Microsoft to add much needed corporate features with update(s)

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It isn’t uncommon knowledge that Windows Phone is lacking some much needed features either for consumers or the corporate customers. The latter group appears to be on Microsoft’s radar as they are preparing a business upgrade to the Windows Phone operating system.

The update contains things like:

  • S/MIME support for mail encryption
  • Auto-triggered VPN
  • Extended mobile device management
  • Certificate Management

Some of the above features are much requested by the corporate community so they must be thrilled to see it coming. That is, however, the end of the good news. The update is rumored to be a standalone update that is coming somewhere in the first half of 2014. (It seemed like it would come as a separate update, but it will most likely be part of a normal update)

Yes, it is taking a while before it will land. The silver lining here though, is that the corporate update requires Windows Phone Blue (or 8.1) That would indicate that WP Blue is due somewhere Q1 2014, which is what Mary Jo Foley also says.

Another nice tidbit is the lengthening of support for WP8 which is extended from 18 months to 36 months.

Once again it means ‘next year could be Windows Phone’s year’ I guess. I’m just hoping that ‘Blue’ or even GDR3 will bring some much needed improvements. Right now, despite this news, it feels like WP is at a standstill. Luckily Nokia is doing their part with every addition to the OS.

Source: ZDNet


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