TheVerge Nokia Lumia 1020 review:”it felt like the future; The Camera Phone to End all Camera Phones” >808?

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TheVerge have published their Nokia Lumia 1020 review today including some photo samples!

The Verge review

The Verge review

We rarely hear honest to god  Nokia excitements coming from TheVerge staff who aren’t Tom Warren  , but David Pierce clearly sets a tone for the whole article even if people didn’t read on they would leave with a great feeling about the Lumia 1020.

Here are some interesting snippets:

“I was way ahead of the game. I’m already slightly obsessive about taking pictures at concerts, but that night I had a real advantage: I was holding the Lumia 1020, Nokia’s new 41-megapixel cameraphone. It’s an LTE-enabled, high-definition Windows Phone 8 device available on AT&T for $299 on contract, but it’s mostly a camera. An insanely high-res camera created to vanquish all smartphones and point-and-shoots in its path.” David Pierce describing an awesome concert.


It’s nice to salute Nokia’s Clear Black Display

“It’s the result of Nokia’s ClearBlack display technology, which makes the screen viewable outdoors and usable with gloves on. That’s worth slightly-off whites any day of the week, though. “


You must resist the urge to skip all the pictures in the Verge’s gallery and go right to the night pictures (hint: AWESOME)


Elop was awesome at presenting the Lumia 1020

“Shooting with so many megapixels has another benefit, too: a hugely powerful 6x digital zoom. Normally digital zoom is something to run far away from, because all you’re doing is cropping a photo and losing lots of data along the way, but here there’s plenty of data to go around. Thanks to really solid image stabilization, photos tend to be clear no matter how far you zoom. “Shoot first,” CEO Stephen Elop said at the 1020’s launch event, “zoom later.” He’s right: I took dozens of shots with the Lumia 1020 while much too far away from my subject, and then zoomed in later to get the exact shot I wanted.”

Edit: Jay

Music to my ears, a beautiful sight to see. It performs on the camera aspect just as we would expect and more.

Although nearly everything else about the 1020 is newer and better than the 808, Nokia didn’t touch the ridiculous camera much. Thanks to a huge 1/1.5-inch sensor, the 1020 takes better pictures than any phone I’ve ever used (including the 808), and is better in most conditions than just about any $299 point-and-shoot camera. From the remarkable dynamic range to the astonishing clarity, it’s just a phenomenal camera. I spent a long time looking at photos for imperfections, only to find that most photos had none. I don’t know how Nokia does it, or how no one else has figured out what Nokia is doing, but clearly there’s some kind of magic happening in Finland.


Screen Shot 2013-07-24 at 06.11.57


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