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| July 28, 2013 | 8 Replies

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I just picked up my lumia 720 and found out I had 9 updates today.

some of them are 5 days old but the others are as new as yesterday.

Whatsapp, Wechat and Viber all had updates.

6sec , 9gag and Metrotube also got some updates love

Pocket file Manager , Battery+ and the amazing Camera 360 app were updated too , all in this week.

You can force update all of those by clicking on their individual names.

 While we can’t make 9 QR Codes we made a QR of this page so you can navigate it on your Lumia.updates


Update from LLAADD:

Sorry to hijack your post Moody Caplan but it looks like a lot more then those 9 might have showed, up today, earlier I found a wopping 40 apps for update on my Lumia 920, which must have all been from the last few days or so!!!

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