Belle Delight Custom Firmware 1.0 Released for Nokia 808

| July 3, 2013 | 19 Replies


For all you Symbian lovers and users, if you’re interested the first version of the delight custom firmware has just been released for the Nokia 808 pureview. The impressively large changelog is as follows below:

C:drive after flash is minimum 600mb
RAM: 288mb – 290mb


  • ROMPatcher 3.1 FP2
  • Domainsrv mod FP2
  • installserver_log CODeRUS
  • tacticle feedback for calls
  • soundimprovment
  • akncapserver
  • charging LED
  • ID3 editor
  • EQ editor
  • eikcoctl mod
  • unlock menu
  • black splitscreenkeyboard
  • short multitap
  • predic on E:\
  • smilies in all apps
  • SysAp mod 1.4 (disabled FMTX popups, unlimited SMS sending retries, save log after SIM change,disabled charger and volume popups, browser and network queries, PSM notes and autoswitch, reboot via long press powerkey
  • ported theme effects on/off option
  • ported Touch input options (adaptive search)
  • you can close all system apps
  • load effects from E:\effects
  • sip client
  • power symbols
  • internet radio
  • Voice Recorder 5Hours at 256kbps
  • MIFeditor
  • winrar
  • Transbelle Lighthouse theme
  • added Delight Blog app/shortcut
  • added 3*4 menu and 4*5 menu to Resolver
  • fixed mirror widget name
  • added C:\data\.config and EQ to Backup and Restore
  • replaced contacts widget .mif
  • increased maximum SMS size (30 SMS)
  • modified swipolicy.ini (more rights with devcert and less warnings)


  • disabled product improvment
  • by default no Screensaver
  • enabled dolby by default
  • menu a-z by default
  • infinite browser cache at E:\
  • splashscreen.mif from C
  • increased maximum SMS size (30 SMS)
  • disabled NFC by default
  • preset camera default settings
  • updated menuconfiguration


  • Nokia Music
  • QuickOffice
  • F-Secure
  • Adobe Reader
  • Youtube
  • JoikuSpot light
  • World Traveler
  • Vlingo
  • Social
  • Bounce Boing Battle
  • Microsoft Communicator
  • Shazam
  • ColorizIt
  • Nokia Recommends (+ widget)
  • CNN
  • Public Transport
  • default Backgounds
  • NFC tutorial
  • MS Office samples
  • Video Pro
  • Silent Film Director

removed other:

  • offline queries
  • Priority Of Aknspasrv
  • USB popups
  • popup fader (C++)
  • reduced QML popup fader
  • FOTA
  • OVI SMS signup after first boot
  • change theme popup (it works much faster)
  • disabled no connection popup

Added screensaver:

  • Animation
  • Music Player
  • SlideShow

Integrated Updates:

  • 3G network compatibility fix

  • Application compatibility fix

  • Email and Calendar update

  • FIX for Messaging

  • Gallery and Camera update

  • Image share to Twitter

  • New homescreenwidgets

  • Nokia Big screen

  • Nokia Store

  • SMS Update

  • Telephony update

  • Wifi update

  • Youtube update to Gallery

  • Facebook ShareUI fix

If you know what you’re doing and want to get this custom firmware download the files from the source link below:


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  • disguy

    I think I played with too many roms with my n8. Delight was definitely my favorite. But one day the kept rebooting itself, the sim wouldn’t read, and it was no longer a phone. Then slowly I lost my fmtx, bluetooth, then wifi connectivity. I after it just sitting around I found out I lost the camera too. So now all it’s good for is video. music, and usb otg. So sad…I was forced to jump to the n9 earlier than expected, which is also just sitting around now that I’ve jumped to android. EOS or 808 will probably be bought as a weekend device at some point. Nokia spoiled me on imaging. I cant find myself taking photos if it’s not with a Nokia device.

    • Ritesh

      Same here on the last point.
      ppl with SG Note II and HTC One also get amazed by pics taken on N8.
      If its not nokia, its no fun taking pix.

    • Track Back Up

  • arg0

    My old N8 really started shining again with the Delight CFW. Can’t wait to try this out on my 808.

  • JGrove

    Delight ROM on N8-00 was killer. This 808 one will be that much better.

    • what do you mean by “was a killer”? there is a new version out for N8 & C7, too

      • Not a killer in the killed my phone sense 😉

  • discordia

    Delight on my N8 certainly is a delight but I’m not ready to flash the 808 just yet. At least not until the updates stop appearing.

  • tiyo xi

    my 808 was white its in nokia care right now but they told me on phone call that they are replaceing my fone with new one {black}( still in warranty ), my quesion is akhi, if i load delight custom belle on my 808 would it affect (void) my warranty. And also where i will get nokia music app then ? Is it on store

    • Flashing your phone definitely voids your warranty.

      • Stop telling people this! It does certainly not void the warranty you have on the Hardware!

        It would void you of the software support Nokia owes you WHILE using a custom ROM. As soon as you switch back you’ll be okay again.

        On the hardware front, it’s absolutely okay to run customized firmware, whatever Nokia tells you.

        At least that’s the situation in Germany and many other parts of europe!


    • The Nokia Music app is offered as a SW-Update when you fire up the updates app.

      You could also find the installation package or ask again and I’ll provide it.

      • Rshul Rodrigues

        Hi Mate,

        I’m very new to Symbian world.Can you suggest me link for Installing delight Custom ROM.

        I extensively use Nokia Music and Office app.Can i install it back on my Nokia 808 after Flashing? If Yes then How?

        Will it be possible to install further updates released by Nokia as they have disabled product improvement in firmware?

  • dss

    That nokia pure font makes a world of difference.. why didn’t Nokia port that to Symbian will remain a mystery.

    • Dragoon’s Spear

      ignorance bro

  • Delight 808 v1.1 is out. Bugfixed and better than ever. In my eyes: perfect

  • Peter H

    This looks great.

    Is it flashed with Phoenix, just like the OFW can be flashed, after downloading it with Navifirm? Excuse my ignorance: I have only ever flashed a 700 with the OFW.

    I see you show a VPN button in one of the screenshots. Does this mean you managed to ge the IPSEC VPN working on this CFW?

  • Write more, thats all I have to say. Literally, it seems as though you relied on the video
    to make your point. You clearly know what youre talking about, why waste your intelligence on just posting videos to
    your site when you could be giving us something informative to

  • freaxs_r_us

    Delight 808 v1.5 is almost ready…stay tuned for the release today or tomorrow…
    Merry christmas