are numerous apps which can run in the background and personally I’ve never had any problems or delay with resuming apps. Are you sure EVERY major app doesn’t resume instantly or are you just exaggerating?

      8) Sharing between apps? Again, not exactly sure what you mean. Which apps are you referring to?

      9) Again, what ‘useful’ apps are you referring to? There are plenty of very capable apps for WP8. Your tone suggest that you believe there are no ‘useful’ apps for WP, which is quite frankly tosh.

      • Kalis


        1) A typical example of a catastrophy; listening to Soundcloud on volume 25 and the phone rings blowing your windows out 😉

        2) Of course there are many useable apps in the store, but MANY of them do not interact very well with each other. And if developers could acccess the clock in a NORMAL fashion we could have a proper timer with the possibility to countdown seconds etc.

        3) Not being able to choose the default browser, what app should handle different URI’s (Spotify, Soundcloud, YouTube links etc) is just frustrating. This is a real dealbreaker for MANY people.

        4) Either swiping down (more intuitive since most other smartphones use this) or swipe left (N9 goodnes) would be great to have all missed notifications and notifications from apps that is not pin’ed. I often find myself missing toasts and having to look through all my apps for new messages is time consuming.

        5) The N9 has support for meta-tagging (both images and other files as well), so you get both location tags, date tags AND you can set your own tags, for example tag all pictures of beer with the appropriate tag ‘BEER’ and then filter images getting the ones containing one or multiple tags.

        In WP8 you have a looooong list of pictures with no good way of sorting or organizing other then by date.

        6) Again looking at the N9 you can use the Billboard app to publish pretty much ANYTHING on the standby screen, this i a really awesome feature that i love with the N9. A really cool feature with the standby screen on the N9 is that it uses to proximity sensor and kills the standby screen when you the phone in your pocket or upside down.

        Wallpaper behind tiles would be neat if you could set the translucency of tiles and if you choose to leave gaps between your tiles, but the option would be great. Also native folders and dividers for tiles.

        7) Damn… i keep falling back to the N9 in all aspects, i hate the N9 because it lacks support for some of my ‘day to day’ apps, but the multitasking in the N9 is really awesome being able to actually see the app running without needing to open it. A good example is the possibility to glance at a stopwatch/countdown without needing to actually open the app or glancing (halfway swipe, look at the taskmanager and halfway swipe back) at some text in a browser window while typing a SMS. And using multiple rows instead of one looong row in the taskmanager is useful when having many apps running (not that big of a problem in WP8 since it only supports a limited number of tasks 😉

        8) For example sharing images/text/video/whatnot from app A to app B, or the above problem with opening URI’s from the browser.

        9) Im exaggerating to get my opinions more visible and to get a dialog going 😉

        Of course there are many good and useable apps for WP8, but i am sure that if MS have more confidence in the developers expertice allowing them to actually develop apps using the whole feature-set of WP8 would really allow the platform to grow.

        Looking through the WP Marketplace is almost as hard as looking through the Nokia Store, it is flooded with poor apps. Yes, Android and iPhone has the same problem but in the Google Play store the GOOD apps gets more visible.

        Microsoft should really have higher requirements and test apps harder before releasing them in the store. As an example the Spotify app is so bad it’s not even useful on my Lumia. It keeps crashing, cant initialize audio, etc etc. And i see many other apps having similar problems or not working as intended due to heavy restrictions in the framework.

        I use my Lumia 720 as my main phone since a couple of weeks and i really love parts of the experience so far and i am biting my nails hoping for some really cool and badly needed features in the next update (GDR2/Blue/Amber). If they fix some of the things i ‘hate’ with WP8 i will sure buy a 925 or EOS!

        I can add one more thing to my list;

        10) Fix the accounts “***storm”! Even though you have your MS Live account, Google Account etc added and authorized you have to enter the credentials AGAIN for all apps wanting to use it. Allowing for using the account credentials/auth for apps the same way as in Android/iPhone/BB would be great, and more security oriented as well! I change my passwords on a regular basis (once a week) and this is a NIGHTMARE on the WP8 now 😉

        /* Kalis */

  • wpcyan

    LOL AMBER update means GDR2 and nokia updates mixed together
    and FM Radio will be available to all windows phones through GDR2 update not just lumia so you are wrong

    • JGrove303

      But no one human owns any WP8 device that isn’t a Nokia. Well human, sure, but an idiot. HTC 8S or 8X? Either of the ATIVs? Those are devices for people that are willing to give up quite a lot for a slightly smaller footprint or a little larger screen.
      So for all intents & purposes, yes, Nokia is bringing FM radio in Amber.

      • wpcyan

        GDR2 which contain FM radio going to be released by Microsoft not nokia and yes people can choose what ever they want they have the right to do so but calling them idiots because of their choice is stupid and arrogant

  • Craig Hinkley

    The best they could do in nearly 9 mths is a radio, extra lens and a few tweaks!!! I been with Nokia since day 1 almost but this is getting ridiculous! I’ve heard nothing about a fix for the “other” memory fiasco which is kinda a big deal if you don’t wanna reset your phone every 2 mths! I’m wringing my hair out trying to be supportive but I think maybe it’s time to see wot else is available. Thx Microsoft for f#$&Ing a once great company:(

    • patrick

      I sincerely have to ask you -> DAFUQ?!

      Nokia seems to be the only one that really adresses this “other” Problem. Storage Check is mostly clearing this Problem out. I don`t say the Problem is fixed completely, but since this is OS based, Microsoft has to get things done.
      Nokia is doing all they can. People with Samsungs, HTC etc. have far bigger problems with the “other” Storage.

      So thumbs up for Nokia.

  • I mentioned in my blog I would be including one of the reviews I received for this piece on foreshadowing, I will include the review at the end of the piece.